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True Story – “Fooled & Foolish”

Immigration office Now Located in the Krispy Kreme donut shop

Persons imitating to be REAL Moorish Americans has set up shop within the Krispy Kreme donut shop in the West End section of Atlanta GA. They are actually selling fake Nationality/ Nationalization packages along with “Right to Road Travel” ID cards for a mere $1,800.00.  My question is; do get UCC decorator ring with that deal?


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2 thoughts on “True Story – “Fooled & Foolish”

  1. No matter how many time we post about Fake Bootlegger Moorish A-
    people will still seek to hand their monies over to these fools and cry later when they found out the jokes on them. People are willing to lay big money down for a lie and want the Truth for Free. WAKE UP!!!!

  2. Brother Carney Bey on said:

    Do not make sense for our people to do such things, inorder to become a Moorish America we have to join the MSTA which is free and salvation is from ALLAH not money. Why sell your souls….

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