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Meeting of The Masters Minds

Meeting of The Masters Minds


Build, Build, Build!!!

Build, Build, Build!!!

@#$#@$!!! Keep It Real!*&%$@

#@$%!@Kepp It REAL!!*&%@#$

Friday Holyday Is for Moslem All Over the World

Friday HolyDay

You Change KEY 20 ? You’re Calling Prophet Drew Ali A Liar!

We will always defend who we are and what we are about; as some Moorish American has lost the very concept of TRUTH! How can someone who has brought shame and disappointed to the Movement by giving the faint of heart some eye and ear candy take what Prophet Drew Ali brought and taught and rip it up, NO! respect in holding firm and steadfast  to what The Moorish Science Temple of America was established for. To have NO! love to what has already been determined as what we as Moorish Americans are to learn, live and love according to what our Holy and Divine Prophet Drew Ali brought and taught. How butt-backwards can a group of people get when the TRUTH is slap dead in their face.

Let us take Our Flag The Moorish Flag which is the Red Flag with a 5 pointed Green Start in The Center. Now what in the hell was misunderstood about that! How can anyone calling themselves Moorish Americans fall for a Liar, Crook, Drug Dealer and Pimp while they was an officer within The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. under R. Love-El , which is on the record not hearsay. How is it that they can come and replace the Truth with something made up because due to their Iblis nature in NOT! wanting  to submit before Allah. Being exposed of their ungodly nature by 2 different Grand Bodies of The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc.  put out of both , removal of membership as by the Prophet words “returning to the state where he found you” it was stated by this Iblis natured one that his hordes of followers are growing across the country. To a true follower of Allah we know that the weak will gather in hopes to take down the strong.

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Is the So-Called Afro-American Under Grated Privilege or do the Have the Right to Vote?

Here, African-Americans are shown registering to vote in Marion County, Indiana. Even though African-Americans gained the right to vote in 1869, it was a long time before most African-Americans were able to exercise this right. Indianapolis Recorder Photo Collection, Indiana Historical Society

We have this bit of “FYI” running on The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 website for about a year. We decided to repost it, but here on our WordPress site; maybe someone will pay closer attention to this and seek to reeducate themselves about the status of ones citizenship but more importantly one Nationality.      

Many so-called Negro, Black people, Colored folks, and African-American today are still very much under the illusion that they are “FREE American Citizen”. That they however are seen in equal status to others who have the right to vote and to receive all benefits as being an American Citizen. Just in July of 2006 President Bush had to sign the Voting Act Bill to which it give the so-called Afro-American another 25 years in having the privilege to vote before it has to be sign again. There is no other race of people living in the USA who are labeled with “Grated Privileges” as no one other than the Afro-American (Black People) are still consider today as “Property”. This is a sheer lack of ignorance that the Afro-American people rather keep their heads stuck in the sands of ignorance then to raise up in seeking out the answers in liberating themselves from being up under the illusions that they have a Nationality. What if President Bush did not sign the Voting Right Bill?.. It would have cause great question as the answers would not have provided any means of a true solution for the so-called Afro-America people; they would simply have faded away along with all their marching and protesting. The so-called Negro, Black people, Colored folks, and African-American today are under “Granted Privileges”. If you want to learn more about this, we ask that you visited our Temple or contact us.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have received countless of questions all with much variation of ideas and conception as it relates to the Moorish Science Temple of America and the life, works and teachings of Prophet Drew Ali. It would be seemly unfair in giving a yes or no answer to questions that should be followed up with a full truthful explanation with fortified references. So in lieu of giving a set of standard questions with answers we are presenting our blog so that you can place your questions in as we will email you back a response. Ultimately as we rather you visit one of our Temples so you can see and hear truth or even give us a call. Much of what you find on the Internet about The Moorish Science Temple of America and its founded Prophet Drew Ali is of great untruth and grossly misrepresented to which has marginalize the importance along with the great contributions of the Movement. We however place a few questions and answers to give light to a great misunderstanding of Prophet Drew Ali and his teachings.

1.Can I gain my Moorish Nationality without joining a MSTA TEMPLE? NO!!.. Contact us and we will explain why this is not so.

2. What is the cost of a Moorish Nationality? Nationality is FREE all over the world. Once you become an active Member you are to see to the growth and development of your religious Community; this is done by members paying dues. See Membership.

3. Do I have to become a Moslem and take on Islam as my faith to be a Moorish American? YES!! A Moorish American religion is Islamism; Our Prophet Drew Ali gave us Key .1 Who made You? Ans. Allah! Prophet Drew Ali brought us back to the concussions of knowing where we come from. Read more…

Our religion gave birth to History

For every day that is granted to us for it is not our will to awake in the morning by solely by the will of Allah. We should look at everyday as another day extend to us to get this, our life Right!.

What will be scribe down on the pages of remembers under your name? What can you say you have done or doing to not only make a great significance difference in your life but those who are around you that are watching you as a measure to guide themselves. That is why it is so important for us to be cognizant about our conduct; simply put you never know whose watching you on the sidelines as in cheering you on for the win, or booing you to fail. Just simply giving a mean demo in your expression of Islam or about the knowledge you gather to gather in giving yourself understanding is just ear candy if your lip services if it’s not a reflection of your life dedicated to your faith of Islam in assisting in the  uplifting of humanity . Read more…

Asiatics Are Still Slaves To Wrong Thinking

 There was a letter sent to me over the Internet many years ago by a fellow writer that was written by a European on his way to work who said, “Blacks Don’t Read.”  She read his letter over a radio station that she worked at. Then I came across an old saying posted in a paper some years later, “If you want to keep information from Blacks put it in a book because they don’t read.”  After reading this posting again I formulated my own thoughts on the matter of “Blacks Don’t Read” because it goes deeper then just not reading a book. I have found that when Europeans make statements like this they are not just picking it up out of the air; they have done some deep and serious studying on the matter. Europeans like to investigate and find out what makes things function and why. Since the Negro/Black man is a product of their creator they want to know everything about the thing that they’ve created. Read more…

Hypocrites and Hostages

2. The tongue of the sincere is rooted in heart; hypocrisy and deceit have no place in his words. (Chp. XXXIV in The HKMSTA)

In this day and age of awareness of the God in Man degree, amongst those who truly strive for righteousness, you’ll find amongst them hidden in the corners the whisperers and backbiters. This is referred to in the Noble Quran of Mecca as flesh-eating. Now among this crowd is an even more, vile enemy. He is called the Hypocrite. Read more…

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