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Asiatics Are Still Slaves To Wrong Thinking

 There was a letter sent to me over the Internet many years ago by a fellow writer that was written by a European on his way to work who said, “Blacks Don’t Read.”  She read his letter over a radio station that she worked at. Then I came across an old saying posted in a paper some years later, “If you want to keep information from Blacks put it in a book because they don’t read.”  After reading this posting again I formulated my own thoughts on the matter of “Blacks Don’t Read” because it goes deeper then just not reading a book. I have found that when Europeans make statements like this they are not just picking it up out of the air; they have done some deep and serious studying on the matter. Europeans like to investigate and find out what makes things function and why. Since the Negro/Black man is a product of their creator they want to know everything about the thing that they’ve created. Read more…


Me No Need No Stinky Car Tags! Me Moorish Indigenous! Ask My Leader!

“Just a regular tag can range from $76 to $106 for just your normal, State of Tennessee tag,” Bierbrodt said.

Then, there are plates like the ones on Joreal DeVante’s SUV. DeVante says he’s with the “Moorish American National Government” and he doesn’t need Tennessee tags because he’s a diplomat.

“We are Moorish-Americans, the original aboriginal people here on this continent before you Europeans arrived,” DeVante said. Read more…

Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens Taking Foreclosed Homes Using Phony Deeds

Georgia Officials, FBI Are Pursuing Anti-Government Citizens Squatting in Bank-Owned Homes

Authorities in Georgia are joining forces to hunt down a burgeoning group of squatters who use anti-government ideology to commandeer bank-owned upscale homes with phony deeds and bogus paperwork.

Many are operating as so-called sovereign citizens — radical-right conservatives who believe that they are exempt from government requirement such as taxes and driver’s licenses. Read more…

No Moorish Defense

WINCHESTER- A city man convicted on drug distribution charges in July has asked for a new trial.He says he received bad legal advice from a website before the first proceeding. Because of that advice, 24-year-old Damien Wilson said, he rejected all of the court’s offers to appoint an attorney for him.He said throughout his July 26 trial in Winchester Circuit Court that he was descended from Moors and that a 200-year-old treaty with Morocco gives him immunity from U.S. law. Read more…

Defense’s odd ploy in Drug case fails

Defense’s odd ploy in drug case fails Man caught with nearly nine pounds of marijuana last year claimed – unsuccessfully – on Monday that the Winchester Circuit Court held no jurisdiction over him because of a 200-year-old treaty with Morocco. Damien Wilson, 24, representing himself, told Judge John J. Wetsel Jr. and a jury that he is descended from Moors and a member of Islamic sect the Moorish Science Temple. He said a 1786 treaty concerning U.S. treatment of Moors supersedes the court’s jurisdiction. Wilson – who calls himself Hakeem Mostafa El Bey – also tried to subpoena the state attorney general and threatened to fine Wetsel for trademark infringement.  Read more…

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