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Is the So-Called Afro-American Under Grated Privilege or do the Have the Right to Vote?

Here, African-Americans are shown registering to vote in Marion County, Indiana. Even though African-Americans gained the right to vote in 1869, it was a long time before most African-Americans were able to exercise this right. Indianapolis Recorder Photo Collection, Indiana Historical Society

We have this bit of “FYI” running on The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 website for about a year. We decided to repost it, but here on our WordPress site; maybe someone will pay closer attention to this and seek to reeducate themselves about the status of ones citizenship but more importantly one Nationality.      

Many so-called Negro, Black people, Colored folks, and African-American today are still very much under the illusion that they are “FREE American Citizen”. That they however are seen in equal status to others who have the right to vote and to receive all benefits as being an American Citizen. Just in July of 2006 President Bush had to sign the Voting Act Bill to which it give the so-called Afro-American another 25 years in having the privilege to vote before it has to be sign again. There is no other race of people living in the USA who are labeled with “Grated Privileges” as no one other than the Afro-American (Black People) are still consider today as “Property”. This is a sheer lack of ignorance that the Afro-American people rather keep their heads stuck in the sands of ignorance then to raise up in seeking out the answers in liberating themselves from being up under the illusions that they have a Nationality. What if President Bush did not sign the Voting Right Bill?.. It would have cause great question as the answers would not have provided any means of a true solution for the so-called Afro-America people; they would simply have faded away along with all their marching and protesting. The so-called Negro, Black people, Colored folks, and African-American today are under “Granted Privileges”. If you want to learn more about this, we ask that you visited our Temple or contact us.   


7/27/2006 11:27:29 PM ET


President Bush signs H.R. 9, the Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act as Reps. John Conyers and James Sensenbrenner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senators Harry Reid and Bill Frist look on at the White House ceremony on Thursday.

WASHINGTON — President Bush on Thursday signed legislation extending for 25 years the Voting Rights Act, the historic 1965 law which opened polls to millions of black Americans by outlawing racist voting practices
in the South. “Congress has reaffirmed its belief that all men are created equal,” he declared.


Bush signed the bill amid fanfare and before an South Lawn audience that included members of Congress, civil rights leaders and family members of civil rights leaders of the recent past. It was one of a series of high-
profile ceremonies the president is holding to sign popular bills into law.   

The Republican controlled Congress, eager to improve its standing with minorities ahead of the November elections, pushed the bill through even though key provisions were not set to expire until next year. “The right of ordinary men and women to determine their own political future lies at the
heart of the American experiment,” Bush said. He said the Voting Rights Act proposed and signed by then-President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 “broke the segregationist lock on the voting box.”


Later Thursday, Bush is to sign another bill sure to resonate with voters in this congressional election year: legislation establishing a national Internet database designed to let law enforcement and communities know where convicted sex offenders live and work. By contrast, Bush chose to exercise the first veto of his 51/2 years as president in privacy last week, with no audience, no cameras, no reporters. The bill he vetoed would have
expanded federally funded research of  embryonic stem cells, which is opposed by social conservatives but has wide support among the rest of the public.   

White House officials said an open ceremony to veto a bill seemed inappropriate, although other presidents have done just that. Forty
minutes after the Oval Office veto, Bush gave a major address on the issue in the East Room, open to the press and surrounded by families who have “adopted” leftover frozen embryos and used them to bear children.   

In May, Bush took to the South Lawn to sign into law a bill that extended $70 billion in previously passed tax cuts. That package was also seen by Republicans as an opportunity to boost the popularity of the president and the Republican-controlled Congress The South Lawn is hardly a common venue for presidential bill-signings, which usually occur in an office building next to the White House or, for particularly important legislation, in the
East Room. The majestic backyard of the White House is typically reserved for pomp-filled welcoming ceremonies for foreign leaders or large social affairs like the annual Easter egg roll.   

On Wednesday, workers scurried to get the expanse of lawn ready for the Voting Rights Act signing, setting up water stations and a large stage for Bush and the bill’s primary supporters.
The list of some of the 600 expected guests reads like a who’s-who of prominent black leaders and civil rights veterans: the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; friends and relatives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa
Parks; Dorothy Height, the longtime chairwoman of the National Council of Negro Women; and National Urban League head Marc Morial. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, despite its
rocky history with Bush, was sending several representatives, including current president Bruce Gordon, chairman Julian Bond and former head Benjamin Hooks. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have used the occasion of the Voting Rights Act extension to criticize Bush’s administration for politicizing civil rights policy and weakening enforcement of the law’s provisions.   

The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 98-0 and the House 390-33. The overwhelming majorities belied the difficulties getting to that point.   

Some Southern lawmakers rebelled against renewing a law that requires their states to continue to win Justice Department approval before changing any voting rules — punishment, they said, for racist practices that
were overcome long ago. The states whose voting procedures still are overseen by the federal government are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.   

Other conservatives balked at provisions requiring jurisdictions with large populations of non-English-speaking citizens to print ballots in languages other than English.  

MSTA1928—-    What get me is that they included within this article to speak about frozen embryo, Easter egg hunt and other “BS” tidbits for the un-consciously dead. Many questions should have been asked within this article; but it was not. Many So-called Negro, Black, Colored, African-American, Afro-American and the new tat of scorn “New-Negro” has no clue of their citizen status, as they would rather stay clueless because the Truth would make them accountable. The question that should been asked, who would have been affected if Bush did not sign the Voting Act Bill? Why would such a Bill exist if all American Citizens have the Right to Vote? Anything that has to be signed as in giving approval is nothing more but a privilege. It like allowing your child to decide what they want to wear to school; and being that you are the parent that provide the clothing and give your child the privilege to choose you can at anytime take it back.   

Other questions should have been asked is the so-called African –American a Citizen of The federal Government or just a Citizen of the State? And what’s with the tags of scorn ..Yes tags of SCORN!! ..Names given to Slaves by Slaves holders as all these labels deluded into Slavery. What other Nationality and or Race of people who has so many labels to their descriptions that is not attached to a Nation?   

It may just take the “Tea Baggers” to shine light on this issues by bring up the Nationality of Present Obama; as the million dollar question should be “What is the Nationality of the so-called Black People?” 

What’s with Al Sharpton and  Jesse Jackson’ who in the hell made them leaders and where have they lead the so-called “Black People”. I agree 100 percent with Dr. Henry Clark; he said that Black Folks march to damn much all they are doing is wearing out good shoes.    

Fortunately, it is not a question within The Moorish Science Temple of America; Praise Allah he set us his/our Prophet Drew Ali.   

 Always Peace in Knowing who You Are!  



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