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Wicked Ideas of the Flesh


To often we are see those claiming to be Moorish American Moslems demonstrating a willful disrespect of the Divine creed giving to us by Allah through our beloved Prophet Drew Ali. It seems those who chosen to attach a foreign and carnal degree of what they believe to be acceptable teachings of Moorish Americans somehow believe they should be left alone to demonstrate a wickedness without being righteously checked.  It is even more disturbing to see how so many Moorish Americans choose to be “Yes and No” at the same time in favor of whatever flavor it being presented.

Which is just a mere show of those to afraid,  fearful and cowardly in speaking out against the wilfully wrong because they don’t want to lose being seen favorable in the eyes of the wicked and the righteous. In Islam the truth has NO feelings nor concerns with how a person perceive the truth, if your wrong your wrong. There is only but One God  whom we as Moslems call Allah the goddess degree is not a teaching of my beloved Prophet Drew Ali , as my Prophet gave us lessons about following false gods ” That every nation shall and must worship under their own vine and fig tree, and return to their own and be one with their Father God-Allah.”

For any Sisters claiming to be a Moorish America and would wilfully place a picture of a woman spreading her legs to insight some carnal idea that her vaginal opening is the gateway to power and control over men has truly abandoned the moral and the virtuous nature of womanhood taught in Islam. Please show where our beloved Prophet Drew Ali taught such a carnal degree of the flesh showing  Sister abandoning all her common sense and nature of self.  However, when we see those likened to the  spirit of John the Baptist unafraid to speak out against those likened to the Whores of Babylon, they are suddenly ridiculed by naysayers who are fearful of defending and protecting the integrity of the Moorish Science Temple against the wicked immorality teachings of some false goddess degree.

What about the teachings of our beloved Prophet Drew Ali; “It is not in flesh to think; it is not in bones to reason”; as this verse alone cancel out anything relating to the “Power of the Punany”. What happened to Moorish American Sisters holding up teachings of virtue,”Lo! Yonder she walketh in maiden sweetness, with innocence in her mind, and modesty on her cheek”; nothing in the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali speaks to the flesh, but how we are to raise above fleshly things. It is the spirit within any true Moslem that seeks to master the flesh by raising the mind to a higher degree of doing, thinking and being.


What about the answers to these questions remaining dormant by many well spoken and publicly known Moorish American Moslems.

Why are So Many Moorish Americans rushing to defend those who will publicly defame the Prophet teachings?

Why are So many Moorish Americans comfortable being a living contradiction by supporting Right and Wrong?

Why are some Moorish American Sisters holding up a foreign false goddess degree of the flesh?

Why are SO MANY Moorish Americans offended by the Truth?

Why are Some Moorish Americans in support of changing the prescribe Divine teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali?


No matter what you think of Shaykh Ra Saadi El if not for him the true history of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali would remain dormant and mangled. He has the spirit of a true Warrior Sheik,  unafraid and unconcerned about the weak babble of others defending piss poor position giving no support of truth. It is a feeling of true comfort knowing a Moorish America Moslem like Shaykh Ra Saadi El will place his very life on the line in defending what he holds dear in protecting and defending our beloved Prophet Drew Ali teachings and his Moorish Islamic community. In the same degree there are others, Moorish American Moslems and Supporters who will not only take a bullet for this Moslem but will also give one in his defense, for the only wrath that any Moslem fear is from Allah. Shaykh Ra Saadi El life has always been a open book he is not held a slave to his past sins which is why he speak so boldly without fear because he truly fears No Man (Women goddess), Beast or Thing..again…let it be clearly understood without brevity or ambivalent……the only Wrath which any Moslem fears is ONLY from Allah.

As it is written in the Divine warning written by Prophet Drew Ali which is read after every Holy Day services in all Moorish Science Temples of America,  that we are to defend our Prophet and this Movement by the utmost of our very lives, this will include an occasional cursing out the pretended wise and those who seek to destroy the foundation of the Divine Laws and teaching of Prophet Drew Ali. So why should anyone be offended by a true soldier defending the faith, unless it is the ones the Prophet is referring to that seeks to drag out the true foundation of this divine movement. Only the guilty who seek to hide amongst the righteous will often speak the loudest in defending a piss poor position not realizing they have only blundered into the light. No person in history that stood toe to toe with the foes of truth has ever been seen favorable and accepted by the majority,  Truth tellers seldom have fame, fortune and friends….you will generally see only the handful of the truth and faithful cheering them on. Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about having only a handful of true and faithful that he can could count on one hand, having fingers leftover;  yet our beloved Prophet had over a hundred thousand members. Like it or not it seems as if Shaykh Ra Saadi El is a reflection of Truth tellers according to history. Over 40 years in the Moorish Science Temple of America,  please don’t even think for a minute there is a stopping method in preventing a soldier of Allah from defending and demonstrating.  As for the social networks the only power anyone has within these arena (given by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) is to simply unfriend, delete or band and simply continue to go about your business, otherwise (feel free to fill in the blank at your own risk).


In closing….Before jumping on the bandwagon of those claiming to be Moorish American Moslems, perhaps closely investigating the load they are pulling may prove to be wise or you may find yourself supporting a load of BS to the tune of false goddess degree, assortments of others trinkets of foolishness, sound bytes and ear candy.


May those who truly respect Love of One God Allah, the Truth no matter how stern or harsh it is delivered, Peace in knowing that we have defenders of the faith of Islam and if all fail knowing that Justice will surely prevail. May Allah be pleased with all your Good.


Peace and Love in Praises to Allah!

Grand Governess Yssis Saadi El


A Sign of Gratitude Given In Love

A Sign Gratitude Given In Love


A Demonstration of Thanks given by Grand Sheik Boaz Razvan Bey of Grand Temple #2 Decatur GA    

            Before turning the meeting over to our Grand Governor Yssis Saadi El, I want to take this opportunity to personally say Thank You to Sheik Bilal, and commend him for his dedication and selfless sacrifice towards the advancement of this movement. He literally has taken the message… “To teach men upon the hedges and highways” to a new height! And the exposure and attention that our Prophet (and the 1928 portion) will receive from his actions has yet to be measured. The impact I am sure will be far reaching.

Because now as people drive by and read the sign and see the face; some will say “Hey that’s the Prophet Noble Drew Ali”, while others will say “Hey that’s Noble Drew Ali”, still others will say “That’s Drew Ali”. But others will ask the question “Hey who is that Man?” These are the ones we here at the 1928 portion of the Moorish Science Temple of America are attempting to reach (in our efforts to extend the learning and the truth about Our Prophet and the Moorish Science Temple of America). And it is our hope from that simple query (who is that Man?), that will lead them to our door; wherein the full and complete answer to the question lies. A mighty ISLAM goes out to you Sheik Bilal Harris El!

            “But if you have the true love of Allah (and you do) and the spirit of your forefathers coursing through your veins (and you do). You fear not what you hear or see; but will sacrifice the utmost of your very life to protect and advance your movement and your Prophet (and you have Sheik Bilal). I pray to Allah that one day I too am able to make such a sacrifice towards the advancement of this movement! ISLAM, ISLAM, ISLAM.

CAM00346From: Grand Sheik Boaz Razvan Bey

Is your Journey mapped to the direction of Truth? 08/25 by ISLAM IN AMERICA | Spirituality Podcasts

Is your Journey mapped to the direction of Truth? 08/25 by ISLAM IN AMERICA | Spirituality Podcasts.

The MSTA-1928 Official Press Release as of August 4th, 2013


Submitted Court Case of
Saadi El vs The State of North Carolina Department of Corrections &
The M.S.T of A. Inc / R. Jones Bey

Georgia Northern District Court

Case Number 1:2013cv02377 Filed July 17th, 2013

Atlanta Georgia/ USA

Date: August 4th, 2013 

Islam and Greeting to all whom this may now concern;

A wise man once wrote “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation”

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the Moorish Science Temple of American. 100 years ago our Holy Prophet brought a solution to the negro problem here in American, a solution if properly implemented, He stated would make the United State one of the riches most prosperous countries in the world and if not the worst is yet to come. We the Grand Body of the M.S.T. of A -1928 portion can no longer extend my hand in Islam to those who have repeatedly rejected it and have sided with the enemy.

For this reason we have decided to seek legal recourse to address an epidemic that has swept across this country. This epidemic of false teaching, false documentation has hijacked the Moorish Science Temple of American and we will not allow it to continue on our watch.

And so it is with much regret, due to the unwillingness of Bro. R. Jone-Bey of The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc., to work together, that The Moorish Science Temple of American-1928 portion, find it necessary to exact legal remedies against those that

we would rather work with for the common good. Since the pasting of our beloved Prophet Noble Drew Ali, The M.S.T of A. Inc., has become the self-appointed lawful representative of this Holy and Divine Movement, which our Prophet declared a nation. This self-appointed representative has not lived up to the charge left by our prophet, which is to protect Him and the Temple.

This self-appointed representative has not fulfill the obligation placed upon all Moorish American, by the law, which is to teach our people their nationality and their divine creed. Nor has this self-appointed representative lived up to the authority vested in this nation, to appoint and consecrate missionaries to establish the faith of Mohammed here in America. While they have not found the time, willingness, or courage to live up to the any of the laws and instructions handed down by the Holy Prophet, they have found the effort to stand in the way those willing and able to continue the work of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

There have been earnest efforts made to work those that we considered to be true Moorish American, to find common grounds and to put aside any piety differences, to work together in order to extend the teaching of the Great Prophet Ali here in America. Instead of accepting the outstretch hand of Islam they ( The M.S.T of A. Inc.) have decided to stand as an opposition to the truth. While standing idly by they have allowed so-called Moorish Sovereigns, Moorish Empress, Moorish Nationals etc. to go across this country and spread lies about the teaching of our Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

While at the same time they attack others for speaking out against these impostors  Bro. Ra Saadi El, trying desperately to keep intact the principals of our Holy Covenant, has reached out to men such as Braswell-Bey, R. Jones-Bey and others, only to have them attempt to take him to court or to block him from extending his prison ministry. Lies have been told against him to various state governments that he teaches sovereignty and that he and his body of followers are anti-government.

For years efforts have been made to work with these men and others to establish a Moorish Counsel in order to bring about true unity with true Moors. Nevertheless they have chosen to unify with bootleggers that have not only changed the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, but have gone as far as threatening a foreign the country such as Canada. They have chosen to unify with individual that indulge in the practice of filing false documents in courts, which has now brought about the term “paper terrorist’ being linked with true Moorish

American. Making it now impossible for true Moorish Documents to be recognize in any court of law and among state and federal agencies.

They have link themselves with liars and thieves, those that have proven themselves to be unworthy of being called a Moorish American and have elected to fight against the truth. With this court case, we say to R. Jones-Bey and those associated with him, your time of self-appointment, over the Moorish Nation, has come to an end.

With the filing of this lawsuit and with a clear and decisive court decision, we are certain a final resolution to the question of who, and what make a person a True Moorish American will be settled. Those that are seekers of the truth will now know that you do not have to pay for your nationality, or file papers in court to prove you are a Moor.

They will now know that driving without a license, not paying taxes, not having auto insurance or a lawful registration of your automobile, is in no way association with the teachings of The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. They will know that the purpose of the Temple is to teach our people to be better citizen and to adhere to the constitution as Prophet Noble Drew Ali stated.

The goal of this law suit is to remove all doubt as to what the Moorish Science Temple of American stands for and teaches. The Moorish Science Temple of America stands for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, The Moorish Science Temple of America teaches that there is no God but God and The Moorish Science temple of America is here to invite our people to Islam .

Peace and Love, Praise Allah

Sheik Alii Ben Bey/ National Spokesman for
The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928
P.O.Box 161968 Atlanta GA 30321
Ph. 888.361.2499
Fax. 888.361.2499


LOVE Lifted Me

By Sis. Tammy S. Bey

“LOVE lifted me, opened my eyes and made me see all the things in life I didn’t know!”

 Islam Islam Islam!  This song rang in my spirit this morning as I was reading a passage about our beloved Prophet Noble Drew Ali on our website entitled “Who Is Noble Drew Ali?”  Although, I don’t remember the writer of the song, I remember this was one of my favorite gospel songs and I hadn’t heard it nor sung it in a long time.  I’m hearing this song as I’m reading about the life of the Prophet and his mission, the fact that he came to bring us our divine creed as quoted in the article, “that would UPLIFT them both spiritually, mentally and economically FROM their present state of being a beggar people”, gave me a greater love for my Father God Allah and our Prophet, my Savior and Redeemer.

Tears of joy are falling as I think on how much Allah loves me that he would manifest His LOVE-Thought on January 8, 1886, just for me.  I can imagine that even before Allah cast me forth into this plane of manifest on May 29, 1966, He already had me in his mind that he will prepare a “way-maker” to shine the light on the pathway for me to reestablish the covenant between us that I may continue my journey back to Him.

Here I am a year older and my thoughts, my character, my way of life are being lifted to that higher place of peace and tranquility as I continue to learn and adhere to the Prophet’s instruction to “Know Thyself and Thy Father God Allah” within our highest principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.  My eyes are opening to the truth that my divinity, birthrights and dignity as a human being is directly connected to my creator, Father God Allah.  It is through our beloved Prophet’s life, works and teachings that Allah has made me see in life that I am not Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-African American, Ethiopian, nigga-boo, jigga-boo, etc. or whatever other derogatory label or names the European has placed upon our people.

These things I didn’t know before I came to MSTA-1928 to be guided by Allah’s REFORMER manifested in the person of my beloved Supreme Grand Shaykh, Ra Saadi El whom I love so very much. I’m so grateful to finally awaken to Allah’s LOVE covering me, fulfilling me, and sustaining me throughout my life to this present time.  The journey gets sweeter by night and by day.  I’m learning to love Islam, Allah, and our Prophet.  Truly “LOVE has lifted me, opened my eyes and made me see all the things in life I didn’t know”.

“To the one who is supreme, most wise and beneficient, and to Him alone, belong worship, adoration, thanksgiving and praise”- HKCS Chapter 35, Verse 3

Peace and Love, Praise Allah!

Syracuse’s Moorish Science Temple of America is one of 15 chapters in nation









By Renée K. Gadoua, The Post-Standard on July 26, 2011 at 7:05 PM, updated July 27, 2011 at 7:27 PM Editors’ note: This story was originally published on Feb. 22, 2008.​

Syracuse, NY — Jakada Makkah Bey begins Friday prayer services for Syracuse’s Moorish Science Temple of America by raising all five fingers on his left hand and two on his right.

“Seven is a perfect number, ” he says. “Our goal is to perfect our ways. Our ultimate goal is to be at peace.”

Bey is the spiritual leader – referred to as governor or sheik – of Moorish Science Temple No. 4, which has met in Syracuse since 2001.

The group is one of 15 Moorish Science temples in the country, said Chief Minister Ra Saadi El, who is based in Atlanta. The Syracuse group attracts as many as 20 people to its Friday services, Bey said. There are about 200 members nationwide in the group known as the Moorish Temple of America (1928 Portion), officials said.

The sect is considered the oldest African-American Islamic group in America, founded in 1913 by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

“Our core belief is there is no God but Allah and Prophet Drew Ali is his prophet in these days, ” Bey said. “He is the prophet sent to us to alleviate the ills of the Asiatic people. He is the savior of the world.”

Other Muslims consider Muhammad their prophet. Muhammad is said to have received the Quran, the Islamic holy book, through the angel Gabriel in the seventh century. Members of the Moorish Temple follow a version of the Quran attributed to Ali.

Beginning around 1913, Ali taught that blacks are descendants of the Moors and their return to Islam will redeem them from racial oppression. He taught that people brought to America as slaves were denied their names, religious practice and culture.

Moorish Temple members often wear fezzes or turbans and add “Bey” or “El” to their names as signs of their Moorish heritage.

Ali was born in 1886 and died in 1929. Biographical accounts differ. One describes him as the son of former slaves; another says his father was Moroccan and his mother Cherokee.

Ali was influenced by Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican black nationalist, and his Universal Negro Improvement Association. When Ali died in 1929, Wallace D. Fard became a leader of the movement, which splintered into several groups. Fard, also known as Wallace Fard Muhammad, founded the Nation of Islam in 1930.

2011-07-27-ap-moorish-science2.JPGView full sizeLauren Long / The Post-StandardJakada Makkah Bey leads a local Moorish Science Temple of America group that meets weekly in downtown Syracuse.

El said Moorish Science Temple members pay dues, follow the religion’s precepts, pray and fast. “You must be mindful. You must be respectful to others and to the government, ” he said. “We give everybody a fair shake regardless of race, creed, gender or whatever. We’re friendly to anyone who is friendly to us.”

Robert L. Harris, professor of African-American history at Cornell University, said the Moorish Science Temple of America was considered radical in the 1920s and’30s. “In that day, they sought to differentiate from people who had a slave mentality, ” he said. “They were considered quite rebellious. I don’t think they are viewed in that way today.”

The group is neither very visible nor influential, he said. “They are earnest people who are proud of their heritage, ” he said. “This is a variant of Islam.”

On a recent Friday, Bey preached to three adults and one child in the storefront of a kung fu studio on West Onondaga Street in Syracuse. “Islam, ” he said, explaining later that the group interprets the word to mean “peace.”

“Islam, ” the group responded.

“We give honor to Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, ” Bey said.

“We give honor to Marcus Garvey, ” he said.

“Love, truth, peace, freedom and justice must be proclaimed, ” he said.

For nearly an hour, Bey read from texts of the Moorish Temple and talked about topics including characteristics of Muslims (the group prefers the spelling “Moslem”), scientific and cultural contributions of Muslims, and similarities between Islam and other religious traditions.

“We take joy in walking the straight path, ” he said. “It’s a hard path. We take joy in following the path of our father and the tenets of our national creed.” As he spoke, his eyes often focused on photos of Drew Ali on the wall.

Shante Harris El joined the Moorish Temple in 2005. “The teachings of nationality and how they relate to the prophet drew me, ” she said. “You need to know your nationality to connect with your God.”

Her parents are Christian, she said. “This was definitely where I felt at home, ” she said.

Bey said up to 20 people attend Friday services; about eight people were at a Jan. 8 celebration of Ali’s birthday.

Bey volunteers at Auburn Correctional Facility and teaches for the University of the Muslim Science Temple of America, an online and correspondence school. He wouldn’t say how much he earns but said he ministers and teaches full time.

El, the chief minister, said Bey’s job is to set an example and build up the Moorish community. “A true Moorish American way of life is worship, ” he said. “Everything we do is a consciousness that we are serving God and making the world better.”

Bogus court filings spotlight little-known sect

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — From New Jersey to California, police, courthouse officials and real estate agents are being confronted with a baffling new problem: bogus legal documents filed by people claiming to follow an obscure religion called Moorish Science. Their motives range from financial gain to simply causing a nuisance.

No one is more exasperated by the phenomenon than the leaders of the century-old Moorish Science Temple of America, who say the growing crop of “paperwork terrorists” has nothing to do with their faith or its teachings.


“It’s just distressing that some individuals would take something as pure and righteous as this organization and try to tarnish it,” said Christopher Bennett-Bey, grand sheikh of the group’s temple in Charlotte, one of more than 30 located around the country.

It’s not clear why the flimflam artists are invoking the group. But one expert said divisions dating back to the death of the sect’s founder have resulted in small pockets of people who claim to be followers but have little understanding of the faith.

The bad filings include deeds, liens and other documents, often written in confusing pseudo-legal jargon and making outlandish claims about being exempt from U.S. law. In some cases, filers have actually moved into foreclosed houses and changed the locks. Other times, people seeking to slip their mortgages have used bogus documents to waste the time and money of their banks. Fake liens have also been maliciously filed to target enemies.

“The ideas are particularly attractive to people who are hurting economically, although let’s be candid: For some people it’s just pure greed,” said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project for the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala.

Law enforcement can pursue theft or fraud charges if a case warrants it, but states’ laws vary on whether filing sham paperwork is a crime in itself. Lawmakers in North Carolinafailed to pass a law making bad filings a crime this year.

National numbers on the scheme aren’t available, but the area around the largest city in North Carolina has been a hot spot. In 2011 alone, more than 200 bogus legal documents have been filed with Mecklenburg County by people claiming to be followers of Moorish Science, with another few dozen in neighboring Union County.

As long as a legal document is properly formatted, county officials have to file it alongside valid paperwork, according to Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds David Granberry. The content, however, is often outlandish and includes strange punctuation and capitalization or lengthy digressions about the 14th Amendment, the Constitution or maritime law.

“If we can legally reject it for some reason, we’ll do that. But as soon as they figure out how to correct it, we’ll get a stream of these documents because word gets around,” he said.

Having a bogus lien or deed legally purged requires the county — or the subject of the lien — to go through a potentially lengthy process that often involves hiring lawyers. A document with a $50 filing fee can easily end up costing the county $2,000, Granberry said.

The tactics being used by the Moor impostors originated with tax-dodgers and white supremacist groups in the 1980s, experts said.

“These are people who engage in the most bizarre leaps of logic. They literally believe that if you lowercase the ‘u’ in the phrase United States, you will break the bonds of government tyranny and become a free man,” said Potok, the expert with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The occupation of foreclosed homes appears to be a new wrinkle, Potok said. Such cases have been recorded in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, California and elsewhere. They often end in the arrests of the squatters.

Joe Pipitone, a realtor in Vineland, N.J., encountered the problem earlier this year. After selling a home that had been foreclosed on, he got a call from the new owner to say that someone was already living in the $300,000 house. Pipitone was baffled to find that a deed had been filed claiming ownership by a woman saying she was a member of the Moorish Science Temple. Police said the woman, who was arrested and held on $85,000 bond, had changed the locks and put the utilities in her name.

“I’ve been selling real estate for 15 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Pipitone said. “You’d think nobody would be stupid enough to try something like this.”

Leaders of the largest Moorish Science group are baffled by the tactic.

“I don’t understand the underlying motive,” Bennett-Bey said. “I think it’s just out of convenience, or they’re looking for some status.”

Moorish Science followers trace their faith back to 1913 and revere its founder, North Carolina native Timothy Drew, as a prophet. They call him the Noble Drew Ali. The faith blends aspects of Islam with elements of other faiths and philosophies, and has its own scriptures, generally called the Holy Koran or the Circle 7 Koran. The Moorish Science Temple taught that the people called blacks were actually the descendants of “Asiatic Moors” or Moroccans who had been in North America for hundreds of years.

Establishing a base in Chicago, the group aimed to instill a sense of pride in its members, decked out in fezzes and bearing identity cards proclaiming “I am a citizen of the USA!” at a time when blacks were legally relegated to second-class status. To make an explicit link with their proclaimed Moorish heritage, members of the group added “Bey” or “El” to their names. At its height, tens of thousands of people belonged to the organization.

“The Moorish Science of Temple of America was founded for the express purpose of uplifting fallen humanity,” said Azeem Hopkins-Bey, the group’s national spokesman. “We teach that our members must learn to love instead of hate.”

After Ali’s death in 1929, the group suffered a number of schisms and lost followers to groups that included the Nation of Islam.

Today, numerous groups claim affiliation with Moorish Science. Some consist only a handful of members and in many cases have little understanding of the faith, said Spencer Dew, a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

“There are folks who call themselves Moors or Moes without knowing anything about the history of Moorish Science,” said Dew, who teaches a summer class for the Chicago Police Department on religious groups and crime.

The Moorish Science Temple of America is working to distance itself from the people filing bogus legal claims, calling them “radical and subversive fringe groups” in a recent statement. Moorish leaders are looking into legal remedies, and Bennett-Bey has been advising authorities on how to distinguish registered members from impostors.

“It’s like coming to this country and saying you’re an American citizen,” he said. “If you haven’t gone through the process and gotten the proper documentation, you can call yourself whatever you want, but that doesn’t make it true.”

What is the Moorish National Republic?

March 7, 2013, by 

(Memphis) It’s hard to track down the Moorish National Republic group in Memphis.

They exist according to a woman who is squatting in a $2 million dollar home on Shady Grove.

Most Moorish groups found online said they have nothing to do with the Memphis group.

“We are not a sovereignty group we are not a land grabbing thieving group,” said Shaykh Ra Saadi El with the Moorish Science Temple of America. “We have driver’s license. We pay taxes. We are not a sovereignty group,” he added.

We went to a home in south Memphis where the woman who is squatting at the east Memphis home told Memphis Police she lived when she was arrested in October.

Tabitha Gentry, also known as Abka Re Bey, was charged for attempting to run over officers.

The woman at the home knew Gentry and said she has heard her mention Moorish National Republic.

“I heard about it. I tell them when they come over here, everybody is sitting on the porch. I tell them I don’t want to hear that crazy stuff. Leave because I don’t want to hear it,” said the woman.

After Gentry’s run in with police and claim of being a sovereign citizen who doesn’t follow American laws I wanted to know if Gentry was violent.

“No more than her mouth, other than that they are not violent,” said the woman.

Memphis Police said Thursday they continue to investigate the case.

As the ocean gi…

As the ocean giveth rise to springs, whose waters return again into its bosom through the rivers; so runneth thy life from thy outwards, and so runneth it into its place again.

Our life is but a journey but to the source from which is came; discipline your way to be just so your journey won’t be a return trip to the manifest.  

How We Lose Our True Self to our Lower Selves

How we lose our True self to our lower selves is when we put our self in a place that is not approved by Allah every passing minute we remain in the shadows of the murky ether’s  we lose a piece of our high self. We then began to make excuses of why we are there; we become absent-minded of why we should not be they’re looking for thumbs up from anyone to justify our carnal choices. Some Moorish Americans will look for a crack to squeeze through with their poor excuses as why they can’t this and why they can’t that. A Moslem will always seek to do what is right looking for how to get it the job done rather than give excuses why he can not. A Blessing will never seek to occupy a place that falsehood is currently residing; there is no love affair with right and wrong for the two together will only produce confusion.

The more we seek to justify a bad position the further away we travel from Allah. The correction is repentance, being humble and submissive to the Truth knowing that we was wrong now we seek only to give a speedy reparation. How offend are we willing to say “I was wrong” not giving excuses but rather showing a sincere correction of our actions.

We fell from grace because we sought to gratify our carnal desires (the Lower Self); never mind the utter damage and damnation it will cause down the line; as our only concern was the “here and now” this was nothing but our lack of vision of which we now suffer. It’s not hard to do the right thing when your life is fix only on what is righteous; it’s doing wrong that becomes very difficult for a Moslem there is no choice in right or wrong……it only just right when your one with Allah.

Have a Love Affair with the TRUTH and find yourself never having to make Excuses…Allow Hope to forever be your beacon Light………….

Forever Peace & Always Love..QM      

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