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“The Modern Day Egyptian Or Khemetic Hype”

I, Sheik Jahrul Islam El, am appointed Cadi of Study Group #7 in Tallahassee, Florida of the 1928 Portion Of The MSTA. The reason that I chose to write on the subject of “The Modern Day Egyptian Or Khemetic Hype” is because of recognizing there are still a lot of misconceptions, misunderstandings, miseducation and misguidance in regards to the True Egyptian, Khemetic Nile Valley Mystery System and History. This is due to the fact that most of the so-called Egyptian Mysteries that the general population is getting or are aware of, they got it through translations and revisions done by European Masons. And, because the European translations and revisions are done under their limited, uncultured, foreign viewpoint or psychological bias, their revisions are limited to sooth their nature and earthly endeavors or needs. Now 360 degrees Full Circle Of Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of Spiritual Knowledge was desecrated and degraded to their earthly salvation or earthly benefit with their 32 to 33 1/3 degrees Of So-Called Egyptian Knowledge. Read more…

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