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Our Moorish Ramadan (Oct 1st -31st)

I have found since converting to Islam, each year the observation of “Ramadan” sparks many questions. The questions come from those who also observe “Ramadan” and those who do not. Moorish American Moslems do not practice Islam in the same fashion that Muslims practice Islam. This difference causes confusion amongst those who are not Moorish American Moslems. Some of the differences include the fact that we have different Prophets, speak different languages, and practice different cultural traditions. One of my closest friends is Ghanaian American. She is not religious, but her fiancé is Muslim and lives in Ghana, Africa. One of my Jewish co-workers and my closest friend both wished me a happy “Ramadan” season on Thursday, September 13, 2007. My response was thanks but My “Ramadan” hasn’t started yet. This response in both situations opened up a discussion about when and why Moorish American Moslems observe “Ramadan”.  Read more…

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