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Asiatics Are Still Slaves To Wrong Thinking

 There was a letter sent to me over the Internet many years ago by a fellow writer that was written by a European on his way to work who said, “Blacks Don’t Read.”  She read his letter over a radio station that she worked at. Then I came across an old saying posted in a paper some years later, “If you want to keep information from Blacks put it in a book because they don’t read.”  After reading this posting again I formulated my own thoughts on the matter of “Blacks Don’t Read” because it goes deeper then just not reading a book. I have found that when Europeans make statements like this they are not just picking it up out of the air; they have done some deep and serious studying on the matter. Europeans like to investigate and find out what makes things function and why. Since the Negro/Black man is a product of their creator they want to know everything about the thing that they’ve created. Read more…

Crooks, Lairs, Bootleggers Sovereign Citizens or very Misguided People

Exclusive: Sovereign Citizen Speaks Out
Sovereign Citizen

(Click on Link Above to see Full Video)

As always, we are standing as vanguards in protecting the integrity of who we are and what we believe & practice as TRUE Moorish American Moslems. Here is another misguided fool claiming to be a sovereign citizen; he use the measure that he is a Moor while displaying his FAKE “Right to Road” travel Card and other worthless documents. Now this is the kind of stuff the news media will jump up to pin this foolish one as being one of us. We only post this as to inform you of what is happening outside of our Holy City, were working on having the word spread among the Media and States officials that this is not the practice or belief of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928. It is of those who sought to use The M.S.T of A as a cloak to cover up their extremely poor intention to do good or their simple dirty deeds to defraud people. Maybe theirs folks who wish to do well for our people; as you can see they are going about it in the worse way and will only land them in Jail.

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