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A third prophesy is attributed to Muhammad himself, and may have formed the basis for other prophesies. It is related that Muhammad was asked about the end of the world and what would happened thereafter to his community. Muhammad replied that the world will come to an end when the most perverse and worst people appear at a time when a part of his community will still be in the extreme west which is called Andalusia. The people of his community will the last of its inhabitants. All calamities will befall them because of their neglect of the religious law and their worldliness, neglecting prayers and indulging in luxury. The minors among them do not respect the elderly , nor the elderly have compassion for the minors; injustices and false oaths abound among them; merchants purchase and sell with usury and deceit and covet properties. These and other evil things will become manifest, and God will subject them to people worse than they. They will be tormented; cruel governors will rule over them; their property will be confiscated for no reason; they will be obligated to eat bacon, and will endure other oppressions to the point of hopelessness and despair. God will punish their sins, but He will also have pity on them and will forgive them when those evils are eradicated and when they return to the practice of the religious law. The cruelty imposed will be so intense that the angels will become vexed and will appear before Almighty calling His attention to their plight. It is then that God, the Avenger, will send someone to rescue them from their miserable condition. This will take place when the New Year falls on a Saturday. God will then send a sign consisting of birds, two of which will represent the angels Gabriel and Michael. The first cloud of birds will be followed by other birds of the earth to announce the coming of the king of East and West, who will take Andalusia. The conflict between Islam and Christianity will end with a return to the law of the Moors. There will be much cloud in that year, scarcity of water, trees bearing extra fruits, and other signs.


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