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You Change KEY 20 ? You’re Calling Prophet Drew Ali A Liar!

We will always defend who we are and what we are about; as some Moorish American has lost the very concept of TRUTH! How can someone who has brought shame and disappointed to the Movement by giving the faint of heart some eye and ear candy take what Prophet Drew Ali brought and taught and rip it up, NO! respect in holding firm and steadfast  to what The Moorish Science Temple of America was established for. To have NO! love to what has already been determined as what we as Moorish Americans are to learn, live and love according to what our Holy and Divine Prophet Drew Ali brought and taught. How butt-backwards can a group of people get when the TRUTH is slap dead in their face.

Let us take Our Flag The Moorish Flag which is the Red Flag with a 5 pointed Green Start in The Center. Now what in the hell was misunderstood about that! How can anyone calling themselves Moorish Americans fall for a Liar, Crook, Drug Dealer and Pimp while they was an officer within The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. under R. Love-El , which is on the record not hearsay. How is it that they can come and replace the Truth with something made up because due to their Iblis nature in NOT! wanting  to submit before Allah. Being exposed of their ungodly nature by 2 different Grand Bodies of The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc.  put out of both , removal of membership as by the Prophet words “returning to the state where he found you” it was stated by this Iblis natured one that his hordes of followers are growing across the country. To a true follower of Allah we know that the weak will gather in hopes to take down the strong.

 “Duh!!!…Its as simple as lemonade….. just lemon, water and sugar….How do you mess up the TRUTH!”      

How can anyone be fool to abandon what our Prophet Drew Ali gave to us as a Moorish Nation, he took Back Our Flag; and some of you took the flag and threw it back in our Prophet face without shame.

   Think if your child had been kidnapped as a toddler then in his teens he is reunited back with you. Now he was being care for by a family that was not his and even suffered abuse; in all that he has gone through it will not erase the fact he is of your flesh. Therefore, just because he was raised in a foreign home you will deny your own child…..hell no just as we will NOT! deny Our Flag!! ………….
Truth Don’t Change Nor Pass Away.

The Moroccan Flag decent Nature is The Moorish Flag it first belonging to our forefathers; and just because it is being flown under another name does not change its history nor can it be removed from its rightful owners. Just for a Moorish American to refer to the Red flag with the green interlocking star as being a Moroccan flag is not only disrespect to our forefathers but a disrespect to our Prophet Drew Ali.  A very long history is attached to our Moorish flag just as our history is attached to our rightful names of El and Bey. We did not refuse our tribal names that our Prophet reviled to us as to pick up a NEW name; so why are those who call themselves Moorish Americans picking up a made up  flag, New Holy Korans and other Moorish documents. Those who follow the lie and the lyre are like backstage groupies just looking to get something for nothing.     

Anything that has been changed from the Divine teachings of Prophet Drew Ali, not only altering the flag but the Circle 7 Koran and other Divine teachings is nothing but a lost of faith in Allah, Islam and the Prophet Drew Ali.  

If you love your Moorish American Flag…….pass the word and share the love…Truth does not change nor will it pass away.   

What Our  Prophet Drew Ali Stated within
The Moorish Questions -101’s for Moorish America Children

19. What kind of a flag is the Moorish? It is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the center.

20. What do the five points represent? Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

21. How old is our flag? It is over 10,000 years old.



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5 thoughts on “You Change KEY 20 ? You’re Calling Prophet Drew Ali A Liar!

  1. Hakeem Bey on said:

    Family these words resenate in truth , and are Very Soulfully felt . Will do my part to get them to the temple , With Allahs Grace the Temple will do its part when they get there . …. Islam , ONE LOVE

  2. selvey bey on said:

    This post is true however, the nature in which it was presented was not in the nature of love. While reading this article I could feel the malicious feelings as well as hatred resonating in your words. I know of the brother you are speaking of and he has done great works in the Moorish community although I do not agree with some of his ideas,overall I feel he has done alot in bringing the movement to the public eye. Learn to love instead of hate as love is the only saviour of the world.

    Peace & Love
    Bro. Selvey Bey

    • Islam,
      We too know the Brother very well has he has brought more shame and disappointed to the whole of The Moorish Science Temple and continue to lie on the Prophet and that is a FACT! . We are about defending what is right regardless if you find the Truth unbearable we stand in defences of the Gospel. Prophet Drew Ali said to protect he and this movement with our very lives (re-read the Prophets warnings). So our Love is that which destoyrs the eveil doersJust in case you missed this in the Holy Koran of The MSTA
      (11. Suspect not evil in anyone until thou seeth it; when thou seeth, forget it not. 12. Who so hath been an enemy, cannot be a friend; for man mendeth not his faults.)

      ….Peace throught Justices.

  3. Harold Camp-Bey on said:

    what kind of flag is the moorish? two words we neeed to understand kind and moorish, if we have no understanding of the words of the Prophet then we are mere shadows and not leaders, we should at all times manifest L.T.P.Fand J and not let our lowerself over take our higherself

  4. Islam.
    If what your saying as how it was stated by Prophet Drew Ali.. Referring to Key 19? Ans. It is the Red Flag with the Five pointed Star in the center; then we are surly on the same page. Anyone stating anything else that is claiming to be a Moorish American is a lair the devil dressed as a Moorish American. Lets keep it simple stick with what our Prophet said as we can back it up with Truth!!…Peace

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