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Islam Meeting The Need of Its People

We had a young Sister in need of help she first went to a city Shelter that was (is) operating under a Christian Church; the young Sister was told that she must attend prayer services before she could be given food and a place to sleep. She explain to those who in charged that she is a Moslem that her faith is Islam. They then told her that it is required that anyone seeking food and or shelter MUST attend a prayer services. The Sister then ask to speak to the director to make her plea; the director informed her that if she is a Moslem and her faith is Islam then it would be best she go to an Islamic shelter to seek help.

The Sister then called The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928; as we not only fed the Sister but seen that she had a place to live which she can then set her plans in motion to get established.

When we help anyone, we can never place upon s/he to attend our religious Services for it would have to be a conscious decision on the person to attend services. There is no compulsion to take up the faith of Islam; this is not forced on anyone seeking help i.e. food and shelter. There is a great need that we provided help to the less fortunate; their should be Islamic shelters in every major city if there is a Mosque or Islamic Temple in a city or township there should be a place where Muslims/Moslems can receives help.

Now this would also bring to mind why should there be such a need for Islamic homeless shelters if the Islamic (Ummah’s) Communities are looking after the wellbeing for its followers. It would seem that any Mosque or Islamic Temple would meet the needs of the less fortunate within the faith of Islam; as we know all to well this is not the case. In many Mosque across the country (here in America) racism and prejudice runs deep; within these Mosques you have clicks such as you will have in just one Mosques a group of Arabs which keep to themselves seldom do they interact with anyone outside of their race.
 Then you have the Pakistan and the Bosnian along with varies African tribes to which they all keep close to their own ethnic group. They all keep within their own little ethnic social circle being under one Mosque all giving salat to the One Creator Allah. However, we see often the so-called African –American quickly and openly wanting to be so much accepted and liken to the Arabs to the point we can see them take up their customs and tradition of the Arabs and call it being and living Islam. Much of the customs and traditions of Arabs have been propagated as being Islam and if you do not follow their way then you are classified as a non-believer.       

 Islam embraces all cultures and costumes it does not take one over the over as being supreme or make one group a dictator of another. Islam comes to remove the ills of a society while maintaining its rich culture and traditions. Allah made us into Tribes and Nations that we recognized one other, and that our understanding there is but One Allah; which that alone should bring us together as one.

In all truth, it should not be anyone within the faith of Islam seeking shelter and food from another house of worship. Every Islamic Temple and Mosque should meet the need of its people.    

You can make a difference and take part in Uplifting Fallen humanity..go to and read about the works that is being done to help others.


Hypocrites and Hostages

2. The tongue of the sincere is rooted in heart; hypocrisy and deceit have no place in his words. (Chp. XXXIV in The HKMSTA)

In this day and age of awareness of the God in Man degree, amongst those who truly strive for righteousness, you’ll find amongst them hidden in the corners the whisperers and backbiters. This is referred to in the Noble Quran of Mecca as flesh-eating. Now among this crowd is an even more, vile enemy. He is called the Hypocrite. Read more…

A Reflection of Allah’s Prophet

A Reflection of Allah’s Prophet

 The thought of Allah was manifested in flesh January 8th, 1886. As a Prophet unaware he for many years was being prepared in mind and character; as a young adult fully unveiled of his Prophethood he appeared before his people as a unique philosopher, a spiritual reformer, a renowned restorer and molder of the pure Islamic faith, Moorish culture and moral concepts, an illustrious religious spokesman, a great leader, a judge of the highest eminence, uncompromising and an incomparable General. This Moorish Moslem sage, spoke with adept learning and wisdom, liken of which none had said before and none could say after him for the concerns of his people in America. He expounded the complex problems of the metaphysics, Islamic philosophy and theology; he taught on the creation of man and mankind, the decline, fall and rise of nations and empires, supporting his thesis with historical and irrefutable facts which has gone unchallenged to date. Read more…

Our Moorish Ramadan (Oct 1st -31st)

I have found since converting to Islam, each year the observation of “Ramadan” sparks many questions. The questions come from those who also observe “Ramadan” and those who do not. Moorish American Moslems do not practice Islam in the same fashion that Muslims practice Islam. This difference causes confusion amongst those who are not Moorish American Moslems. Some of the differences include the fact that we have different Prophets, speak different languages, and practice different cultural traditions. One of my closest friends is Ghanaian American. She is not religious, but her fiancé is Muslim and lives in Ghana, Africa. One of my Jewish co-workers and my closest friend both wished me a happy “Ramadan” season on Thursday, September 13, 2007. My response was thanks but My “Ramadan” hasn’t started yet. This response in both situations opened up a discussion about when and why Moorish American Moslems observe “Ramadan”.  Read more…


During the eighth and ninth centuries A.D., a new emphasis began to develop within the religion of Islam. This emphasis was a reaction against the prevailing impersonal and formal nature of Islam. For many Muslims the shari‘a, while seen as necessary, failed to satisfy their deepest spiritual longings and desires. The search for deeper meaning began with a pietistic asceticism, which in turn led to the development of the popular mystical side of Islam – known as tasawwuf or Sufism. Read more…


There could be no truer statement than a picture being worth more than, not only a thousand, but rather a hundred thousand words. And the more I study and comprehend the more I realize that our Prophet, Drew Ali, had a divinely inspired and vividly clear picture in his mind about how to restore a broken and down trodden Asiatic people who were stripped of everything (history, nationality, morals, creed, culture etc.) that once gave a person’s life in the Moorishly fertile land turned barren for the future generations who were sentenced to endure a perpetual death and mental incarceration in the wilderness of North America. Read more…

Reading is Fundamental Understanding is Not

The Chief Minister Shayhk Ra Saadi El taught a lesson one day and said “Reading is Fundamental Understanding Is Not.” Here in the 1928 Portion of the MSTA we know that just because you read about a subject doesn’t make you an expert in that field. Along with reading you must also study and be taught by those who possess the knowledge, understanding, but most of all the wisdom to guide you and teach you in that particular field. Read more…

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