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How We Lose Our True Self to our Lower Selves

How we lose our True self to our lower selves is when we put our self in a place that is not approved by Allah every passing minute we remain in the shadows of the murky ether’s  we lose a piece of our high self. We then began to make excuses of why we are there; we become absent-minded of why we should not be they’re looking for thumbs up from anyone to justify our carnal choices. Some Moorish Americans will look for a crack to squeeze through with their poor excuses as why they can’t this and why they can’t that. A Moslem will always seek to do what is right looking for how to get it the job done rather than give excuses why he can not. A Blessing will never seek to occupy a place that falsehood is currently residing; there is no love affair with right and wrong for the two together will only produce confusion.

The more we seek to justify a bad position the further away we travel from Allah. The correction is repentance, being humble and submissive to the Truth knowing that we was wrong now we seek only to give a speedy reparation. How offend are we willing to say “I was wrong” not giving excuses but rather showing a sincere correction of our actions.

We fell from grace because we sought to gratify our carnal desires (the Lower Self); never mind the utter damage and damnation it will cause down the line; as our only concern was the “here and now” this was nothing but our lack of vision of which we now suffer. It’s not hard to do the right thing when your life is fix only on what is righteous; it’s doing wrong that becomes very difficult for a Moslem there is no choice in right or wrong……it only just right when your one with Allah.

Have a Love Affair with the TRUTH and find yourself never having to make Excuses…Allow Hope to forever be your beacon Light………….

Forever Peace & Always Love..QM      


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