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Our religion gave birth to History

For every day that is granted to us for it is not our will to awake in the morning by solely by the will of Allah. We should look at everyday as another day extend to us to get this, our life Right!.

What will be scribe down on the pages of remembers under your name? What can you say you have done or doing to not only make a great significance difference in your life but those who are around you that are watching you as a measure to guide themselves. That is why it is so important for us to be cognizant about our conduct; simply put you never know whose watching you on the sidelines as in cheering you on for the win, or booing you to fail. Just simply giving a mean demo in your expression of Islam or about the knowledge you gather to gather in giving yourself understanding is just ear candy if your lip services if it’s not a reflection of your life dedicated to your faith of Islam in assisting in the  uplifting of humanity .

 We have seen Moorish Americans quote the quote of all quotes, but when it comes for then to explain their faith in an intelligent tone the quotes quickly turns into a loud choke. Just to give an account; now many of you should know that we receive countless of phone calls from folks wanting information about the Temple or faith of Islam, our Prophet, etc. Now this Sister called telling us, that she found the MSTA1928 on the web and was interested in the History of the Moorish Science Temple, and that she is not into religion. Now for me to separate my History from religion would be like separating water from wet – Impossible!!. In order for us to trace ourselves in history we must find the source from where we come from, and for a Moorish American Moslem the starting point is Key 1. Who Made You?…Ans. Allah. 

Our religion gave birth to History, Nationality and Law; all religious cannons such as the Bible, Torah, Quran of Mecca and even the Koran of the MSTA “The Circle 7” are simply Divine Historical Doctrine, without religion, you can not process the full truth about any of these tenets. Not having the fortitude in your intelligence to back up what you say by showing factual proof, then you simply exposed yourself as an imposter as your bluff was called and you could not answer. That is way the MSTA 1928 is very stern with ALL its members as in being properly equipment with the right armament before you are sent out on the battlefield. Your religion is your shield while in this life and the next.

We will speak on the topic Monday September 13, 2010 at 8PM on our blog talk radio show – RSCWS Live- Islam In America A Moorish Perspective tune in and lest talk REAL Islam!

Do well in your studies, Be well in your Faith,

Always Peace & Forever Love
Gov. Yssis Saadi El /QM


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