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A Phone Call from Prophet Drew Ali?

A Phone Call from Prophet Drew Ali?

The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 receives countless phone calls on a daily basis; noting new just business as usual. Things got a bit interesting with one phone call in particular; a Brother called making general inquiries about temple locations and wanting information about an upcoming lecture; what was distracting while speaking with the Brother was that a person speaking in the background asking questions; we asked who is the person with you talking in the background the Brother exclaim “It’s the Prophet!”.  We  replied but of course was  “prophet who?” the Brother replied “Prophet Drew Ali!”  Without hesitation we asked “Can we speak with the prophet?” the Brother replied “but of course you can”. Within a short measure we became overly excited as the soft voice came over the phone and greeted us by saying “Islam my son”. We replied “Islam prophet what do we owe the honor of having you speak to us” the prophet stated “Son I am calling around to see what is going on with my Temples”; now with out hesitation we replied “What ?..Allah did not fill you in upon your return!” the prophet replied in a way which left a sour note. He stated in a firm voice “You Mother F@*&%, son of a Bitch to hell with you”. We was only left with one thought after the prophet so rudely cursed us out then hanging up……

“Was it something we said”.


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