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A Sign of Gratitude Given In Love

A Sign Gratitude Given In Love


A Demonstration of Thanks given by Grand Sheik Boaz Razvan Bey of Grand Temple #2 Decatur GA    

            Before turning the meeting over to our Grand Governor Yssis Saadi El, I want to take this opportunity to personally say Thank You to Sheik Bilal, and commend him for his dedication and selfless sacrifice towards the advancement of this movement. He literally has taken the message… “To teach men upon the hedges and highways” to a new height! And the exposure and attention that our Prophet (and the 1928 portion) will receive from his actions has yet to be measured. The impact I am sure will be far reaching.

Because now as people drive by and read the sign and see the face; some will say “Hey that’s the Prophet Noble Drew Ali”, while others will say “Hey that’s Noble Drew Ali”, still others will say “That’s Drew Ali”. But others will ask the question “Hey who is that Man?” These are the ones we here at the 1928 portion of the Moorish Science Temple of America are attempting to reach (in our efforts to extend the learning and the truth about Our Prophet and the Moorish Science Temple of America). And it is our hope from that simple query (who is that Man?), that will lead them to our door; wherein the full and complete answer to the question lies. A mighty ISLAM goes out to you Sheik Bilal Harris El!

            “But if you have the true love of Allah (and you do) and the spirit of your forefathers coursing through your veins (and you do). You fear not what you hear or see; but will sacrifice the utmost of your very life to protect and advance your movement and your Prophet (and you have Sheik Bilal). I pray to Allah that one day I too am able to make such a sacrifice towards the advancement of this movement! ISLAM, ISLAM, ISLAM.

CAM00346From: Grand Sheik Boaz Razvan Bey


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