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June 1 at 10:09am

I-did-not-knowJune 1 at 10:09am


I just found out a large group of people only heard about the movies “coming to america”& “Harlem nights” which got me to thinking… If the youth haven’t seen or only heard of them… Is it possible that those joining the MSTA never/partially heard of the actual structure of the MSTA circa 1925-1929? And how it differs from what people think now? Then My thoughts went to the claims of “past hatreds” & “old feuds” and how those terms were created and labeled the reoccurring questions, debates and conversations about the past and division with the importance of history and lineage. ….. We fear what we don’t understand and try to destroy what we can’t change or control. We discourage criticism, even when it’s constructive while being more than willing to criticize any/everything with only little to know knowledge to measure what’s being expressed.

Grand Sheik Bilal Harris El/ Grand Temple #4 Syracuse NY


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