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When Consciousness is not Conscious


When consciousness is not conscious of anything it is pure intelligence. It is in this realization that the greatest secret of life can be revealed.

One might say that the experience of pure intelligence is possible only for the only Being, for Allah, but no one can stand outside of the only Being. The only Being includes all. And undoubtedly there is a certain process by which one can attain to this pure intelligence. Man is not conscious of it anymore—he has lost the habit of experiencing what pure intelligence is. But all the meditations and concentrations, the whole process by which the mystic treads the spiritual path brings us finally to the realization of that pure intelligence. If one asks what benefit one derives from it, the answer is that since all that benefits us comes from one source, that source must be perfect. It must be all-beneficial. It is beyond our limited imagination, but it is the greatest thing one can attain in one’s life.


The wise contin…

The wise continueth to live from his first period; the fool is always beginning.

Our Beloved Prophet give to the Moorish American Moslems all that is needed to save ourselves  There is no need in trying to redo that which Allah has ordained perfect from start; there is not need for anyone to revise that which was Divinely prepared. One seeking the truth from the purest intents of wanting,needing to connect to the Divine will; shall be guided by the Divine will of Allah. When I search for Allah I found myself.

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