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The Moorish Science Temple of America representing the original Grand Body of 1928; has been consistent in preserving the integrity and defending what we love and how we live within our Moorish Islamic Society. We have seen a rash of bazaar events within the News media and Internet hub as attributing The Moorish Science Temple of America to many false ideas and untruthful practice.

It seems when an opinion is given about what The Moorish Science Temple of America is about and what defines a true Moorish America Moslem as asked by the new media or general public; the responses is mainly given those who are NOT Moorish Americans or those who have simply claimed being a Moorish American which is not claiming them back.  Those that are simply unaware have infused The Moorish Science Temple of America as being a contributor to the practice and teaching of this so-called fake Moorish Sovereignty/Indigenous /Aboriginals Movement/ Tax Protesting Anti-Government/ Great Seal/ Right to Road Travel/ Masonic/ Kemetic groups; to which is only being demonstrate by the Deft, Dumb, Blind, Foolish and faint of Heart people who have become clueless in knowing the simple TRUTH. They are simply stuck on stupid in the worst kind of way.

This is why we have sought to create the “Truth Tellers Blog” and  many other varies venues so we can post the TRUTH OUT IN FRONT!!!! for All who have Eyes to See.

So not to bore you with a long dissertation; you may want to get a beverage, a lite snack and sit back while reading over the various posting contributed by REAL Moorish Americans, NOT So REAL Moorish Americans and Even those who went back into the Dark because the Light was just to bright…….Truth is but One!….. Truth will not Change nor Pass Away even if people tend to get off the path…..the Truth Shall Remain.

We will post articles for and about Moorish Americans Moslems  in  defense of  Who We Are and How We Love to Live    to In Perfect Peace in complete Faithfulness to Allah.

Our  Task is to Simply —  Inform, Educate & Uplift….Don’t Hate Cause Were Telling the Truth
It’s on You if you Want the TRUTH! or just simply leave the light by exiting  this site………………..Peace & Blessing

"The MSTA1928"

A Gathering of Moorish American Moslem’s

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