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From Student to Leader

11094690_1194323830593156_2969902095775831100_nShaykh Ra Saadi El was appointed into the position of the 5th Supreme Grand Sheik of The Moorish Science Temple of America in October of 2010. As a native of Chicago Illinois born in the early 50’s, he grew up experiencing the struggles of being label “Black” in America. As a young man living on the Southside of Chicago the only real strength, loyalty and nationhood he knew was while a member in the Black P. Stone Nation; in later years it was renamed EL-Rukn lead by Iman Malik (Jeff Fort). As a young man membership into a gang was like a rite of passage in becoming a soldier of circumstance. However; it would take its toll on Ra El with multiple arrests that subsequently led to multiple prison sentence. It was during a stay in the Cook County Jail is where Ra El would finally meet his destiny.

After finding no understanding with time spent studying as a Five Percenter, then with the  Nation of Islam and Sunni Islam; Ra El would finally be introduced to The Moorish Science Temple of America through Bro. Danny Lord El. Bro. Danny El was a member of the Temple located at 957 East 75st in Chicago; it took Danny El all but fifteen minutes to motivate Ra El to become a Moorish American Moslem. Danny Lord El was Ra El first teacher that introduced him into a deeper understanding of the Divine teaching of our Prophet Drew Ali. In 1977; Ra Saadi El officially took up membership within The Moorish Science Temple of America. Inc under the leadership of Bro. R .Love-El. He would later become an “Adept” going through the eye of the needle with Bro. George Cook-Bey as his camel (a demonstration which adepts would understand). Bro. George Cook-Bey, was taught directly by Prophet Drew Ali, it was the Prophet who fashioned G. Cook-Bey with a Black Fez appointing him as Grand Governor of Temple #13 in Baltimore Maryland.
George Cook-Bey following the tradition in knowing what the Prophet told him to look for he placed a Black Fez on Ra Saadi El head thus making him a Sheik under his direct guidance. Over the years Ra Saadi El became a student of many Moorish American Moslems that was either taught directly by Prophet Drew Ali and those that was adeptly knowledgeable of Prophet Drew Ali teachings and laws. After years of trials and tribulations, Ra Saadi El would take all his stumbling blocks making them into stepping stones.  As a youth he nearly drowned, however, would later become the number one lifeguard at his community pool. He was drug dealer which led to him becoming a drug user; however, he became a successful drug counselor in the “Facts On Crack” program hosted by Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco CA.

Having been a pimp, once becoming a Moorish American Ra El would take to obeying the ordinance of Allah by taking himself a wife; being committed as a husbandman with an immense respect for womanhood. Ra Saadi El although spending a span of 15 years incarcerated now leads one of the most successful Moorish Islamic prison outreach programs that has been successfully operating for over two decades. His prison outreach programs are operational within various States and Federal prisons across the country. Many accomplishments have been instigated by Shaykh Ra Saadi El to which many Moorish Americans over the years have benefited from directly and indirectly. Shaykh Ra Saadi El historical knowledge about the Moorish Science Temple of America and the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali has marked him as a renowned Moorish historian and Islamic scholar. His works have been noted within academic peered journals, accredited publications and quoted within several endorsed books and periodicals. Many for his publications is hosted on the online webstore Moorish Islamic

Real leaders never seek power; however, they are placed in the position of power through necessity.

Do Moorish American Children observe the Fasting month of Ramadan?

childern-ramadanDo Moorish American children observe
the fasting month of Ramadan?

Older Children ages 12 to 16
We allow the parents to dictate the course of action for their children to participate in Ramadan. When our children become responsible for their actions and able to make moral decisions, they are considered mature regarding meeting their religious obligations. Schools and other programs that support children may find that some children choose to fast, while others do not. It is advised to inform your children school of their religious observations and if needed ask the Temple to give an official letter indicating religious observation and customs of Moorish American Moslems. Also, parents can encourage Ramadan for their children while in school by substituting those Oreo-Cookies and sugary snack for fresh fruits, vegetables and bottle water.

Younger Children under 12
For even younger children, though, Ramadan is an event that involves all members of the community. Many Moorish American Moslems have adopted to Ramadan each year in the month of October in showing homage to our beloved Prophet Drew Ali and our religious customs. Family schedules and meal times are adjusted during the month Ramadan, and more time is spent in community gatherings, family visits, and giving a greater time to study and meditate. In many families, younger children enjoy participating in the fast and are encouraged to practice their fasting in a way that is appropriate for their age.
It is common for a younger child to fast for part of a day, for example, or for one day on the weekend. This way, they enjoy the “grown-up” feeling that they are participating in the special events of the family and community. It is unusual for young children to fast for more than a couple of hours (for example, until noon), but some older children may push themselves to try longer hours.

Other Activities
Other ways to observe fasting are to refrain from desire full cooked meals and substitute with soups, salads, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Rather drinking sodas, fruit drinks try just drinking water. Also try to incorporate physical activities into the family like walking, bicycling, dancing aerobic or playing those Wii games. Take time away from the TV and social media; spend time reading and going over lessons. You can participate in Ramadan in other ways, aside from the daily fast. You can volunteer your time helping at a homeless shelter, feeding the hungry or participating in a Temple activities with the children.

As Moorish American Moslems we do not observe Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking) which is the end of Ramadan in Al-Islam. We celebrate gift giving every January 8th which is viewed as our Moorish Christmas in celebration of the birth of Prophet Drew Ali.
To understand more about Moorish American Ramadan we encourage you to ask a question during Sunday school and read various articles posted on the membership website.

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