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Student & Teacher: A Story of a Moorish American Molsem


  Shayhk 999So often we have read many demonstrations coming from those claiming to be Moorish Americans placing self-entitlements of being a scholar, historian, and teacher although many having no traceable lineage to any excellent teacher or appointment of being an authentic Moorish leader. Much of what they claim as research is quite questionable.

There is nothing we can obtain scholarly without having proper guidance; many famous philosophers, world leaders, and yes, even Prophets of Allah speaks about their studentship all having guidance. Humble teachers are those who sincerely strive from just teaching, only passing information and lessons on to others that they too may cause another mind to manifest in being a blessing from pure and powerful thought-provoking knowledge. Teachers who merely love to teach will not seek personal recognition from others or look to be held in high esteem by their students. A real teacher is one who once was a student understanding that an actual lesson is not a blessing unless that blessing can be a blessing to others.

There would have to be only but a few Moorish Americans who would truly be unaware that if not for Shaykh Ra Saadi El creating a collection of historical accounts of The Moorish Science Temple called “The Controversial Years of The Moorish Science Temple of America” much of Moorish American history would remain dormant. Many folks claiming to be Moorish Americans would have no idea of the history which they are claiming for themselves today if not for the publication of this book. Without proper historical documents along with proper guidance as a Moorish American Moslem, you may have placed yourself as so many have done to be led astray by a lie and the liar. Then you have those with less than fifteen or even ten years as a Moorish Americans now claiming themselves as Moorish historians never having sat with anyone taught by Prophet Drew Ali or in possession of any original Temple documents.

An authentic Moorish American teacher is not only taught by those who were directly taught by the Prophet but is one who also manages to preserve many of the original historical documents where you can discover for yourself. You should not need to read any historical records of the Moorish Science Temple of America wearing blue latex gloves; as a real teacher would only make copies so that you can have them for yourself to study. Too often Moorish Americans and even conscious Asiatics will question the method of a great teacher only because they have not yet learned to humble themselves to be taught, rather argue in the manner of which they feel they should be shown. It is only when we remove our feelings that we are truly able to see beyond the rocky soil of grammar errors, get past personal opinions and hurt feelings. Seeing beyond the flesh and general opinion is when we discover the valuable gemstones of knowledge. Truth is not validated by proper grammar nor flattery words; for many lies have been told in the best of scholarly format and spoken in soothing words.

Even when a powerful teacher needs to impart a royal spanking in the form of a powerful lesson, it is not only done to merely correct the misguided but to use the misguided ones as a sounding board for others who in secret hide in the shadows hoping to be guided by the light. A real teacher who has a warrior spirit will not allow what he loves to be misrepresented by those claiming to know. When seeing the true teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali being misused, misunderstood, and willfully taught to misguide those who sincerely seek to “know thyself.” These evil doers will in fact face the sword of justice. If the one-eyed man can be king in the land of the blind, what happens when a person comes seeing with both eyes open; this is an actual teacher having both understandings as once being a student knowing the heart of a true seeker and as a teacher has been well equipped being able to guide. We honor all true teachers who went through the proper growth and development to obtain knowledge; not those who are self-appointed or self-acclaimed holding mere pebbles up in the face of innocent and ignorant as if they were pearls.

A real teacher will show their battle scars from their personal lessons of trials and tribulations to demonstrate the possibility of the human soul clothed in spirit; that there is no failure for spirit-man. We honor the warrior spirit of our teacher never showing fear in the face of man; he will never back down from defending what he loves and will always make himself available to those sincerely seeking to have a better understanding. It was said by Edward Mealy El that our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali stated he did not have time to write everything down and that someone would come along one day and put it in book form. Shaykh Ra Saadi El humble beginnings as a student came with many life lessons one account of these life lessons was his encounter with one of his teachers Bro. Ahreei Shnay El who was the National Grand Sheik of The Moorish Science Temple of American located at 957 East 75 Street in Chicago Ill. At the time of the student and teacher encounter Shaykh Ra Saadi El was 26 years of age former member of “Black P-Stone Nation” he was now fully committed to living as a Moorish American Moslem.

The young inquisitive Ra Saadi El was in search of a greater understanding of the teaching of Prophet Drew Ali which he did not receive during that time under the leadership of R. Love-El. One Sunday around 2:00 pm Bro. Shnay El was conducting Sunday school which is open for any Moorish American seeking to learn. As Bro. Shnay begins his class he ask everyone to pull out pen and paper to take down the lesson; Ra Saadi El would lean over asking his classmate could he borrow pen and paper. Shnay El quickly stop Ra Saadi El asking him; “what are you doing?” Ra Saadi El replied, “I was asking for pen and paper because I don’t have any”. Shnay El then ask Ra Saadi El “Where are you, Brother?” Ra Saadi El replied “Sunday school”. Shany El then stated; “Then it would have been wise of you to come with the necessary tools for Sunday school, right Brother? You don’t ask for pen and paper in my class disrupting the class because you failed to come prepared; now get out of my class and wait for me in the hallway don’t you go anywhere you sit there until we are done”.

Ra Saadi El upset at being called out did as instructed and sat in the hallway; he was heated hearing Shnay El talk about him to the class. “Ra El must be a drop out; not knowing to bring pen and paper to school. He thinks he is so smart but could not figure out he needs pen and paper for school”. For almost two hours Shnay El would use Ra El as a lesson; hearing from the other side of the door Ra El was furious; saying to himself: “I have two Browning automatic fully loaded I could just shoot everyone in that room for laughing at me.” As his lower-self was on some serious retaliation; he, however, would, of course, humble himself by sitting patiently waiting as instructed by his teacher. It would be later on that Ra Saadi El would become Bro. Shnay El top loyal student; Ra El made himself Bro. Shnay El personal mufti and bag man. Anytime Shnay El would meet with other Moorish Americans from other Grand Bodies Ra Saadi El was present making sure no harm would come to his teacher.

This was during a time when Moorish Americans would cause harm to other Moorish Americans if you were not a member in their Grand body or disagreed with their teachings and leadership. Ra Saadi El would note the books his teacher used to debate with other Temples heads about the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali. Whenever his teacher would get into debates with other Temple leaders Ra Saadi El would remain silent; only learning from the exchange of masterminds. He would follow his teacher direction knowing that someday he too will become a teacher and knowing that some of his students will come just as he did as an untamed spirit simply needing proper guidance and discipline. To this very day, Shaykh Ra Saadi El often shares his stories as a young student; recalling all his teachers who were responsible for molding him into the well studied Moorish American Moslem he is today. You will never find him without pen or paper which he buys in bulks; as he will get on his students for not having pen and paper today. A true teacher has a real history as a student under well-respected men and women who have been accredited as a true teacher. Shaykh Ra Saadi El has never been ashamed of his past which he often uses as a lesson for others to know they too can overcome life challenges.

However having a teacher who was not only taught by those who were directory taught by the Prophet but also managed to preserve many of the historical documentation where you can have it for yourself is a real teacher. Another account of a teacher and student relationship was when Ra Saadi El would meet an actual student and officer of Prophet Drew Ali, a person who would adopt him as a grandson and faithful student. It was George Cook Bey who was converted by Prophet Drew Ali from being a Christian Minister to becoming a true Moorish American Moslem; he would become Ra Saadi El most valuable teacher. It was in 1977 he would become a member of George Cook Bey’s Temple #1 in Chicago Illinois while incarcerated. In 1978 Ra Saadi El would meet George Cook Bey in the flesh, knowing the value of George Cook Bey’s knowledge of the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali; Ra Saadi El would take every opportunity to sit under him absorbing as much knowledge and information about Prophet Drew Ali as he could.

It was in 1979, George Cook Bey would make Ra Saadi El his assistant Grand Sheik; it was George Cook Bey grandson Matheno Cook Bey who would yell in disapproval saying “Grand Dad, they are calling Ra El a Sheik, and he is not even an adept yet?”, George Cook Bey replied, “The Prophet told me who to look for” as he saw the qualities in Ra El that Prophet Drew Ali often spoke of has the faithful spirits returning. George Cook Bey had recognized Ra Saadi El as a Sheik and Minister; it was his recommendation that this acknowledgment was accepted by the leadership. Ra Saadi El would also have placed on his head by George Cook Bey the “Black Fez”; which many Moorish Americans today will wear the black fez having no real knowledge of its historical meaning, respect for its status, nor worthy of its placement. Many Moorish American have received appointments by self-appointed leaders who are unqualified and unauthorized to do so. Which today the entitlement Sheik has become significantly marginalized due to the recklessness of King ambitions and self-appointed positions.

In the line of those who were Ra Saadi El direct teachers who were raised and taught by Prophet Drew Ali himself was both the Prophet wives whom he would frequently seek guidance and information from, Sis. Pearl Ali and Sis. Mary Ali. Having direct access to many of the elders who was taught by Prophet Drew Ali was due to Ra Saadi El being a native of Chicago. He would have many encounters with direct information and knowledge from those who taught directly by Prophet Drew Ali; such as Bro. T. Booker Bey who was a former follower of Marcus Garvey, however after hearing Prophet Drew Ali deliver a speech he would convert to become a faithful Moorish American Moslem.

Bro. I Cook Bey the brother of George Cook Bey was also made an officer by Prophet Drew Ali. Sis. Christina Price Bey, Delia Mealy El the wife of the first Supreme Grand Sheik Edward Mealy El appointed by Prophet Drew Ali. Bro. Aaron Payne El was Prophet Drew Ali second Supreme Grand business manager, Bro. Reynolds El, Sis. Eva Ali El, the wife of Bro. John Givens El who was the Prophet chauffeur and several other Moorish American Moslems that was around Prophet Drew Ali. We called these encounters the holy breath transmission because much of the teachings was given orally, however in later years Ra Saadi El would make these historical encounters available in written form to those seeking a more profound understanding of the Prophets teachings.

e744b4ff869d985df4c283f35365a558“The Sufi teacher does not give anything to or teach the pupil, the student, for he cannot give what the latter already has; he cannot teach what his soul has always known. What he does in the life of the student is to show him how he can clear his path towards the light within by his own self.”

To know your teacher is to know their past, their faults, and trumpets. It is to know their heart by the spirit in which they teach. It is to compare what they say to the truth and examine your growth and development from their guidance. You can measure what you knew before meeting them by what you learned from knowing them. It is seeing how your life has become better in knowing better, through proper guidance. It can be explained intelligently and live by example, not by just mere lip service.

We know that prophecy is fulfilled by our present leadership of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928; Shaykh Ra Saadi El. Gratitude to him for continuing in the way of our ancient Forefathers; to inform, educate and uplift.

We are presently working on a video historical account of a Student.


“Ramadan” Moorish American Moslems Honoring Our Own


           Many within the faith of Islam following the prescribed customs of Sunni Muslims who observe Ramadan during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Ramadan month of observance in Al-Islam is not a fixed month as it will change based on the Islamic lunar calendar. The views of the one God is not seen the same to all however as Moorish American Moslems we are given one direction in our understanding practice and prescribe measures of our faith “Islamism” which we all must see Allah alike. Moorish Americans who seek to uphold teachings and customs of Al-Islam seem to be lacking basic understanding and having a dedicated spirit. The mere fact that our beloved Prophet Drew Ali provided Moorish American Moslems teachings from the Moslems of India, Egypt, and Palestine; nowhere is Arabia mentioned as a source for our Divine teachings. When understanding the reason of Ramadan which only means fasting, a deeper applied understanding is commonly absent replace by a foreign or carnal degree of practice.

The observing of fasting within any faith is merely a humble form of spiritual purification; a way of surrendering all physical desires to submit a perfect form in being at and in peace with the Creator of the Universe of All seen and unseen whom we as Moslems call Allah. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint; it is a time set out to cleanse the body and replenish soul from impurities and re-focus one’s self on the worship of Allah; which as a perfect practice on any level. As Moorish American Moslems we pray three times a day as prescribed by our Prophet Drew Ali, we have our greeting which is to say “Islam” and leave by saying “Peace and Love.” Our form of Islam was tailored made to fit our conditions in America while embracing the spirit of our ancient Forefathers.

As to the origin of Ramadan from an Al-Islam historical account, it is said that the sacred knowledge was revealed to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. “Laylat al-Qadr” is symbolically regarded as the same night on which the divine knowledge was gifted to Muhammad to be shared with humanity.  The followers of Islam consider “Laylat al-Qadr” translate as the “Night of the Power,” the holiest night of the year. As a mark of respect to Allah and to show gratitude for the actual knowledge that was gifted to humanity by the relieving of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad. It was said that Prophet Muhammad had asked his faithful followers of Islam to pass the month of Ramadan in fasting, prayers, and other austerities and end the month-long of non-indulgence with festive celebrations which reflected off the customs and traditions of Arabs.

The question for Moorish American Moslems why not pay tribute to your own Prophet Drew Ali? Did he not delivered our Holy Koran within the month of October along with moving us past being a movement but a Clean and Pure Nation? Our Prophet gave us everything we need to save ourselves so why are some many folks claiming to be Moorish American Moslems holding up foreign teachings and customs. If our Prophet Drew Ali instructed Temple leaders not to have a foreigner teach from the roster why then are Moorish Americans going in search of different teachings and customers outside the Temple? We as Moorish American Moslems with the Grand Body of MSTof A- 1928 have nothing against believers in how they choose to practice their faith of Islam. However, we find a majority of us for following our Prophet in not holding up the idea that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final seal of all Allah’s Prophets. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, and according to the Al-Islam it is considered a valid observation; however, allow us to review all said lawful pillars of Al-Islam.

Declaration of Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad: There is no observing any other Prophet but Muhammad; for a Moorish American Moslem to hold up Prophet Drew Ali as being the last Prophet in this area of time; it is considered haram.

Salat/Establishment of the daily prayers: For a Moorish American Moslem we have our prescribed prayers three times in a day (Morning, Noon and Evening). Because we do not pray five times a day, it is considered haram. However, there is nothing written in the Quran that specifies praying five time’s a day. Although there is various surah which speaks about one guarding their morning, noon and evenings prayers.

Zakat /Concern for and giving to the needy: We as Moorish American we pay dues and give donations first to our Temples as charity start first at home. Because we do not support Al-Islam Mosques or their agenda, it is considered haram.

Ramadan/ Self-purification through fasting: Many Moorish American will not follow an Al-Islamic custom/law/tradition which is based on the above pillars Ramadan. It behoove us why any Moorish American would choose to participate observing Ramadan during the same time as those in Al-Islam; however, negate serving the other pillars in the same way according to Al-Islamic practice/law/customs.

Hajj /The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able: Another customary law in Al-Islam; however for Moorish Americans, Chicago is known as our Moorish Mecca as stated by our beloved Prophet Drew Ali. If our Hajj (pilgrimage) to Chicago, Ill is equated in the same manner as Al-Islam Hajj to Makkah in Arabia; why not is the same observation for Ramadan not being observed by ALL Moorish Americans in the same month as our Holy Hajj October. October the same month our Prophet Drew Ali revealed the Holy Koran (Circle 7) to all Moslem’s in North America.Our Prophet said that we are to have our customs, traditions, and laws though using what he formulated as the base for all legitimate Temple to build on. (El, 2005).

Only by having excellent leadership who teaches us how to defend our faith of Islam through many lessons we find within the Holy Quran of Mecca that Prophet Muhammad is not the last Prophet and that a holy book is revealed to every people. Too often many people see customs and traditions a qualifying factor to being Islamic, as Moorish American Moslems, we understand that customs and traditions do not alter the nature of truth.

As Moorish American Moslems, our book was revealed to us by Prophet Drew Ali. Therefore, we find it not only honorable but a necessity to pay tribute by observing Ramadan within the month of October. Moorish Ramadan has been a practice for many Moorish Americans for over 20 years and continues to grow each year having many Moorish American Moslems submit to honoring their very own Prophet Drew Ali who is our gift from Allah giving us an understanding of our faith, nationality, and history.

Back in March of 2014, the Department of Corrections for the State Michigan had officially recognized Moorish Ramadan in the month of October; our Brothers and Sisters who are incarcerated being active members of MSTofA-1928 are accommodated by receiving their meals before sunrise and after sunset in observing their Moorish Islamic tradition of fasting.  A historical measure that was fought for over ten years to be acknowledged within Michigan State prisons; this could not have occurred if not for the consistency of strong leadership and faithful Moorish American Moslems holding fast to their customs and traditions. Our faith of Islam was not presented to us like a buffet where we pick and choose to our carnal taste and desires; while some will say we call ourselves Moslems but choose not to follow Al-Islam. Being a Moslem is no way an indication of following an Arab or Al-Islam degree; Moslem is not some intellectual property formulated by Arabs/Al-Islam as Prophet Drew Ali stated where our Moslem lessons originated from as Arabia was never mentioned.

At present, you will not find within any legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America Grand body other than the MSTofA-1928 where there is a standard with consistency in teaching and practice of our faith. We have seen Temples under the same leadership have a mixture of understanding and various practice of their faith which only leads to confusion. Our Divine lessons are absent from any ambiguity which can only be done by way of clear guidance and a humble heart.

In closing, the true and faithful Moorish American Moslems comprehend the inner life by what they see and do, by coming to Allah through ceremonies and forms. We take great pride in who we are and what we do in giving praises to Allah and honors to our beloved Prophet Drew Ali. So for all the genuine and faithful Moorish American Moslems, we looked forward to celebrating in our form with you in the Holy month of October Moorish American Moslems month of Ramadan.

Peace and Love in Praises to Allah.
The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928
Grand Governess Yssis Saadi El

El, R.S (2005). Islam In American A Moorish Perspective. Atlanta, GA: Saadi El Publishing.

June 1 at 10:09am

I-did-not-knowJune 1 at 10:09am


I just found out a large group of people only heard about the movies “coming to america”& “Harlem nights” which got me to thinking… If the youth haven’t seen or only heard of them… Is it possible that those joining the MSTA never/partially heard of the actual structure of the MSTA circa 1925-1929? And how it differs from what people think now? Then My thoughts went to the claims of “past hatreds” & “old feuds” and how those terms were created and labeled the reoccurring questions, debates and conversations about the past and division with the importance of history and lineage. ….. We fear what we don’t understand and try to destroy what we can’t change or control. We discourage criticism, even when it’s constructive while being more than willing to criticize any/everything with only little to know knowledge to measure what’s being expressed.

Grand Sheik Bilal Harris El/ Grand Temple #4 Syracuse NY

Wicked Ideas of the Flesh


To often we are see those claiming to be Moorish American Moslems demonstrating a willful disrespect of the Divine creed giving to us by Allah through our beloved Prophet Drew Ali. It seems those who chosen to attach a foreign and carnal degree of what they believe to be acceptable teachings of Moorish Americans somehow believe they should be left alone to demonstrate a wickedness without being righteously checked.  It is even more disturbing to see how so many Moorish Americans choose to be “Yes and No” at the same time in favor of whatever flavor it being presented.

Which is just a mere show of those to afraid,  fearful and cowardly in speaking out against the wilfully wrong because they don’t want to lose being seen favorable in the eyes of the wicked and the righteous. In Islam the truth has NO feelings nor concerns with how a person perceive the truth, if your wrong your wrong. There is only but One God  whom we as Moslems call Allah the goddess degree is not a teaching of my beloved Prophet Drew Ali , as my Prophet gave us lessons about following false gods ” That every nation shall and must worship under their own vine and fig tree, and return to their own and be one with their Father God-Allah.”

For any Sisters claiming to be a Moorish America and would wilfully place a picture of a woman spreading her legs to insight some carnal idea that her vaginal opening is the gateway to power and control over men has truly abandoned the moral and the virtuous nature of womanhood taught in Islam. Please show where our beloved Prophet Drew Ali taught such a carnal degree of the flesh showing  Sister abandoning all her common sense and nature of self.  However, when we see those likened to the  spirit of John the Baptist unafraid to speak out against those likened to the Whores of Babylon, they are suddenly ridiculed by naysayers who are fearful of defending and protecting the integrity of the Moorish Science Temple against the wicked immorality teachings of some false goddess degree.

What about the teachings of our beloved Prophet Drew Ali; “It is not in flesh to think; it is not in bones to reason”; as this verse alone cancel out anything relating to the “Power of the Punany”. What happened to Moorish American Sisters holding up teachings of virtue,”Lo! Yonder she walketh in maiden sweetness, with innocence in her mind, and modesty on her cheek”; nothing in the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali speaks to the flesh, but how we are to raise above fleshly things. It is the spirit within any true Moslem that seeks to master the flesh by raising the mind to a higher degree of doing, thinking and being.


What about the answers to these questions remaining dormant by many well spoken and publicly known Moorish American Moslems.

Why are So Many Moorish Americans rushing to defend those who will publicly defame the Prophet teachings?

Why are So many Moorish Americans comfortable being a living contradiction by supporting Right and Wrong?

Why are some Moorish American Sisters holding up a foreign false goddess degree of the flesh?

Why are SO MANY Moorish Americans offended by the Truth?

Why are Some Moorish Americans in support of changing the prescribe Divine teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali?


No matter what you think of Shaykh Ra Saadi El if not for him the true history of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali would remain dormant and mangled. He has the spirit of a true Warrior Sheik,  unafraid and unconcerned about the weak babble of others defending piss poor position giving no support of truth. It is a feeling of true comfort knowing a Moorish America Moslem like Shaykh Ra Saadi El will place his very life on the line in defending what he holds dear in protecting and defending our beloved Prophet Drew Ali teachings and his Moorish Islamic community. In the same degree there are others, Moorish American Moslems and Supporters who will not only take a bullet for this Moslem but will also give one in his defense, for the only wrath that any Moslem fear is from Allah. Shaykh Ra Saadi El life has always been a open book he is not held a slave to his past sins which is why he speak so boldly without fear because he truly fears No Man (Women goddess), Beast or Thing..again…let it be clearly understood without brevity or ambivalent……the only Wrath which any Moslem fears is ONLY from Allah.

As it is written in the Divine warning written by Prophet Drew Ali which is read after every Holy Day services in all Moorish Science Temples of America,  that we are to defend our Prophet and this Movement by the utmost of our very lives, this will include an occasional cursing out the pretended wise and those who seek to destroy the foundation of the Divine Laws and teaching of Prophet Drew Ali. So why should anyone be offended by a true soldier defending the faith, unless it is the ones the Prophet is referring to that seeks to drag out the true foundation of this divine movement. Only the guilty who seek to hide amongst the righteous will often speak the loudest in defending a piss poor position not realizing they have only blundered into the light. No person in history that stood toe to toe with the foes of truth has ever been seen favorable and accepted by the majority,  Truth tellers seldom have fame, fortune and friends….you will generally see only the handful of the truth and faithful cheering them on. Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about having only a handful of true and faithful that he can could count on one hand, having fingers leftover;  yet our beloved Prophet had over a hundred thousand members. Like it or not it seems as if Shaykh Ra Saadi El is a reflection of Truth tellers according to history. Over 40 years in the Moorish Science Temple of America,  please don’t even think for a minute there is a stopping method in preventing a soldier of Allah from defending and demonstrating.  As for the social networks the only power anyone has within these arena (given by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) is to simply unfriend, delete or band and simply continue to go about your business, otherwise (feel free to fill in the blank at your own risk).


In closing….Before jumping on the bandwagon of those claiming to be Moorish American Moslems, perhaps closely investigating the load they are pulling may prove to be wise or you may find yourself supporting a load of BS to the tune of false goddess degree, assortments of others trinkets of foolishness, sound bytes and ear candy.


May those who truly respect Love of One God Allah, the Truth no matter how stern or harsh it is delivered, Peace in knowing that we have defenders of the faith of Islam and if all fail knowing that Justice will surely prevail. May Allah be pleased with all your Good.


Peace and Love in Praises to Allah!

Grand Governess Yssis Saadi El

The Moorish Nation National Address

National Adress1

The Moorish Nation National Address

Given by National Leader

Shaykh Ra Saadi El/ SGS

January 20th, 2012 (Sunday) @ 7PM -9PM EST LIVE

Tune in via The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 official website or Call in at 712-432-3066 Code 552658

Addressing The Problems and The Solutions

What Have The Moorish ScienceTemple of America Accomplish in 100 Years

This will be a LIVE Video Feed & Conference Call

There will be a Question and Answer period at 8:30PM Feel Free to post up your Question on Facebook or on our website.

Peace & Love

Moorish defense fails in court

Frank Gray

About a year ago, we wrote about a group of people who were filing documents at the county recorder’s office declaring that they were Moors and giving themselves new names.

The documents they filed proclaimed that as Moors, they had ancestors who were natives of northern Africa and that they had settled places like Atlantis and even North, South and Central America in ancient times. That said, the people filing these documents claimed that as Moors, they were not subject to the laws of the United States, Indiana, or any city or county.

On the surface, that sounds like a handy way to get out of a charge of driving without a license, drunken driving and so on, but it doesn’t really work that way.

As County Recorder John McGauley explained it, you can record anything, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

The rate of people recording declarations that they are Moors has diminished somewhat. Once every couple of weeks, someone will come into McGauley’s office and record the standard set of Moorish proclamations.

Perhaps that is because, as some have found out, you can’t declare yourself immune from laws.

Take the case of one man who was arrested for driving while intoxicated last September. It isn’t clear whether he used the argument that he was a Moor, but various documents show that he declared himself a Moor last November, a couple of months after being arrested and about a month before appearing in court. A summary of his case showed only that he pleaded not guilty and asked for a jury trial, then was arrested on a warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing. A couple of days later, the man appeared in court, pleaded guilty and was released. Later, his license was suspended, and he was placed on probation.

In February, though, the man filed a federal lawsuit claiming his constitutional rights had been violated and the ticket he got was unconstitutional, demanding that anyone involved in his case be recused from office, and seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages and $75,000 in punitive damages each against the state, the Allen Superior Court, something called the centralized infractions bureau and the officers who arrested him.

As supporting documentation were attached several pages of Moorish rigmarole. It is a curious claim, that a person who says he is not governed by the laws of the land would claim he had been denied his constitutional rights as guaranteed by the law of the land.

I was curious, though, how the federal court, which is not a place to play games, would respond to such a suit.

The court responded in a patient, even kind way. In a three-page order, the judge explained that complaints must contain factual matter, accepted as true, to ask for plausible relief.

The order, which noted that the filing was largely incomprehensible boilerplate, said the complaint was not presented in appropriate form and that the court could dismiss the case. It also noted that the complainant had not paid the filing fee among other failings. The judge ordered the clerk to send the complainant several blank forms needed to properly file a suit, and even a petition asking to be excused from having to pay the filing fee. The man was given until March 27 to refile, after which the suit would be dismissed.

To me – a person who tries to avoid getting mixed up in federal court matters – it seemed to be a kind, patient response to nonsense.

We’ll have to wait until March 27 to see what happens next.

The Sovereigns: Leaders of the Movement (Caveat Emptor)

The leadership of the “sovereign citizens” movement is populated with men who market a variety of generally nonsensical, and often illegal, schemes to avoid taxes, eliminate debts and extract money from the government. Many of these leaders specialize in the so-called “redemption” scam, a bizarre technique that supposedly allows participants to tap into huge amounts of cash that the government is thought to keep in their name. What follows are short profiles of a dozen of these leaders. The leaders’ websites are listed under their names.

Barton Albert Buhtz, 70
Sunland, Calif. 
For years, Barton Buhtz, who styles himself “Barton Albert: Buhtz” in the peculiar punctuation of the sovereign citizens movement, promoted a redemption scheme that taught clients how to print fraudulent U.S. Treasury checks to pay their taxes, purchase real estate, and pay credit card and other bills. This was a variation of a scheme attempted by members of the Montana Freemen, a sovereign citizens group that was active in the 1990s. Buhtz promised clients that the fake checks were a legal means of accessing a secret Treasury account that the government has set up based on every American’s future earnings. While Buhtz claimed the phony checks can purchase anything, he personally only accepted cash as payment for his seminars and services. In 2007, Buhtz was convicted on multiple felony counts for helping clients pass a total of $3.8 million in phony checks, and in 2009 he was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison. He is set to be released in 2012. A number of his former clients are currently either in prison or fighting criminal charges.

Samuel Lynn Davis, 55
Boise, Idaho
Samuel Lynn Davis, who goes by the nickname “I am: Sam,” is one of the more popular redemption seminar hosts in the country, and dozens of his seminar videos have been uploaded to In addition to the websites listed above, Davis shares Web space with other key redemption gurus (including, until his death, Jerry Kane) at In his seminars, he boasts that he hasn’t filed a tax return since 1998 but doesn’t disclose that he currently has $53,000 in outstanding state and federal tax liens. Davis is one of the elders in the Guardians of the Free Republics, a sovereign group that claims to have recently set up “common-law courts” in all 50 states. On March 3, 2009, Davis and his common-law court partner “Rabbi” Shawn Rice were indicted in federal court on 31 counts of bank fraud and money laundering. Rice remained a fugitive at press time. Despite his upcoming trial in Las Vegas, Davis has advised his clients that everything is going as planned.

Ronald Delorme, 64
Bismark, N.D.
Ronald Delorme is the leader of one of the newest and most prolific sovereign schemes to hit the U.S., a phony Native American tribe called The Little Shell Pembina Band of North America. Delorme claims that an enormous land parcel totaling 53 million acres (most of North Dakota plus portions of South Dakota, Montana, and Manitoba) belongs to the sovereign tribe, and anyone who pays the fee can become a member. In effect, the tribe offers one-stop-shopping for the modern sovereign — freedom from taxes, a tribal license plate, a phony law license, even fake malpractice and automobile insurance. The faux tribe also advises members on how to pass counterfeit checks and avoid falling into the jurisdiction of the American courts. “Rabbi” Shawn Rice, fugitive co-defendant of Samuel Davis, is a member of this tribe. In 2007, a Little Shell subsidiary called Gold-Quest was charged with running a $27.9 million Ponzi scheme. The tribe responded by filing a $1.7 trillion lawsuit against the SEC.

Nature El Bey, 33
Taj Tarik Bey
Asbury Park, N.J. 
“Lord Nobles” Taj Tarik Bey (real name and age unknown) and Nature El Bey (formerly known as Lee S. Crudup) are two of the leaders of a rapidly growing black nationalist religious movement called Moorish Science Temple of America — part of the larger and expanding phenomenon of black sovereign groups. The group considers itself sovereign in that it counsels followers to pay taxes to the temple, rather than to the IRS. Like other sovereigns, members do not carry state-issued driver’s licenses (but instead use temple identification cards) and, when charged with crimes, consider themselves to be outside the jurisdiction of any federal, state, or local court. The group markets itself primarily through booklets and videos posted on YouTube, and its sovereign schemes have been spreading rapidly in the last two or three years through the nation’s urban neighborhoods and prison system.

Roger Elvick, 71
Lakota, N.D. 
In the 1980s, Roger Elvick was the first promoter to effectively distribute a redemption scheme to an eager and desperate audience of Midwest farmers, and he is generally acknowledged as the founding father of the modern redemption movement. While phony Federal Reserve checks and similar programs had been used earlier by far-right promoters Tupper Saussy and Conrad LeBeau, Elvick and the late white supremacist leader William Potter Gale were the first to dress up the scam with the legalistic terminology that now characterizes the sovereign citizens movement and sovereign redemption techniques. As a result of issuing such checks, Elvick spent seven years in the 1990s in federal prison, where he further fleshed out his scheme. In 2003, he was arrested again by the state of Ohio and charged with forgery, extortion, and corruption. The judge found him mentally unfit to stand trial, and he spent several months in a psychiatric institution before pleading guilty to the state charges. Elvick was released from prison in September 2007.

Kurt F. Johnson, 47
Dale Scott Heineman, 50
Union City, Calif.
In just a few short years, Kurt Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman grew a tiny redemption-based debt elimination practice into the largest mortgage-elimination firm in the country, the Dorean Group, with thousands of clients in at least 35 states. They promised followers who were about to lose their homes to foreclosure that they could own the home free and clear by simply transferring the property to a trust controlled by the Dorean Group. Dorean would then file a fake grant deed with the county recorder and in the short time when it appeared in the record that the home was debt-free, the client would apply for a new loan and split the proceeds with promoters. Johnson, Heineman and four other salespeople in their thriving company were convicted on multiple felony counts in 2007. Johnson is currently serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison, while Heineman is serving 21 years.

David Wynn Miller, 61
Milwaukee, Wisc.
A former tool-and-die maker, the man who writes his name as “:David-Wynn: Miller” — or, as he amusingly says it verbally, “David hyphen Wynn full colon Miller” — came up with his “truth language” scheme as a result of a frustrating court experience in 1988, when he was going through a divorce. In short, all truth language sentences used in court filings must begin with the preposition “for,” contain at least 13 words, and use more nouns than verbs to be effective (he has claimed that only nouns have legal authority). David Wynn Miller considers himself a “Plenipotentiary Judge” in the Unity States of the World, and has named himself as the King of Hawaii, a feat he claims he accomplished when he converted Hawaii into a verb. Needless to say, Full Colon Miller’s clients have fared poorly in both civil and criminal courts, and at least one client has been required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Miller is one of the few sovereign gurus that can say he has clients in four different countries currently serving prison sentences. Despite these failures, Miller’s exotic punctuation scheme is rapidly growing.

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