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Is your Journey mapped to the direction of Truth? 08/25 by ISLAM IN AMERICA | Spirituality Podcasts

Is your Journey mapped to the direction of Truth? 08/25 by ISLAM IN AMERICA | Spirituality Podcasts.

The MSTA-1928 Official Press Release as of August 4th, 2013


Submitted Court Case of
Saadi El vs The State of North Carolina Department of Corrections &
The M.S.T of A. Inc / R. Jones Bey

Georgia Northern District Court

Case Number 1:2013cv02377 Filed July 17th, 2013

Atlanta Georgia/ USA

Date: August 4th, 2013 

Islam and Greeting to all whom this may now concern;

A wise man once wrote “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation”

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the Moorish Science Temple of American. 100 years ago our Holy Prophet brought a solution to the negro problem here in American, a solution if properly implemented, He stated would make the United State one of the riches most prosperous countries in the world and if not the worst is yet to come. We the Grand Body of the M.S.T. of A -1928 portion can no longer extend my hand in Islam to those who have repeatedly rejected it and have sided with the enemy.

For this reason we have decided to seek legal recourse to address an epidemic that has swept across this country. This epidemic of false teaching, false documentation has hijacked the Moorish Science Temple of American and we will not allow it to continue on our watch.

And so it is with much regret, due to the unwillingness of Bro. R. Jone-Bey of The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc., to work together, that The Moorish Science Temple of American-1928 portion, find it necessary to exact legal remedies against those that

we would rather work with for the common good. Since the pasting of our beloved Prophet Noble Drew Ali, The M.S.T of A. Inc., has become the self-appointed lawful representative of this Holy and Divine Movement, which our Prophet declared a nation. This self-appointed representative has not lived up to the charge left by our prophet, which is to protect Him and the Temple.

This self-appointed representative has not fulfill the obligation placed upon all Moorish American, by the law, which is to teach our people their nationality and their divine creed. Nor has this self-appointed representative lived up to the authority vested in this nation, to appoint and consecrate missionaries to establish the faith of Mohammed here in America. While they have not found the time, willingness, or courage to live up to the any of the laws and instructions handed down by the Holy Prophet, they have found the effort to stand in the way those willing and able to continue the work of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

There have been earnest efforts made to work those that we considered to be true Moorish American, to find common grounds and to put aside any piety differences, to work together in order to extend the teaching of the Great Prophet Ali here in America. Instead of accepting the outstretch hand of Islam they ( The M.S.T of A. Inc.) have decided to stand as an opposition to the truth. While standing idly by they have allowed so-called Moorish Sovereigns, Moorish Empress, Moorish Nationals etc. to go across this country and spread lies about the teaching of our Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

While at the same time they attack others for speaking out against these impostors  Bro. Ra Saadi El, trying desperately to keep intact the principals of our Holy Covenant, has reached out to men such as Braswell-Bey, R. Jones-Bey and others, only to have them attempt to take him to court or to block him from extending his prison ministry. Lies have been told against him to various state governments that he teaches sovereignty and that he and his body of followers are anti-government.

For years efforts have been made to work with these men and others to establish a Moorish Counsel in order to bring about true unity with true Moors. Nevertheless they have chosen to unify with bootleggers that have not only changed the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, but have gone as far as threatening a foreign the country such as Canada. They have chosen to unify with individual that indulge in the practice of filing false documents in courts, which has now brought about the term “paper terrorist’ being linked with true Moorish

American. Making it now impossible for true Moorish Documents to be recognize in any court of law and among state and federal agencies.

They have link themselves with liars and thieves, those that have proven themselves to be unworthy of being called a Moorish American and have elected to fight against the truth. With this court case, we say to R. Jones-Bey and those associated with him, your time of self-appointment, over the Moorish Nation, has come to an end.

With the filing of this lawsuit and with a clear and decisive court decision, we are certain a final resolution to the question of who, and what make a person a True Moorish American will be settled. Those that are seekers of the truth will now know that you do not have to pay for your nationality, or file papers in court to prove you are a Moor.

They will now know that driving without a license, not paying taxes, not having auto insurance or a lawful registration of your automobile, is in no way association with the teachings of The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. They will know that the purpose of the Temple is to teach our people to be better citizen and to adhere to the constitution as Prophet Noble Drew Ali stated.

The goal of this law suit is to remove all doubt as to what the Moorish Science Temple of American stands for and teaches. The Moorish Science Temple of America stands for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, The Moorish Science Temple of America teaches that there is no God but God and The Moorish Science temple of America is here to invite our people to Islam .

Peace and Love, Praise Allah

Sheik Alii Ben Bey/ National Spokesman for
The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928
P.O.Box 161968 Atlanta GA 30321
Ph. 888.361.2499
Fax. 888.361.2499


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