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LOVE Lifted Me

By Sis. Tammy S. Bey

“LOVE lifted me, opened my eyes and made me see all the things in life I didn’t know!”

 Islam Islam Islam!  This song rang in my spirit this morning as I was reading a passage about our beloved Prophet Noble Drew Ali on our website entitled “Who Is Noble Drew Ali?”  Although, I don’t remember the writer of the song, I remember this was one of my favorite gospel songs and I hadn’t heard it nor sung it in a long time.  I’m hearing this song as I’m reading about the life of the Prophet and his mission, the fact that he came to bring us our divine creed as quoted in the article, “that would UPLIFT them both spiritually, mentally and economically FROM their present state of being a beggar people”, gave me a greater love for my Father God Allah and our Prophet, my Savior and Redeemer.

Tears of joy are falling as I think on how much Allah loves me that he would manifest His LOVE-Thought on January 8, 1886, just for me.  I can imagine that even before Allah cast me forth into this plane of manifest on May 29, 1966, He already had me in his mind that he will prepare a “way-maker” to shine the light on the pathway for me to reestablish the covenant between us that I may continue my journey back to Him.

Here I am a year older and my thoughts, my character, my way of life are being lifted to that higher place of peace and tranquility as I continue to learn and adhere to the Prophet’s instruction to “Know Thyself and Thy Father God Allah” within our highest principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.  My eyes are opening to the truth that my divinity, birthrights and dignity as a human being is directly connected to my creator, Father God Allah.  It is through our beloved Prophet’s life, works and teachings that Allah has made me see in life that I am not Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-African American, Ethiopian, nigga-boo, jigga-boo, etc. or whatever other derogatory label or names the European has placed upon our people.

These things I didn’t know before I came to MSTA-1928 to be guided by Allah’s REFORMER manifested in the person of my beloved Supreme Grand Shaykh, Ra Saadi El whom I love so very much. I’m so grateful to finally awaken to Allah’s LOVE covering me, fulfilling me, and sustaining me throughout my life to this present time.  The journey gets sweeter by night and by day.  I’m learning to love Islam, Allah, and our Prophet.  Truly “LOVE has lifted me, opened my eyes and made me see all the things in life I didn’t know”.

“To the one who is supreme, most wise and beneficient, and to Him alone, belong worship, adoration, thanksgiving and praise”- HKCS Chapter 35, Verse 3

Peace and Love, Praise Allah!

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