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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have received countless of questions all with much variation of ideas and conception as it relates to the Moorish Science Temple of America and the life, works and teachings of Prophet Drew Ali. It would be seemly unfair in giving a yes or no answer to questions that should be followed up with a full truthful explanation with fortified references. So in lieu of giving a set of standard questions with answers we are presenting our blog so that you can place your questions in as we will email you back a response. Ultimately as we rather you visit one of our Temples so you can see and hear truth or even give us a call. Much of what you find on the Internet about The Moorish Science Temple of America and its founded Prophet Drew Ali is of great untruth and grossly misrepresented to which has marginalize the importance along with the great contributions of the Movement. We however place a few questions and answers to give light to a great misunderstanding of Prophet Drew Ali and his teachings.

1.Can I gain my Moorish Nationality without joining a MSTA TEMPLE? NO!!.. Contact us and we will explain why this is not so.

2. What is the cost of a Moorish Nationality? Nationality is FREE all over the world. Once you become an active Member you are to see to the growth and development of your religious Community; this is done by members paying dues. See Membership.

3. Do I have to become a Moslem and take on Islam as my faith to be a Moorish American? YES!! A Moorish American religion is Islamism; Our Prophet Drew Ali gave us Key .1 Who made You? Ans. Allah! Prophet Drew Ali brought us back to the concussions of knowing where we come from.

4. Is the term Asiatic about being Asian? No! Asiatic is a race to describe all people who are not Europeans to which existed before there was an orient such as China, Japan, Korean. Their are only two(2) types of races on planet Earth; Asiatics and Europeans

5. Did Prophet Drew Ali call himself Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali? NO!!! nor did any other Moorish Americans refer to him by that name. That is a made up name by fools who have no respect for Prophet Drew Ali as to marginalize is Divine duty and title of Prophet to a secular one of Sheik. You will not find in any historical documentation that this name was used by the Prophet or used by other TRUE Moorish Americans within The Moorish Science a Temple of America; you will only hear this by those who are outside of the movement as they cannot show you anywhere that our Prophet Drew Ali was reduced to this name and title.  

6. Is The Moorish Science Temple of America/Moorish Divine and National Movement a Republic? NO and it is not a Democracy either. It’s a Theoretical Salic Monocracy. Most Moorish Science Temples outside of our Grand Body do not use this term as they cannot truly explain the religious and political structure of The Moorish Science Temple of America; if ask they will offend say “The Prophet did not teach that” and unable to prove it.

7. Can Europeans join the MSTA? NO! They have a Nationality; however everyone and anyone is welcome to come and learn about the pure faith Islam from a Moorish Perspective.

8. Did Prophet Drew Ali create the Great Seal Nation of Moors? NO!!! That is another made up group by those who left Prophet Drew Ali’s teaching to do their own thing; they are NOT!!… recognized as Moorish Americans but bootleggers. As this too can be proven!

9. Do Moorish American have to file documents within the United States Courts to be recognized? NO!!! No Government would have you file paper work in another Government to be recognized. Example: would a person wanting to file for French Citizenship go to the China Government to do so? Some things can be answered with common sense. Look at the process for anyone wanting American citizenship or British citizenship; you MUST go to that Government you wanting to be a citizen in to get their paper and file it with them and hope they approve you to stand up and take their oath of allegiance to their Government. The Moorish Science Temple of America has the same process. Bottom-line it’s not what someone claims it is also if what they claim is claiming them!

10. Did Prophet Drew Ali copy text from the Aquarian Gospel to complete the “Circle 7” Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America.? NO!! Only a fool would think such a thing as our Prophet clearly stated on page 3 of the Circle 7 Koran where he received the lesson within the Koran. I rather go with the fact that our Prophet stated the lesson of the Koran is from the Moslems of India, Egypt and Palestine. Only a fool would cling to holding up the European Levi H. Dowling in giving him credit for works that existed way before him and how crazy is it that silly people would rather believe some crazed European as he stated some blond hair blue-eyed angel appeared to him in reveling the lesson. I’m sticking to what our Prophet Drew Ali said.

11. Can I download or just buy a Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America? Many people have done this; but a Holy Koran from The Moorish Science Temple of America is not consider legitimate or even blessed if it does not have The M.S.T of A seals on the first page. All Korans during the time of The Prophet had to be sealed before they could be given to an actual Member; this would also show if the Circle 7 Koran came from a legitimate Temple. If you have a Holy Koran from the M.S.T of A look at the bottom of the first page under the picture of Prophet Drew Ali; there should be two official seals from The Moorish Science Temple of America.

12. Why is there such division within The Moorish Science Temple of America? After the untimely death of our Beloved Prophet Noble Drew Ali; some within the Temples during his life time planted the seeds of dividing from what the Prophet taught; and not following his rules and regulations; for man ideas had no restrictions and did not keep to our Holy Prophet script. The First Supreme Grand Sheik Edward Mealy El was the first Supreme Grand Sheik appointed by Prophet Drew Ali and the only one after the death of Prophet Drew Ali that kept to the pure and true tenant of our beloved Prophet Drew Ali. Truth will never bond with Falsehood, Right will never sit down with Wrong, Up has never sought to get with Down, and we will never compromise to unify with bootleg Temples and fake Moorish Americans. There is always a division when Truth comes forth as many of our people will side with falsehood because it comes with having no responsibilities and makes mans ideas his on king ambition in being a god unto himself; look at all these Fools on YouTube and research to see what they own; what great works they have as being a benefit to our people; are they married are they taking care of their children; do they have business, schools that are helping our people. Anyone with a computer and video camera can become a YouTube star overnight no common sense or intellect is required.

So there will always be divisions within the Moorish Science Temple of America and those who call themselves Moorish Americans if they are not in line with the original structure, guidelines, rules and regulations of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali; those who claim to be of a REAL Temple or to be a True Moorish American they MUST be able to trace themselves from their present Supreme Grand Sheik up to The first Supreme Grand Sheik which was Bro. Edward Mealy El to Prophet Drew Ali in being at the footsteps of our Father God-Allah. They MUST be able to show you through documentation and not just word of mouth. Our question to you who are you with and Why?

13. Is The Moorish Science Temple of America part of The United States of America? NO! The M.S.T of A is a wheel within a wheel…Prophet Drew Ali gave us our own Government with our own Constitution and way of life. We ask that you visit our Temple or give us a call in wanting a full version in understanding what The Moorish Science Temple of America governmental structure; as this is only fully explain to those who are Members of The M.S.T of A. To explain to an outsider would be a waste of time; for what benefit would it be for The M.S.T of A to enlighten someone who is not a benefit to the movement. If you are someone who has a Moorish Nationality Card… FYI… the U.S.A on the card does not mean The United States of America; only someone who is simply guessing and not knowing would think that or someone who has not be properly taught by the officials of their Temple.

14.Why We Do Not teach others who are not active Members with Us? Why should we teach someone who is not part of us (active Member within our Grand Body); as they will not be a benefit to us. Active members within our Grand Body pay their monthly dues which goes to the support of books, lesson, classes, etc; as a member they give their duty bound allegiance to what they volunteered to become part of. In spending time to teach someone about nationality, the pure faith of Islam, positive law, the history of the Moorish Science Temple, the Life works and Teaching of Prophet Drew Al that holds no degree of allegiance or loyalty to us would be simply a waste of our time. In the search of knowledge or True Knowledge is only activated when the knowledge is excised by experience.
All knowledge is not good knowledge for when true knowledge presents itself we should want to connect with the source and be loyal then on; one who chase after knowledge in thinking that the more knowledgeable one becomes he would seem great in the eyes of others; it’s what we call Kings ambition as the one-eyed man is King in the land of the blind. We do not teach other Moorish American outside of our Grand Body as we are not to cause confusion; if you feel your not being educated within the Temple you’re in; if you do not have no solid understanding of the faith of Islam, Nationality and the life, works and teaching of Prophet Drew Ali. Then our question to you is why do you stay in a place you are not being feed the spiritual bread of your faith. It would seem that persons defend a bad position for it’s the only position they know. We say once you know better you do better and for that you become better. If you are true in your search for truth; you will surly find what you seek; as coming to this website was a very good start. However in the Roman year of 2010 we will be restructuring The University of The Moorish Science Temple of American to include basic degree and certificate course in the pure faith of Islam, Moorish history, and the importance of having a Nationality.

15. Do Moorish American carry the name Dey or Al? No…True Moorish American will have either Bey or El on their name; it is not accepted to have both in one’s name. No Moorish American other than Prophet Drew Ali and his wives carried the name Ali. As for Dey or Al is not recognized as Moorish American Names. This can be seem within original documents during the time of Prophet Drew Ali; Truth do not change nor pass away. There is but only one true way of obtaining the National name of Moorish America and having the recognized Ancestral Tribal name of El or Bey is by being a member of a legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America. It’s not just what you claim; but what you claim is claiming you. Join a REAL Moorish Science Temple of America and be in the law according to what our beloved Prophet Drew Ali declared who we most follow in pursuant to his Rules and Regulations. Anyone obtaining the name El or Bey outside of The Moorish Science Temple of America would be considered De facto. To know more feel free to contact us (888) 361-2499.

16. How would I become a True Member if you do not have Temples in my area? We always say if someone wants something bad enough they will travel to the end of the world in order to get it. We do not have Temples or Study Groups in many States; however if you are true, sincere, honest and humble in seriously wanting to join and help build up the Moorish Nation that was set in blood by Prophet Drew Ali and to this day is defended by his true and faithful Moslem’s that hold fast to death before dishonor in defending our Moorish Nation; we welcome you. Now there are several ways on becoming an actual member with us……that’s  if first your membership with us is accepted and approved. Remember as we stated in the beginning of our Q&A that we turn down more persons than we accept; as we hold firm in keeping our Moorish Nation consisted of elite, highly moral and extremely serious Moorish American Moslem’s who walk as fear and not in fear in supporting , representing and defending our Moorish Nation….We are simply not to be joked with.   

A). If you’re not alone within the area you live in we will set you up as a Study Group. Our Study Groups consist of seven (7) or more persons who share in the same interest as being part of a legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America; they are willing to empty their cup about humbling themselves to learn and become an involved Member of our religious society; as we say it’s not just what you claim; but if what you’re claiming is claiming you back. We do not  operate as individuals but as a Nation with governing heads. The National officials of The MSTA will set your Study Group up; however you along with those who wish to join must financially support the travel and lodging of the officials that is sent to your location in getting you set up as a fully functional MSTA Study Group. Do contact for further details. 

B). If you are alone in wanting to join as a True Member; you will need to make the sacrifice and travel to one of our closet Temples from your area or you can travel to Grand Temple #2 and meet with the Chief Minister Dr. Ra Saadi El directly in getting a one on one consultation in you joining The MSTA. This way you can spend time and view original documents see original artifacts; and the chance that many would love to have and that is to speak one on one with the Chief Minister in getting a just measure of the historical and national aspects of The Moorish Science Temple of America / The Moorish Divine and National Movement. We will set you up so that you will have direct access in receiving valuable lessons, true guidance and our full support; you will not be alone. You would be required to attend at least two (2) National events within the year; we will set you up so that you can be part of your Holy Day Services, Sunday School, Koranic Study Class, Nationality & Positive Law Study Class. You will have full opportunity in enrolling within The University of The Moorish Science Temple of America (UMSTA). 

We seen individuals spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in paying for imaginary nationality papers and downloading nationally cards off the Internet; we say put your money were your heart is; if a person what something bad enough they will do what it takes to get it. Many times over we have seen where folks would rather opt out for the lie; as the lie comes with no rules, regulations or responsibilities. Many today see themselves independent of God; if you are real about this and really want to join up with us; contact us for further information……as we trust to see you soon.

We only brush over answering the questions before you; if you wish to gain a fuller understanding we ask that you contact us; also use our message board below as a way to communicate what’s on your mind. If you have a Moorish Nationality card that No One explained to you the process and why you have to proclaim within a legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America; then our question to you why did you join something you cannot explain fully? 

We accept the challenges of those who are known within the scholarship of Islam and or Moorish American history. We have no desire to debate with anyone who is a nobody even in their own circle; contact us if you or the person your representing would like to set up a conference to debate in an intelligent tone about The Moorish Science Temple of America and the faith of Islam as practiced by TRUE Moorish Americans. We even open ourselves to debate with that Fallen Shifty Angel Elihu Pleasant Bey (also known as Bro. Nate: Drug Dealer) as he ran from us because he does not want to be exposed for the liar, drug dealer and pimp that he is for he brought  Prostitutes and drugs into a Moorish Science Temple of America Holyday meeting. We are NOT Afraid in pointing fingers and giving names of  those who are against Our Prophet Drew Ali teachings and The MSTA; unlike others who call themselves Moorish America but at the same time will break bread with enemies of the Movement. We will NOT!! sell out for the sake of being popular or friends with those who have cause much confusion and discord in The MSTA; We will NEVER!! apologize for telling the Truth; if you are someone who has gone against the Divine fabric of what Prophet Drew Ali put in place in bringing us back into the affairs of Nationhood..we say prepare to get your feeling hurt……We will NOT!!! comprise for anything or anyone…Periode!

If there is any questions you may have that we did not cover please share it below; as we will do our best to give you a just reply. Do know you are free to call us anytime at our toll-free number (888) 361-2499. We accept any and all challenges from people who is accredited with some sort of verifiable scholarship in Islam and or The Moorish Science Temple of America, World History, Nationality and Law…………..Peace


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5 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is but one Prophet and but one true Temple recognized first and foremost by LOVE!

  2. bernard on said:

    nice to have ran into this. im at the home office at chicago aka, new mecca lol

  3. David Lamon on said:

    Yes my name is David Lamon I’m here in Hartford Connecticut and there is a temple on Vine Street that is listed. But the telephone number belongs to City Hall. I am very interested in joining but I can’t get anyone.

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