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Renew Your Acts, Amend Your Ways

As we come close to ending the Roman year of 2015 we should reflect on the past year of our duty to Allah as a Moorish American Moslem; we can whisper to ourselves that we will do more, study more, call more, visit more, participate more, be more patient,  be more productive, be more supporting, be more faithful, have more hope, give more love, or extend more time. What we do in our physical life that is developed on our heart will carry on into our next stage of existence however; fruition most come after the point of knowing you need to do better. 

Knowing at the very point you need to do more and can do more yet you find yourself always repeating the same internal statement that whisper within “I need to do more, I will do more, or I need to be more. This is called self hostage, holding ourselves at ransom for a continuous unfilled promise to do better, yet it seems to never get paid. We can find ourselves making outwardly commitments by attending our Holy Day service, Sunday school, our three daily salats and even paying our dues, yet often there is a falling short of actually keeping to our Prophet words “renew your acts, amend your ways”, although a very simple rudimentary statement it seems to be a hard pressed matter for many members  to actually follow.

If asked the questions how would you answer?

  • Are you active in your duties as a member (Act 7) and more so if an officer?
  • How often do you commit to uplifting acts in your Temple and community?
  • How often are you in touch with your local and national leadership?
  • How often can you be counted on to aid in Temple affairs?
  • Can your National leadership count on you to step up if needed?
  • How committed are you to keep the basic duties and beyond?

Perhaps many of the questions can be answered with some having a proven and present record of due diligence yet lacking an actual presence in their community or perhaps the questions may cause many members seeking to give an honest although having nothing to show in giving proof of what they seek to claim. As there will be some that will truly reflect a show and tell accounts of proven works, acts and deeds that is as fresh as the morning dew of a true and faithful Moorish American Moslem.

However we all choose to renew our acts and amend our ways may it be lead with a fiery zeal which its splendid light can not only seen but felt by those we are looking for a better way of being and believing. As our community motto is to Inform, Educate & Uplift; allow this to be a motto of self motivation, that in order to bring the light we first must be the light fueled by faith, hope and love which all starts with believeing.

In closing,  it is also best to take a minute to self evaluate so that we can adjust ourselves aright, no need of saying “I will do better”, when all it ever becomes is another lie we tell ourselves, no more doing the same non productive acts looking for different results. Remember the whisper we tell ourselves is also being heard by Allah. “In closing family it also best to take a minute to self evaluation so that we can adjust ourselves aright, no need of saying “I will do better”, when all it ever becomes is another lie we tell ourselves. Remember the whisper we tell ourselves are also being heard by Allah. 

We leave you all in the best of ways

Always in Peace & Forever Love in Praises to Allah. 

‘He is consistent with himself; he is never embarrassed; he hath courage enough for truth; but to lie he is afraid.”

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