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Wicked Ideas of the Flesh


To often we are see those claiming to be Moorish American Moslems demonstrating a willful disrespect of the Divine creed giving to us by Allah through our beloved Prophet Drew Ali. It seems those who chosen to attach a foreign and carnal degree of what they believe to be acceptable teachings of Moorish Americans somehow believe they should be left alone to demonstrate a wickedness without being righteously checked.  It is even more disturbing to see how so many Moorish Americans choose to be “Yes and No” at the same time in favor of whatever flavor it being presented.

Which is just a mere show of those to afraid,  fearful and cowardly in speaking out against the wilfully wrong because they don’t want to lose being seen favorable in the eyes of the wicked and the righteous. In Islam the truth has NO feelings nor concerns with how a person perceive the truth, if your wrong your wrong. There is only but One God  whom we as Moslems call Allah the goddess degree is not a teaching of my beloved Prophet Drew Ali , as my Prophet gave us lessons about following false gods ” That every nation shall and must worship under their own vine and fig tree, and return to their own and be one with their Father God-Allah.”

For any Sisters claiming to be a Moorish America and would wilfully place a picture of a woman spreading her legs to insight some carnal idea that her vaginal opening is the gateway to power and control over men has truly abandoned the moral and the virtuous nature of womanhood taught in Islam. Please show where our beloved Prophet Drew Ali taught such a carnal degree of the flesh showing  Sister abandoning all her common sense and nature of self.  However, when we see those likened to the  spirit of John the Baptist unafraid to speak out against those likened to the Whores of Babylon, they are suddenly ridiculed by naysayers who are fearful of defending and protecting the integrity of the Moorish Science Temple against the wicked immorality teachings of some false goddess degree.

What about the teachings of our beloved Prophet Drew Ali; “It is not in flesh to think; it is not in bones to reason”; as this verse alone cancel out anything relating to the “Power of the Punany”. What happened to Moorish American Sisters holding up teachings of virtue,”Lo! Yonder she walketh in maiden sweetness, with innocence in her mind, and modesty on her cheek”; nothing in the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali speaks to the flesh, but how we are to raise above fleshly things. It is the spirit within any true Moslem that seeks to master the flesh by raising the mind to a higher degree of doing, thinking and being.


What about the answers to these questions remaining dormant by many well spoken and publicly known Moorish American Moslems.

Why are So Many Moorish Americans rushing to defend those who will publicly defame the Prophet teachings?

Why are So many Moorish Americans comfortable being a living contradiction by supporting Right and Wrong?

Why are some Moorish American Sisters holding up a foreign false goddess degree of the flesh?

Why are SO MANY Moorish Americans offended by the Truth?

Why are Some Moorish Americans in support of changing the prescribe Divine teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali?


No matter what you think of Shaykh Ra Saadi El if not for him the true history of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali would remain dormant and mangled. He has the spirit of a true Warrior Sheik,  unafraid and unconcerned about the weak babble of others defending piss poor position giving no support of truth. It is a feeling of true comfort knowing a Moorish America Moslem like Shaykh Ra Saadi El will place his very life on the line in defending what he holds dear in protecting and defending our beloved Prophet Drew Ali teachings and his Moorish Islamic community. In the same degree there are others, Moorish American Moslems and Supporters who will not only take a bullet for this Moslem but will also give one in his defense, for the only wrath that any Moslem fear is from Allah. Shaykh Ra Saadi El life has always been a open book he is not held a slave to his past sins which is why he speak so boldly without fear because he truly fears No Man (Women goddess), Beast or Thing..again…let it be clearly understood without brevity or ambivalent……the only Wrath which any Moslem fears is ONLY from Allah.

As it is written in the Divine warning written by Prophet Drew Ali which is read after every Holy Day services in all Moorish Science Temples of America,  that we are to defend our Prophet and this Movement by the utmost of our very lives, this will include an occasional cursing out the pretended wise and those who seek to destroy the foundation of the Divine Laws and teaching of Prophet Drew Ali. So why should anyone be offended by a true soldier defending the faith, unless it is the ones the Prophet is referring to that seeks to drag out the true foundation of this divine movement. Only the guilty who seek to hide amongst the righteous will often speak the loudest in defending a piss poor position not realizing they have only blundered into the light. No person in history that stood toe to toe with the foes of truth has ever been seen favorable and accepted by the majority,  Truth tellers seldom have fame, fortune and friends….you will generally see only the handful of the truth and faithful cheering them on. Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about having only a handful of true and faithful that he can could count on one hand, having fingers leftover;  yet our beloved Prophet had over a hundred thousand members. Like it or not it seems as if Shaykh Ra Saadi El is a reflection of Truth tellers according to history. Over 40 years in the Moorish Science Temple of America,  please don’t even think for a minute there is a stopping method in preventing a soldier of Allah from defending and demonstrating.  As for the social networks the only power anyone has within these arena (given by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) is to simply unfriend, delete or band and simply continue to go about your business, otherwise (feel free to fill in the blank at your own risk).


In closing….Before jumping on the bandwagon of those claiming to be Moorish American Moslems, perhaps closely investigating the load they are pulling may prove to be wise or you may find yourself supporting a load of BS to the tune of false goddess degree, assortments of others trinkets of foolishness, sound bytes and ear candy.


May those who truly respect Love of One God Allah, the Truth no matter how stern or harsh it is delivered, Peace in knowing that we have defenders of the faith of Islam and if all fail knowing that Justice will surely prevail. May Allah be pleased with all your Good.


Peace and Love in Praises to Allah!

Grand Governess Yssis Saadi El

Syracuse’s Moorish Science Temple of America is one of 15 chapters in nation









By Renée K. Gadoua, The Post-Standard on July 26, 2011 at 7:05 PM, updated July 27, 2011 at 7:27 PM Editors’ note: This story was originally published on Feb. 22, 2008.​

Syracuse, NY — Jakada Makkah Bey begins Friday prayer services for Syracuse’s Moorish Science Temple of America by raising all five fingers on his left hand and two on his right.

“Seven is a perfect number, ” he says. “Our goal is to perfect our ways. Our ultimate goal is to be at peace.”

Bey is the spiritual leader – referred to as governor or sheik – of Moorish Science Temple No. 4, which has met in Syracuse since 2001.

The group is one of 15 Moorish Science temples in the country, said Chief Minister Ra Saadi El, who is based in Atlanta. The Syracuse group attracts as many as 20 people to its Friday services, Bey said. There are about 200 members nationwide in the group known as the Moorish Temple of America (1928 Portion), officials said.

The sect is considered the oldest African-American Islamic group in America, founded in 1913 by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

“Our core belief is there is no God but Allah and Prophet Drew Ali is his prophet in these days, ” Bey said. “He is the prophet sent to us to alleviate the ills of the Asiatic people. He is the savior of the world.”

Other Muslims consider Muhammad their prophet. Muhammad is said to have received the Quran, the Islamic holy book, through the angel Gabriel in the seventh century. Members of the Moorish Temple follow a version of the Quran attributed to Ali.

Beginning around 1913, Ali taught that blacks are descendants of the Moors and their return to Islam will redeem them from racial oppression. He taught that people brought to America as slaves were denied their names, religious practice and culture.

Moorish Temple members often wear fezzes or turbans and add “Bey” or “El” to their names as signs of their Moorish heritage.

Ali was born in 1886 and died in 1929. Biographical accounts differ. One describes him as the son of former slaves; another says his father was Moroccan and his mother Cherokee.

Ali was influenced by Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican black nationalist, and his Universal Negro Improvement Association. When Ali died in 1929, Wallace D. Fard became a leader of the movement, which splintered into several groups. Fard, also known as Wallace Fard Muhammad, founded the Nation of Islam in 1930.

2011-07-27-ap-moorish-science2.JPGView full sizeLauren Long / The Post-StandardJakada Makkah Bey leads a local Moorish Science Temple of America group that meets weekly in downtown Syracuse.

El said Moorish Science Temple members pay dues, follow the religion’s precepts, pray and fast. “You must be mindful. You must be respectful to others and to the government, ” he said. “We give everybody a fair shake regardless of race, creed, gender or whatever. We’re friendly to anyone who is friendly to us.”

Robert L. Harris, professor of African-American history at Cornell University, said the Moorish Science Temple of America was considered radical in the 1920s and’30s. “In that day, they sought to differentiate from people who had a slave mentality, ” he said. “They were considered quite rebellious. I don’t think they are viewed in that way today.”

The group is neither very visible nor influential, he said. “They are earnest people who are proud of their heritage, ” he said. “This is a variant of Islam.”

On a recent Friday, Bey preached to three adults and one child in the storefront of a kung fu studio on West Onondaga Street in Syracuse. “Islam, ” he said, explaining later that the group interprets the word to mean “peace.”

“Islam, ” the group responded.

“We give honor to Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, ” Bey said.

“We give honor to Marcus Garvey, ” he said.

“Love, truth, peace, freedom and justice must be proclaimed, ” he said.

For nearly an hour, Bey read from texts of the Moorish Temple and talked about topics including characteristics of Muslims (the group prefers the spelling “Moslem”), scientific and cultural contributions of Muslims, and similarities between Islam and other religious traditions.

“We take joy in walking the straight path, ” he said. “It’s a hard path. We take joy in following the path of our father and the tenets of our national creed.” As he spoke, his eyes often focused on photos of Drew Ali on the wall.

Shante Harris El joined the Moorish Temple in 2005. “The teachings of nationality and how they relate to the prophet drew me, ” she said. “You need to know your nationality to connect with your God.”

Her parents are Christian, she said. “This was definitely where I felt at home, ” she said.

Bey said up to 20 people attend Friday services; about eight people were at a Jan. 8 celebration of Ali’s birthday.

Bey volunteers at Auburn Correctional Facility and teaches for the University of the Muslim Science Temple of America, an online and correspondence school. He wouldn’t say how much he earns but said he ministers and teaches full time.

El, the chief minister, said Bey’s job is to set an example and build up the Moorish community. “A true Moorish American way of life is worship, ” he said. “Everything we do is a consciousness that we are serving God and making the world better.”

I AM NOT CRAZY I’M A Moorish American!!




LILIANA ARRAMBIDE, Defendant-Appellant.

No. 10-3535.

United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit.

Submitted March 28, 2012.

Decided April 3, 2012.

Before FRANK H. EASTERBROOK, Chief Judge, RICHARD A. POSNER and DIANE S. SYKES, Circuit Judges.

To be cited only in accordance with Fed. R. App. P. 32.1.
Liliana Arrambide pleaded guilty to one count of maintaining a house for the purpose of distributing controlled substances. See 21 U.S.C. § 856(a)(1). She was sentenced to 108 months’ imprisonment and two years’ supervised release. She filed a notice of appeal, but her appointed counsel contends that the appeal is frivolous and seeks permission to withdraw under Anders v. California, 386 U.S. 738 (1967). Arrambide did not respond to counsel’s motion to withdraw. See CIR. R. 51(b). We confine our review to the potential issues identified in counsel’s facially adequate brief. See United States v. Schuh, 289 F.3d 968, 973-74 (7th Cir. 2002).
As part of her plea agreement, Arrambide admitted that she allowed drug trafficker Lutgardo Chavez, Jr., and his accomplices to use her home for the storage and preparation for sale of the controlled substances cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. She stipulated that her crime involved 92 kilograms of cocaine and 4.5 kilograms of fentanyl. The probation officer calculated her guidelines imprisonment range at 108 to 135 months based on her criminal history category of I and total offense level of 31 (which reflects a base offense level of 33, see U.S.S.G. § 2D1.1(a)(3)(B)(ii), (c)(2) (2008), with reductions of two levels each for the “safety valve,” 18 U.S.C. § 3553(f); U.S.S.G. § 2D1.1(b)(11) (2008), and for being a minor participant in the offense, id. § 2B1.2(b), plus a two-level increase for obstructing justice by flushing some of the drugs down the toilet, id. § 3C1.1).
Before sentencing, Arrambide invoked her right to self-representation. See Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806 (1975). The district court found that she was competent to represent herself but tried to discourage her from doing so by describing the pitfalls of going pro se. Arrambide was unmoved. At sentencing she made just one argument: Because she belongs to the Moorish Science Temple of America—a religious organization that teaches that United States courts do not have jurisdiction over its members—the district judge lacked the power to sentence her. The court rejected this contention and encouraged her to argue for a particular sentence or to ask for leniency, but she declined.
In his Anders submission, appellate counsel briefly discusses Arrambide’s guilty plea but notes that she does not want to challenge the plea on appeal. Thus counsel appropriately refrains from discussing the adequacy of the plea colloquy or the voluntariness of the plea. See United States v. Knox, 287 F.3d 667, 671-72 (7th Cir. 2002).
Counsel does address whether Arrambide could raise a nonfrivolous challenge to her prison sentence but concludes that the answer is no. We agree. Counsel has not identified any potential error in the guidelines calculations, all of which Arrambide agreed to as part of her plea agreement. (The district court applied the 2008 guidelines rather than the 2009 guidelines, which were in effect when Arrambide was sentenced, but the oversight was harmless because the relevant provisions were not amended by the 2009 guidelines, though some section numbers were changed.See United States v. Viemont, 91 F.3d 946, 948 n.4 (7th Cir. 1996).) Arrambide’s sentence of 108 months falls at the bottom of the imprisonment range and enjoys a presumption of reasonableness, see Rita v. United States, 551 U.S. 338, 350-51 (2007); United States v. Hurn, 496 F.3d 784, 790 (7th Cir. 2007). Counsel has not found any basis to challenge that presumption.

We GRANT counsel’s motion to withdraw and DISMISS the appeal.

Fake Moorish Scientists Driving Courts Nuts

Fake Moorish Scientists Driving Courts Nuts

Saying you follow the Moorish Science faithhas become the new “I’m 1/16th Cherokee,” at least among financial fraudsters. All across our great, greedy nation, people are falsely claiming Moorish Scientist status in order to file phony legal documents, avoid paying taxes, and declare one’s self above the law, among other illegal things.

Why do the fake Moorish Scientists believe such tactics will work in their favor? Apparently because it sometimes does work, or at least does them no harm; some states don’t recognize filing fake documents as a crime. And many jurisdictions are legally required to file their phony papers, even if the content of such documents is, as ABC reports, “often outlandish and includes strange punctuation and capitalization or lengthy digressions about the 14th Amendment, the Constitution or maritime law.”

Strange punctuation? Rambling screeds about the Constitution? If this all sounds suspiciously Tea-Partyesque, well, you might not be off the mark:

“These are people who engage in the most bizarre leaps of logic. They literally believe that if you lowercase the ‘u’ in the phrase United States, you will break the bonds of government tyranny and become a free man,” said [Mark] Potok, [an] expert with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Unsurprisingly, for-real Moorish Scientists aren’t very pleased by their sudden popularity with the fakester crowd. In a statement to the Charlotte Observer newspaper, the Moorish Science Temple of America—which is based in Charlotte—rails against all the recent crime-oriented trademark dilution afflicting their tiny, somewhat splintered sect, founded in 1913 by North Carolina native Timothy Drew:

“Today, some people are under the misconception and erroneous notion that the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. is a place where one can learn how to forgo their civic duty paying taxes … and assert their so-called sovereignty,” the statement said. “We assertively declare that the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. is in no form or fashion a Sovereign Citizen Movement or a Tax Protestor Movement; consequently, our teachings are diametrically opposed to that ideology.”

Fake Moorish Scientists Driving Courts NutsWhat do Moorish Scientists believe in, if not wildly distorted interpretations of the Constitution? One belief that followerssubscribe to is that African-Americans are descendants of “Asiatic Moors” or Moroccans; members commonly add either “Bey” or “El” to their last names to denote their heritage. Their holy book, the Holy Koran (also called the Circle 7 Koran), follows a set of principles heavily influenced by Islam but also drawing from other faiths. Temple leaders like Charlotte-based Christopher Bennett-Bey, pictured above, go by the job title “grand sheikh” and, like other Moorish Scientist men, wear fezzes; women wear turbans.

If your crazy uncle who stockpiles ammunition in his basement starts wearing a fez on Tax Day instead of a Paul Revere hat, at least now you’ll know why.

[ABC NewsCharlotte ObserverImage of Christopher Bennett-Bey via AP]

Moorish defense fails in court

Frank Gray

About a year ago, we wrote about a group of people who were filing documents at the county recorder’s office declaring that they were Moors and giving themselves new names.

The documents they filed proclaimed that as Moors, they had ancestors who were natives of northern Africa and that they had settled places like Atlantis and even North, South and Central America in ancient times. That said, the people filing these documents claimed that as Moors, they were not subject to the laws of the United States, Indiana, or any city or county.

On the surface, that sounds like a handy way to get out of a charge of driving without a license, drunken driving and so on, but it doesn’t really work that way.

As County Recorder John McGauley explained it, you can record anything, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

The rate of people recording declarations that they are Moors has diminished somewhat. Once every couple of weeks, someone will come into McGauley’s office and record the standard set of Moorish proclamations.

Perhaps that is because, as some have found out, you can’t declare yourself immune from laws.

Take the case of one man who was arrested for driving while intoxicated last September. It isn’t clear whether he used the argument that he was a Moor, but various documents show that he declared himself a Moor last November, a couple of months after being arrested and about a month before appearing in court. A summary of his case showed only that he pleaded not guilty and asked for a jury trial, then was arrested on a warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing. A couple of days later, the man appeared in court, pleaded guilty and was released. Later, his license was suspended, and he was placed on probation.

In February, though, the man filed a federal lawsuit claiming his constitutional rights had been violated and the ticket he got was unconstitutional, demanding that anyone involved in his case be recused from office, and seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages and $75,000 in punitive damages each against the state, the Allen Superior Court, something called the centralized infractions bureau and the officers who arrested him.

As supporting documentation were attached several pages of Moorish rigmarole. It is a curious claim, that a person who says he is not governed by the laws of the land would claim he had been denied his constitutional rights as guaranteed by the law of the land.

I was curious, though, how the federal court, which is not a place to play games, would respond to such a suit.

The court responded in a patient, even kind way. In a three-page order, the judge explained that complaints must contain factual matter, accepted as true, to ask for plausible relief.

The order, which noted that the filing was largely incomprehensible boilerplate, said the complaint was not presented in appropriate form and that the court could dismiss the case. It also noted that the complainant had not paid the filing fee among other failings. The judge ordered the clerk to send the complainant several blank forms needed to properly file a suit, and even a petition asking to be excused from having to pay the filing fee. The man was given until March 27 to refile, after which the suit would be dismissed.

To me – a person who tries to avoid getting mixed up in federal court matters – it seemed to be a kind, patient response to nonsense.

We’ll have to wait until March 27 to see what happens next.

Bootleg Moors at it Again!!

(Bootleg Moors at it Again; Maybe Jail time and stiff financial finds will cause these fake Moors to rethink their poor position)

Appleton man cites religious reasons for renting out property he didn’t own

Made sham property deed and acted as landlord

The first case of criminal property fraud in Winnebago County since at least 2005 began last year when clerks in the Register of Deeds office noticed an unusual deed filed in July by an Appleton man for a residential property in Neenah.

The document, in which Appleton resident Erik Hudson claimed to transfer ownership of property at 312 E. Cecil St. to the Moorish Science Temple of America, also contained pages outlining the religious beliefs of the temple, which is based in Washington, D.C..

That aroused suspicion, which led to the discovery that Anchor Bank had purchased the property in a January 2011 sheriff’s auction and Hudson had no legal claim to it.

Hudson, who also uses the name Kabir Karim Bey, was charged in October with criminal slander of title, which carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine. In its criminal complaint, the state of Wisconsin claims that the deed Hudson filled out is “false, a sham, and frivolous.”

After filing the bogus deed, Hudson began to rent the property to a Neenah woman, according to Winnebago County Circuit Court records.

Court documents filed in October state that Hudson, who claims to be a representative of the Moorish Science Temple of America, “admitted he had filed the document, and had various unusual political and legal theories that he believed supported his conduct.”

Among these theories is Hudson’s belief that “the Americas” are under possession of the Moorish Science Temple of America and that the church has lawful authority to exercise this jurisdiction through its members, including missionaries, Grand Sheikhs and sheikesses.

Hudson in November asked for the “alleged criminal case” to be dismissed because, he claimed, the court isn’t actually a court, but instead is “a tribunal operated as a private corporation.” That request was refused and he is scheduled for trial on the criminal charge on March 27.

The case is also the subject of a civil suit filed by Anchor Bank against Hudson, the tenant and the Moorish Science Temple of America.

In an Nov. 17 answer to the bank’s civil suit, officials from The Moorish Science Temple of America said they knew nothing about Hudson’s actions or the Cecil Street property, and agreed that the church is not the lawful owner of the property.

The Sovereigns: Leaders of the Movement (Caveat Emptor)

The leadership of the “sovereign citizens” movement is populated with men who market a variety of generally nonsensical, and often illegal, schemes to avoid taxes, eliminate debts and extract money from the government. Many of these leaders specialize in the so-called “redemption” scam, a bizarre technique that supposedly allows participants to tap into huge amounts of cash that the government is thought to keep in their name. What follows are short profiles of a dozen of these leaders. The leaders’ websites are listed under their names.

Barton Albert Buhtz, 70
Sunland, Calif. 
For years, Barton Buhtz, who styles himself “Barton Albert: Buhtz” in the peculiar punctuation of the sovereign citizens movement, promoted a redemption scheme that taught clients how to print fraudulent U.S. Treasury checks to pay their taxes, purchase real estate, and pay credit card and other bills. This was a variation of a scheme attempted by members of the Montana Freemen, a sovereign citizens group that was active in the 1990s. Buhtz promised clients that the fake checks were a legal means of accessing a secret Treasury account that the government has set up based on every American’s future earnings. While Buhtz claimed the phony checks can purchase anything, he personally only accepted cash as payment for his seminars and services. In 2007, Buhtz was convicted on multiple felony counts for helping clients pass a total of $3.8 million in phony checks, and in 2009 he was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison. He is set to be released in 2012. A number of his former clients are currently either in prison or fighting criminal charges.

Samuel Lynn Davis, 55
Boise, Idaho
Samuel Lynn Davis, who goes by the nickname “I am: Sam,” is one of the more popular redemption seminar hosts in the country, and dozens of his seminar videos have been uploaded to In addition to the websites listed above, Davis shares Web space with other key redemption gurus (including, until his death, Jerry Kane) at In his seminars, he boasts that he hasn’t filed a tax return since 1998 but doesn’t disclose that he currently has $53,000 in outstanding state and federal tax liens. Davis is one of the elders in the Guardians of the Free Republics, a sovereign group that claims to have recently set up “common-law courts” in all 50 states. On March 3, 2009, Davis and his common-law court partner “Rabbi” Shawn Rice were indicted in federal court on 31 counts of bank fraud and money laundering. Rice remained a fugitive at press time. Despite his upcoming trial in Las Vegas, Davis has advised his clients that everything is going as planned.

Ronald Delorme, 64
Bismark, N.D.
Ronald Delorme is the leader of one of the newest and most prolific sovereign schemes to hit the U.S., a phony Native American tribe called The Little Shell Pembina Band of North America. Delorme claims that an enormous land parcel totaling 53 million acres (most of North Dakota plus portions of South Dakota, Montana, and Manitoba) belongs to the sovereign tribe, and anyone who pays the fee can become a member. In effect, the tribe offers one-stop-shopping for the modern sovereign — freedom from taxes, a tribal license plate, a phony law license, even fake malpractice and automobile insurance. The faux tribe also advises members on how to pass counterfeit checks and avoid falling into the jurisdiction of the American courts. “Rabbi” Shawn Rice, fugitive co-defendant of Samuel Davis, is a member of this tribe. In 2007, a Little Shell subsidiary called Gold-Quest was charged with running a $27.9 million Ponzi scheme. The tribe responded by filing a $1.7 trillion lawsuit against the SEC.

Nature El Bey, 33
Taj Tarik Bey
Asbury Park, N.J. 
“Lord Nobles” Taj Tarik Bey (real name and age unknown) and Nature El Bey (formerly known as Lee S. Crudup) are two of the leaders of a rapidly growing black nationalist religious movement called Moorish Science Temple of America — part of the larger and expanding phenomenon of black sovereign groups. The group considers itself sovereign in that it counsels followers to pay taxes to the temple, rather than to the IRS. Like other sovereigns, members do not carry state-issued driver’s licenses (but instead use temple identification cards) and, when charged with crimes, consider themselves to be outside the jurisdiction of any federal, state, or local court. The group markets itself primarily through booklets and videos posted on YouTube, and its sovereign schemes have been spreading rapidly in the last two or three years through the nation’s urban neighborhoods and prison system.

Roger Elvick, 71
Lakota, N.D. 
In the 1980s, Roger Elvick was the first promoter to effectively distribute a redemption scheme to an eager and desperate audience of Midwest farmers, and he is generally acknowledged as the founding father of the modern redemption movement. While phony Federal Reserve checks and similar programs had been used earlier by far-right promoters Tupper Saussy and Conrad LeBeau, Elvick and the late white supremacist leader William Potter Gale were the first to dress up the scam with the legalistic terminology that now characterizes the sovereign citizens movement and sovereign redemption techniques. As a result of issuing such checks, Elvick spent seven years in the 1990s in federal prison, where he further fleshed out his scheme. In 2003, he was arrested again by the state of Ohio and charged with forgery, extortion, and corruption. The judge found him mentally unfit to stand trial, and he spent several months in a psychiatric institution before pleading guilty to the state charges. Elvick was released from prison in September 2007.

Kurt F. Johnson, 47
Dale Scott Heineman, 50
Union City, Calif.
In just a few short years, Kurt Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman grew a tiny redemption-based debt elimination practice into the largest mortgage-elimination firm in the country, the Dorean Group, with thousands of clients in at least 35 states. They promised followers who were about to lose their homes to foreclosure that they could own the home free and clear by simply transferring the property to a trust controlled by the Dorean Group. Dorean would then file a fake grant deed with the county recorder and in the short time when it appeared in the record that the home was debt-free, the client would apply for a new loan and split the proceeds with promoters. Johnson, Heineman and four other salespeople in their thriving company were convicted on multiple felony counts in 2007. Johnson is currently serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison, while Heineman is serving 21 years.

David Wynn Miller, 61
Milwaukee, Wisc.
A former tool-and-die maker, the man who writes his name as “:David-Wynn: Miller” — or, as he amusingly says it verbally, “David hyphen Wynn full colon Miller” — came up with his “truth language” scheme as a result of a frustrating court experience in 1988, when he was going through a divorce. In short, all truth language sentences used in court filings must begin with the preposition “for,” contain at least 13 words, and use more nouns than verbs to be effective (he has claimed that only nouns have legal authority). David Wynn Miller considers himself a “Plenipotentiary Judge” in the Unity States of the World, and has named himself as the King of Hawaii, a feat he claims he accomplished when he converted Hawaii into a verb. Needless to say, Full Colon Miller’s clients have fared poorly in both civil and criminal courts, and at least one client has been required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Miller is one of the few sovereign gurus that can say he has clients in four different countries currently serving prison sentences. Despite these failures, Miller’s exotic punctuation scheme is rapidly growing.

Read more…

12 ‘sovereign citizens’ indicted |

12 ‘sovereign citizens’ indicted  |

Is Crazy The NEW Norm?….(There more to this madness)

The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 that represents the original Grand Body of 1928 we continue to stand as the vanguards of this Divine Movement in exposing the folly and foolishness of those who wish to imposter themselves as being REAL Moorish Americans. This is NOT!! the teachings nor practices of those who are Moorish American Moslems in being a REAL Active Member within a REAL Temple.  So again we give you the insane straight from the twilight zone.   


 An Easton woman wants to be her own nation — and not pay taxes.

Through a serious of documents, Fabiola Is Ra El Bey declares herself an indigenous natural woman – Fabiola Is Ra El Bey of Aspetuck Quinnehtukqut Territory — and declares her land “free from encumbrances” and “forever exempt from levy.”

Which basically means free of taxes.

As the Daily Easton reported, it’s a bit complicated.

Town records show that Bey sold her house and land to ”the Moorish Holy Temple of Science/Free.” Then, for $21 in “minted U.S. silver coins,” the temple and Sundry Moorish Science Temple of America granted Bey the right to the “indigenous real property located on the Creator’s earth.”

Documents she filed with the town say she  filed for sovereignty status with the federal government. But, she still uses U.S. money and documents because it’s convenient, the Daily Easton reports. They tried, but were unable to reach Bey.

What this will actually mean come time to send out property tax bills is not clear, but a Florida couple seceded in 2008, and that did not work out the way they planned. The state’s attorney general sued them and they lost, reports

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own country? Easton resident Fabiola Is Ra El Bey wondered, and took it a step further. Fourteen steps further, to be exact.

Easton records indicate that Bey filed for sovereignty status with the federal government. It’s similar to what American Indians have – a tax-free, independent nation within U.S. jurisdiction.

How is that possible? It’s complicated, to say the least. Bey claimed her Moorish rights to basically secede from the country. Bey belongs to the Moorish Science Temple, a heterodox Islamic sect founded in 1913 by prophet Noble Drew Ali. In her application, Bey states that “being Moorish American, we have and possess the internationally recognized Rights to determine our own ‘Status of the State’…”

Her application reads like a fiction novel written by a gaggle of lawyers. She states that she uses American currency, bank accounts, a social security number, a drivers license and other everyday minutia “to avoid extreme inconvenience. … were there an alternative, I would be happy to use it.” 

According to Easton records, Bey’s property is called “Is Ra El Bey of Aspetuck Quinnehtukqut Territory Fabiola.” (‘Quinnehtukqut’ being the etymological mother of ‘Connecticut,’ meaning ‘beside the long tidal river.’)

One Easton resident said that he thinks Bey’s plan is to avoid taxes. Bey’s house is reportedly under foreclosure, and she is also suing the collections law firm, Hunt Leibert Jacobson. Should she be granted sovereign status, she may be able to keep her home.

Perhaps this is America’s solution to home foreclosures – new countries for everyone. “I hope she gets away with it,” said an Easton man, who wished to go unnamed. “Let’s wait and see.”

Repeated attempts to contact Bey and Hunt Leibert Jacobson were unsuccessful

The Madness Continues

(Our reason in posting such foolishness is to make those who seek the Truth aware of those who seek to hold up a Lie; these stories in the News about UCC, Moorish sovereignty  not paying taxes and so on has nothing to do with the teaching and practices of REAL Moorish American Moslems who are Real Members with a REAL Moorish Science Temple of America. We ask that you contact a REAL Moorish Science of America and if you have questions about which Temple is REAL call us Toll Free 888.361.2499)

NORFOLK, Va., Dec. 5 (UPI) — A Virginia man says he should be released from the prison where he’s serving time for shooting a man in a fight because he’s a Moor and not a U.S. citizen.

Joseph Beale, now known as Josep-El Bey, says he follows the teaching of the Moorish American religion and should be granted special rights, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Sunday.

The Moorish Science Temple of America, a black-empowerment movement founded nearly a century ago, has drawn attention from legal authorities for courtroom disruptions, unconventional legal arguments and animosity toward the legal system, the newspaper said.

Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk George Schaefer says documents from Moor temples claiming new rights and immunity for members as foreign citizens are often frivolous.

“Filing something in the 4th District Circuit Court does not overturn the U.S. Constitution,” Schaefer said.

The Moorish Science Temple of America was founded in 1925, based on Islamic teachings and the Koran. A central belief is that Moors are not U.S. citizens, but descendants of a Moroccan tribe born in America.

Moors claim exemption from paying traffic tickets, holding driver’s licenses and adhering to state law.

Bey, convicted of unlawful wounding and use of a firearm during a July 2009 attack, filed a motion in September claiming Moorish immunity.

“I just want to be recognized,” Bey said in a prison interview. “If I’m released early, fine, cool.”

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