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Enter In Faith-Leave In Hate

The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 took in a Sister and her two children who traveled from Detroit Michigan to be closer to the National leadership in seeking to be around true Moorish Americans and to raise her children within a Real Moorish Community. She was given nothing but pure love and the full support of the Temple as providing a place for her and the children to stay until she was able to so for her self. After receiving the Temple full support within a few months she landed full time employment and even got a very nice apartment; she would then send for her mate who she tried to build up as being a ‘very good man’. Her mate came to a few meetings taken a lukewarm interest to Islam. Some of the members gave him a few job reference to which he was unable to fulfill since he never worked and had no idea how to fill out a simple job application. It was reveal he knew nothing but how to hustle in selling weed (marijuana) and had no real interest in Islam. Once he made his true attention clear the Sister would soon follow her mate in making the very place that gave her and her children love and a place of safe and comfort she would develop  contempt for. After a few months passed a person found her wallet in a supermarket and returned it to the Temple only because on her GA state ID she had used the Temple address. The sister had all her credit cards and bank account card with the pin numbers with a despot slip indicating she had over  4 thousand in her bank account; let alone  her children social security cards and a few dollars. We contacted her in letting her know her wallet was found; she did not waste anytime in picking up her wallet she did not even look us in the face to say thank you. The lesson here is that she lost something more then the wallet and the very place she turned her back on would be the same place she would retrieve her possessions from.

Born into a UCC Sovereign Lie

Sister came to the Temple seeking understanding about what she was told by the father of her two children. She explained that the father of her two small children told her not to get a birth certificate for her children and to put El and Bey on the names. She followed everything he told her to do; in less then a year he left her for another woman which also father children by his new companion. The sister showed us some home made legal document that the father of her children cooked up which stated a lot of silly illegal gibberish with the added measure that if she were to pursue legal matters in seeking child support he would sue  and have her arrested for interfering with a Moorish Sovereign. We told the Sister she had been played by a low life bootlegger and to pursue with legal matters to secure support to her children. She stated that he took her car and left her with nothing and that she had to move into his grandmother house. We asked the Sister did she have family that could assist her; she stated she was too ashamed to contact her parents. We asked her to keep us posted; we never hard from her; It a shame that the children will suffer from the ignorance of their parents.

A Phone Call from Prophet Drew Ali?

A Phone Call from Prophet Drew Ali?

The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 receives countless phone calls on a daily basis; noting new just business as usual. Things got a bit interesting with one phone call in particular; a Brother called making general inquiries about temple locations and wanting information about an upcoming lecture; what was distracting while speaking with the Brother was that a person speaking in the background asking questions; we asked who is the person with you talking in the background the Brother exclaim “It’s the Prophet!”.  We  replied but of course was  “prophet who?” the Brother replied “Prophet Drew Ali!”  Without hesitation we asked “Can we speak with the prophet?” the Brother replied “but of course you can”. Within a short measure we became overly excited as the soft voice came over the phone and greeted us by saying “Islam my son”. We replied “Islam prophet what do we owe the honor of having you speak to us” the prophet stated “Son I am calling around to see what is going on with my Temples”; now with out hesitation we replied “What ?..Allah did not fill you in upon your return!” the prophet replied in a way which left a sour note. He stated in a firm voice “You Mother F@*&%, son of a Bitch to hell with you”. We was only left with one thought after the prophet so rudely cursed us out then hanging up……

“Was it something we said”.

True Story – “Fooled & Foolish”

Immigration office Now Located in the Krispy Kreme donut shop

Persons imitating to be REAL Moorish Americans has set up shop within the Krispy Kreme donut shop in the West End section of Atlanta GA. They are actually selling fake Nationality/ Nationalization packages along with “Right to Road Travel” ID cards for a mere $1,800.00.  My question is; do get UCC decorator ring with that deal?

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