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Born into a UCC Sovereign Lie

Sister came to the Temple seeking understanding about what she was told by the father of her two children. She explained that the father of her two small children told her not to get a birth certificate for her children and to put El and Bey on the names. She followed everything he told her to do; in less then a year he left her for another woman which also father children by his new companion. The sister showed us some home made legal document that the father of her children cooked up which stated a lot of silly illegal gibberish with the added measure that if she were to pursue legal matters in seeking child support he would sue  and have her arrested for interfering with a Moorish Sovereign. We told the Sister she had been played by a low life bootlegger and to pursue with legal matters to secure support to her children. She stated that he took her car and left her with nothing and that she had to move into his grandmother house. We asked the Sister did she have family that could assist her; she stated she was too ashamed to contact her parents. We asked her to keep us posted; we never hard from her; It a shame that the children will suffer from the ignorance of their parents.


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