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Hypocrites and Hostages

2. The tongue of the sincere is rooted in heart; hypocrisy and deceit have no place in his words. (Chp. XXXIV in The HKMSTA)

In this day and age of awareness of the God in Man degree, amongst those who truly strive for righteousness, you’ll find amongst them hidden in the corners the whisperers and backbiters. This is referred to in the Noble Quran of Mecca as flesh-eating. Now among this crowd is an even more, vile enemy. He is called the Hypocrite.
Now the hypocrite usually is one with an agenda of sorts even though amongst the righteous thinkers his demise is his own bad planning. As we are taught in the Noble Quran, Allah is the best planner. Therefore we know that the plan being carried out by the hypocrite is one of an anti-divine nature. The hypocrite is wise enough to disguise his true intentions, yet ultimately he is exposed and as we are taught in the Holy Koran of the M.S.T.A., with dirt on his head, and shame and disappointment are his just rewards. 

 Now one may wonder why there are so many hypocrites and self sent, would-be prophets (profiteers) to be found in the M.S.T.A. Well the truth of the matter is that most truly think that the Holy Prophet Drew Ali’s teachings are lacking or are missing something. In other words they feel that the teachings are incomplete. They haven’t been properly educated on what it is that the Prophet truly brought to us and for us and thus begins their art of innovation of all that is Moorish. They begin to prepare their own little Moorish paradigm. The next step is to get their paradigm accepted amongst the righteous. The first step though is to go amongst those who know as little as they, and get the approval of that circle. This is usually found to be quite easy for true wisdom is usually lacking amongst this crowd anyway, thus if it sounds good then it is presumed to be right. The Holy Koran of the M.S.T.A. teaches us that true wisdom is less presuming than folly. Now usually once the hypocrite has gained a substantial cheering section then he tries to unveil his plan amongst the righteous by finding the weakest amongst them and eating his flesh until his bones are dry. 

He comes as a friend. Sura 63 of the Noble Quran of Mecca is entitled the Hypocrite. Verse 4 teaches us that when thou seest them their persons please thee, and when he speaks thou listeneth to their speech. “They are like pieces of wood clad with garments. They think every cry to be against them THEY ARE THE ENEMY SO BEWARE OF THEM.” (Emphasis mine) We must guard ourselves against a Christian psychology that tells us that if we pray for the hypocrites and maybe they will change their wicked ways. The Noble Quran teaches us that our prayers are in vain for Allah will not hear them as indicated in verse 6 of the above chapter, which teaches us, “It is alike for them whether thou ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them. ALLAH WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM. (Emphasis mine) Surely Allah guides not the transgressing people.” The Christians have a saying that goes “forgive them father for they know not what they do,” but certainly they do not fool Allah. Deceit is truly the business of the hypocrite’s life. The Holy Koran of the M.S.T.A. teaches us that man mendeth not his faults. 

Once the hypocrite has detached his victim emotionally then he begins to insert his twisted paradigm into that individual via the character of a righteous person. He is of pious sound and friendly persuasion and plays up on the sympathy of the individual who in truth wants the best for everybody. Once he has assembled his army then he attacks thinking he has gained a degree of strength, but what he always fails to recognize is that his army is built upon lies and deceit. Thus he is doomed to failure once he comes amongst those who are strong in faith. His army begins to quickly dismantle, and soon as before he is found standing alone and exposed like a prostitute stripped of her clothing. 

 Allah does not wink at their wrongdoing. Just because they don’t believe in the power of righteousness doesn’t lessen it any further. When they come amongst those who are true Moslems they find that the doors of influence have been closed up and every avenue is gated. They see that the righteous see only one path which is called the Mustaqim, which means the straight and narrow path. This ultimately dooms the hypocrite to be held hostage to his own bad planning. Why? It is because his heart is hardened, and he is unrepentant of his actions. Most of the time, they are so far endowed with evil that they don’t even see that what they’re doing is evil. The Allah within has been put to sleep in them. 

 Now one may ask the question, again why is it so easy to fool a Moorish American? Again, we will say that it is the fault of the leadership that the members are still to this day very lacking in Moorish intelligence. A Moorish psychology and true teaching of the gospel of Ali must be taught, and the faith of Mohammed must be given to these so that they will become Moslems true and through. The actual practice of the faith of Mohammed and the faith of the Great Prophet Ali in America will truly dispel the lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding amongst the Moorish Americans. Then and only then will he be able to distinguish the truth of what the Prophet brought and taught from the falsehood that is attributed to him. 

Now lastly and sadly many times the hypocrites and wrongdoers can be found amongst your own kith and kindred. This usually plays on our human emotional ties to individuals who we have given birth to, obligated ourselves to, mothered or fathered children with, or were born of. This can truly be a test of our righteousness, yet the truly righteous know that it is best to stand firmly on the truth, which is aught and allow them to repent on their own. The Prophet Drew Ali in his oral statements (hadiths) has said that his own mother will not get by him this time if she is not right. The Noble Quran teaches us in Sura 63 vs. 9, “Let not your children or your wealth divert you from the remembrance of Allah; and whoever does this, they are the losers.” We say further that we shall not be held hostage to the loose desires of those who are our biological kin but are spiritual strangers to us.    

So we say to the hypocrites today that the Grand Body of 1928 is the vanguard of the movement today, and whether you love us or hate us, you will not get around us. Those who truly love Allah and his Prophet will be those who are standing when the dust clears. We honor all of the true and divine Prophets: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Confucius, and the last Prophet in these days who is Jesus come again in the person of Noble Drew Ali. 

 (Note: This article is from a former Member of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928; who became the very thing he written about a Hypocrite!) 

*NBCA: Negro, Black, Colored, Afro or African-American.. Names given to Slave by their slaveholder scorn which is attached to being a Slave. 



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