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Our religion gave birth to History

For every day that is granted to us for it is not our will to awake in the morning by solely by the will of Allah. We should look at everyday as another day extend to us to get this, our life Right!.

What will be scribe down on the pages of remembers under your name? What can you say you have done or doing to not only make a great significance difference in your life but those who are around you that are watching you as a measure to guide themselves. That is why it is so important for us to be cognizant about our conduct; simply put you never know whose watching you on the sidelines as in cheering you on for the win, or booing you to fail. Just simply giving a mean demo in your expression of Islam or about the knowledge you gather to gather in giving yourself understanding is just ear candy if your lip services if it’s not a reflection of your life dedicated to your faith of Islam in assisting in the  uplifting of humanity . Read more…

A Reflection of Allah’s Prophet

A Reflection of Allah’s Prophet

 The thought of Allah was manifested in flesh January 8th, 1886. As a Prophet unaware he for many years was being prepared in mind and character; as a young adult fully unveiled of his Prophethood he appeared before his people as a unique philosopher, a spiritual reformer, a renowned restorer and molder of the pure Islamic faith, Moorish culture and moral concepts, an illustrious religious spokesman, a great leader, a judge of the highest eminence, uncompromising and an incomparable General. This Moorish Moslem sage, spoke with adept learning and wisdom, liken of which none had said before and none could say after him for the concerns of his people in America. He expounded the complex problems of the metaphysics, Islamic philosophy and theology; he taught on the creation of man and mankind, the decline, fall and rise of nations and empires, supporting his thesis with historical and irrefutable facts which has gone unchallenged to date. Read more…


During the eighth and ninth centuries A.D., a new emphasis began to develop within the religion of Islam. This emphasis was a reaction against the prevailing impersonal and formal nature of Islam. For many Muslims the shari‘a, while seen as necessary, failed to satisfy their deepest spiritual longings and desires. The search for deeper meaning began with a pietistic asceticism, which in turn led to the development of the popular mystical side of Islam – known as tasawwuf or Sufism. Read more…


There could be no truer statement than a picture being worth more than, not only a thousand, but rather a hundred thousand words. And the more I study and comprehend the more I realize that our Prophet, Drew Ali, had a divinely inspired and vividly clear picture in his mind about how to restore a broken and down trodden Asiatic people who were stripped of everything (history, nationality, morals, creed, culture etc.) that once gave a person’s life in the Moorishly fertile land turned barren for the future generations who were sentenced to endure a perpetual death and mental incarceration in the wilderness of North America. Read more…

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