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Is the So-Called Afro-American Under Grated Privilege or do the Have the Right to Vote?

Here, African-Americans are shown registering to vote in Marion County, Indiana. Even though African-Americans gained the right to vote in 1869, it was a long time before most African-Americans were able to exercise this right. Indianapolis Recorder Photo Collection, Indiana Historical Society

We have this bit of “FYI” running on The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 website for about a year. We decided to repost it, but here on our WordPress site; maybe someone will pay closer attention to this and seek to reeducate themselves about the status of ones citizenship but more importantly one Nationality.      

Many so-called Negro, Black people, Colored folks, and African-American today are still very much under the illusion that they are “FREE American Citizen”. That they however are seen in equal status to others who have the right to vote and to receive all benefits as being an American Citizen. Just in July of 2006 President Bush had to sign the Voting Act Bill to which it give the so-called Afro-American another 25 years in having the privilege to vote before it has to be sign again. There is no other race of people living in the USA who are labeled with “Grated Privileges” as no one other than the Afro-American (Black People) are still consider today as “Property”. This is a sheer lack of ignorance that the Afro-American people rather keep their heads stuck in the sands of ignorance then to raise up in seeking out the answers in liberating themselves from being up under the illusions that they have a Nationality. What if President Bush did not sign the Voting Right Bill?.. It would have cause great question as the answers would not have provided any means of a true solution for the so-called Afro-America people; they would simply have faded away along with all their marching and protesting. The so-called Negro, Black people, Colored folks, and African-American today are under “Granted Privileges”. If you want to learn more about this, we ask that you visited our Temple or contact us.   

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Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens Taking Foreclosed Homes Using Phony Deeds

Georgia Officials, FBI Are Pursuing Anti-Government Citizens Squatting in Bank-Owned Homes

Authorities in Georgia are joining forces to hunt down a burgeoning group of squatters who use anti-government ideology to commandeer bank-owned upscale homes with phony deeds and bogus paperwork.

Many are operating as so-called sovereign citizens — radical-right conservatives who believe that they are exempt from government requirement such as taxes and driver’s licenses. Read more…

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