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Asiatics Are Still Slaves To Wrong Thinking

 There was a letter sent to me over the Internet many years ago by a fellow writer that was written by a European on his way to work who said, “Blacks Don’t Read.”  She read his letter over a radio station that she worked at. Then I came across an old saying posted in a paper some years later, “If you want to keep information from Blacks put it in a book because they don’t read.”  After reading this posting again I formulated my own thoughts on the matter of “Blacks Don’t Read” because it goes deeper then just not reading a book. I have found that when Europeans make statements like this they are not just picking it up out of the air; they have done some deep and serious studying on the matter. Europeans like to investigate and find out what makes things function and why. Since the Negro/Black man is a product of their creator they want to know everything about the thing that they’ve created.

There was probably a time when that could have been true but to label all Asiatics as illiterate is a cruel and unfair statement to make by a European or any other race about us. It’s just as important what you read today and even more important than that is to get an understanding of what you are reading. How can they be taught unless they have a teacher to teach them!

That is a sad thing to say about a race of people not wanting to read or pick up a book. Why would Europeans know something like this about our people? Well, here is something to consider, they are the ones that instituted this kind of ignorant behavior on our ancestors, and believe it or not, there are some things that are encoded deep within our DNA. Bad habits and practices have been passed down to us from generation to generation. There has to be a program set forth for our people and by our people for the retraining and freeing of the minds of the Asiatics in North America that will start them to using their brains to think and read.

     Blacks Don’t Read is a strange statement even in the 21st century, but it’s a very true one, when it comes to our people and literacy. During slavery our ancestors were forbidden to read and then when they could they were told what they could read and could not read. Then on the other hand there were those who learned how to read from the slave master’s children and other sympathizers that were against the mistreatment of slaves. Then we have to realize that there were Moors already in this country who were learned men and women before slavery. So there was a mixture of the literate and the illiterate. For a slave, learning how to read meant death, if he was ever caught reading or even knowing how too. Then you have to consider what they had to read when they could, which was tainted and distorted history about who they were and where they came from. Our Ancestors were left with European’s history, which was so clouded with untruths it would have taken a feat of magic to find us in their books. But guess what, we were there all the time!

 Why has this stigma stuck with our people today both young and old? Why are students still being passed along in school and can’t read at the grade level they are in? Why are our children graduating and can’t read? What happened to the programs, “No Child Left Behind?” Evidently it didn’t apply to the Asiatic because our children are leaving school not being able to read and lack the enthusiasms to even pick up a book. It’s evident that the Asiatic in this country is left behind and still can’t read. Our Prophet Drew Ali said, “If I can get you to think, you can save yourselves.” To be able to think you must be able, in today’s society, to read and retain knowledge necessary to save yourself.

  Our Prophet Drew Ali came to a brain dead and memory lost people. We didn’t know who we were or where we came from, and the scariest thing is that, some of us don’t even care anymore.  Our Prophet had an important mission with the ultimate magnitude of freeing the Asiatic mind to once again start thinking and reading for them selves. He was sent to teach us how to start loving ourselves once again and stop all of the self-hate. The Prophet knew that the Asiatic of North America needed to be set free to think once again. Allah sent to the Asiatic of North America a Savior to free us from mental slavery. A mind is a terrible thing to not use.

 It’s time for our people to stop accepting what they are told and read it for themselves. Once you learn a thing for yourself; what you’ve learned can never be taken away from you. Fortunately we have properly educated and anointed teachers who are divinely inspired by Allah to continue the works that our Holy Prophet started.

Here is a statement from that letter written many years ago by the same European, “They are still our slaves.” 

That statement holds true because as long as we are in the present state of mental ignorance, then we are still in mental slavery believing the lies set forth by some Europeans and believing in his psychology.

Another interesting thing that was brought out in that letter was the fact that this European stated, “Blacks in this country enslave themselves through self imposed Ignorance, Greed, and Selfishness”

 Let us break this down how we see it; self imposed ignorance because they don’t read, greed because they want it all for themselves, and selfishness because it’s all about them, and they stop thinking about anybody else. We are into the me, myself, and I syndrome. It’s all about what we can do for ourselves and the heck with anybody else. I’ve got mine and I’m not looking back to help anybody else. You have to get yours the best way you can. This is sad destructive thinking, but there is a way out, and our Prophet Drew Ali brought it to us from Allah.

     In that letter it was also stated, “The blacks in this country were still the slaves of the Europeans without physically containing them.” It was also stated, “They enslaved themselves and still make us money.”

     What a horrible but true thought this is.  The Asiatic in this country enslave them selves through wrong thinking and trying so hard to be what they are not. Some Asiatics are more European than the European. They try hard to be what they are not because the Asiatics in this country don’t know who they are.

It was stated that, “Ignorance was the weapon of containment and choice. To hide something from Black people is to put it in a book.”

     Even though we live in the information age and knowledge is all around us (even on the internet), Asiatics still have a problem with reading or the lack of wanting to read. We have Asiatic bookstores loaded with information about our people that tells us who we are and where we came from, yet some of us sit passively by and take no interest. It seems like we have lost the desire to want to know.

     There are books on how to build economic wealth for our people to gain their freedom and independence and still we won’t read. Instead of learning how to become the best consumer on the planet, we should be seeking independence and freedom for our own economic gains. We should have our own grocery stores and department stores, our own schools of higher learning, and our own banks, etc. What would happen if the European decided to stop selling to us? Where would we even buy a roll of toilet paper?  This is a scary thought!

Another statement from the letter “Because of Greed which is another weapon of self contained slavery;”

     All we do is buy, buy, and buy some more. Instead of saving and investing we buy bigger and better. A lot of our people have been blessed with economic wealth in this country, and we don’t want to possess our own anything. Just look at the athletes. Almost every basketball player, football player, and baseball player is a millionaire, not to mention all the Asiatic actors and actresses. Okay, let’s not forget about the music industry (rappers and singers). There is no reason why our people don’t have their own and in charge of their own destiny in this country.

     If these people would stop thinking about themselves and pool their finances together our people would be on the road to having our own Economic Empire in this country, but Greed stops them from looking back and thinking about the plight of their own people. It’s all about them and how much more they can make for themselves. These athletes, actors/actresses, singers, rappers, etc. don’t even think about what would happen if their own people stopped buying their products, stopped going to their ball games, stopped buying their CDs, and stopped going to the movies. They really haven’t thought about this. If it were not for the consumer where would they be? If the Asiatic in this country stopped buying and using their economic dollar, do you see where we are going with this train of thought?

     We should have our own hospitals and pharmacies.  Asiatics in this country are spending over 700 billion dollars a year.  We buy so much that every known industry targets the Asiatic people and caters to their needs, wants, and desires. Businesses know that Asiatics in this country will buy it. If the put it out there, we will buy it. Make it shiny, and we will buy it. Industries know the buying power of the Asiatic in this country, and everybody wants a piece of our economic dollar.

     We are so greedy that we will buy anything. Just put a name on it and, no matter how stupid it looks or sounds, we will buy it. Let a rapper wear it and our young people will buy it. We are a consumer driven people, and we will buy anything on the market. Businesses small and great know this to be a fact. We buy without thinking of saving a dime. We think that because we have the dollars that we should be buying the big fancy cars, and the largest homes. All we are looking for is the American dream that was never meant to be ours in the first place.

    Here is some of our thinking; if we possess certain things then we have arrived, and we are living the American Dream. The majority of our people are still in poverty, and those who have been blessed with finance don’t even look back to see who they can help pull up out of the bowls of despair.  We are a greedy minded people.  If those who have been blessed with finances would combine their monies together collectively they could make our communities better for everyone in our race. The greed of our people stops them from helping and putting back into the community to uplift those who don’t have. So our greedy people continue to make other races rich while our people are still struggling in poverty.

     We even have Asiatics with riches going to assist other countries and building big beautiful schools while right here in the good old USA our people lack good schools that would cater to the needs of our people. When an Asiatic in this country comes into riches they want to help everybody else but their own.  It’s almost like their people no longer exist to them. Now don’t get me wrong, on a small scale we have some that put back into the community (May Allah be pleased with their good), but on a larger scale, can you see what would happen if they all got off that greedy train and pitched in to help their own in this country? How much better would we be economically? We should not be dependent on another race of people to care for us when we have the means to care for ourselves.

     Other races of people come into this country, and they take care of their own. They have their own supermarkets, clothing stores, wireless phone stores, and they take care of their own people. What does the Asiatic in this country do for each other? Why can’t we look back and uplift and think about our own people? There is something seriously wrong with our people’s thinking.

     Europeans look at us like the greedy fools that we are.  All we are concerned with is buying more and more and to hell with the rest of our fallen society. Every other race of people in this country is getting rich off the backs of our people. They are using the dollars that our people spend and building solid communities for themselves. The Europeans are still making money off the backs of the mentally enslaved Asiatic in this country and doing it without physical containment.


Another statement in the letter was how selfishness also contains them.

     Another weapon used against us and by us is that thing called selfishness. It’s like, this is mine and I’m not sharing. Somewhere along the line Asiatics in this country forgot about teamwork; they forgot about being in a collective state of mind (One for all and all for one!). They seem to lack the ability to work together, live together, and be together for any length of time. We are so busy being selfish and that our thinking has become one sided. I’m going to do for me and to hell with you. I don’t need you.  I can do this by myself.

     With this type of thinking the European is still making money off of us. We are so busy promoting organizations that really don’t help our needs and going to big lavish conventions paying dues. We are using his hotels, his conference rooms, and buying his foods. Still not realizing that the average Asiatic is one or two paychecks from poverty, and it is by his pen and his paychecks that the European is still in control of our lives. And we are too foolish to see this. We are in Mental Slavery without the chains around our necks and the shackles about our ankles. We are still in slavery as long as he is in control of everything that happens in our lives.

Another part of that article talked about W.E B Dubois and he said something about, “A Talented Tenth.” He said we had an innate division in our culture. He stated that there were about a tenth of blacks that had achieved the ability to acquire some form of success. But it seems that when this was read many stopped at that point and strived to be of the 10% who would be successful.

There is such a thing as reading and missing the mark. This is what seemed to have happened with only getting half of the information. Sometimes we hear and see only what we want too. What we should be doing is reading the whole thing and not part, because to just read part you will certainly miss something vital and important.

     If they had read with an understanding then they would have understood that once success was achieved then you had to go back and reach the 90% that would be in poverty and aid them in finding a way to gain some type of success too. What was being talked about was teamwork, if I make it, my job is to go back and help those who are still struggling.

What wasn’t realized was there was no (I) in the word team.

     The responsibility of the 10% is to help the 90%, instead of turning up their nose at the less fortunate and putting those in a lower class. What actually happened was that our people who had money ended up making up their own cast system of the haves and the have-nots. Somewhere along the line we forgot where we came from and wanted to put it out of our minds (Our tattered and lowly past).

     In our Holy Koran Circle 7, Chapter Three, it talks about the cord that binds. It’s love that causes us to want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves. Our Prophet was sent to people who no longer knew how to love themselves or show love to anybody else. Our Ancestors were programmed to self-hate and show no love for themselves. Prophet Drew Ali had an awesome mission to save a people who no longer knew how to love. Who forgot that it takes a community to raise a child and who forgot what a true family was all about!

     It’s about reaching back and going back to see what you can do to help pull another brother or sister out of the hands of poverty. And with this type of thinking it should have been a mental chain reaction; something that would happen automatically every time one of us became rich. It should have been almost second nature to go back into our communities to aid the poor and destitute. We should have wanted for our brothers and sisters what we wanted for ourselves, but we lacked the ability to know what real love was all about.

     Because of that embedded selfishness, Asiatics lack the ability to work together on any type of project that would help the whole. We are motivated by our egos. Who is going to get the recognition for the job done? Who is going to get the bigger pat on the back?  Whose name is going to be in the spotlight? We are so selfish that even in the Moorish Science Temple of America egos stop Moors from being in unity and working together.  We have those Moors who still think they can do it better than the Prophet did. Allah appointed and anointed our Prophet Drew Ali and hand picked him for the task. If Allah wanted someone else then he wouldn’t have picked our Holy Prophet. It’s Allah’s plan that these so-called Moors are fighting. Either we are going to believe what the Prophet brought us from Allah or we are not. It’s Allah’s way or no way at all, and if it’s Allah’s way then we are to follow the way of His Prophet Drew Ali.

     The way of Allah is the way of Unity and Teamwork, and only through joining the Moorish Science Temple of America will our people ever find the power or strength to free their minds from mental slavery. We are a collective unit. ‘Together we stand but divided we will always fall.’

     Remember what the Prophet said, “If I can get you to think then you can save yourselves.” To think you must read the right materials. To think you must have the right spiritual teachers to teach and guide you. We must get back to reading, but with reading we must get an understanding that we are a collective and greed and selfishness have no place in this Divine Movement.

All the statements that we picked up from the letter are in italics and underlined all the rest of this article is from the heart of its writer,

Emiress Ruth Sadi El, Grand Temple #2


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