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Natures Organic Islam

A True Blessing Can Not Be a Blessing if it is Not a Blessing to Others.

One question is always asked of those who are within The Moorish Science Temple of America; “Why is there so much division?”, “Why is there so many Temples and not just one Temple?” This same question could be place on other religious groups, as the general answer should be; “People find the truth to stern so they create something suitable for their weak of heart and faint of mind”. As an active Member within the Moorish Science Temple of America it was my absolute mission to find where the truth is being taught and lived and to stick with it.” The wise continueth to live from his first period; the fool is always beginning”. We call this measure getting on the “Straight Path” (Sirat al-mustaqeem).

Since we are within this era of time and the internet can surly be a positive tool to inform on about things that matter, teach the truth about the past, present and what’s to come. Moreover, to uplift in things that gives reason to continue on the path of Truth despite of the many obstacles that will try to cause us to fail.

We are getting back to Natures Organic Islam absent of the artificial ideas and conception that man thinks and gives his reason of which is not formulate on the ideas and principles of those whom Allah sent forth in revealing all we need to know. Allah sent his/our Prophet to remove all the guesswork and give us a form of Islam that is best suited for his people.

We are walking upon the path that we are teaching and living; it is first showing the possibilities that we can become, as many will only judge by what they carnal eyes see. We are open for eyes to gaze upon the work of the true and faithful; when most people join The Moorish Science Temple it is but first their own personal reason. Then as time and true teaching has simmered on their mind then their personal reason becomes a collective idea as being of One Community, One Religion and serving our One God Allah.

We are but showing the possibilities of man by living what we are teaching and teaching what we are living. People are only moved by what they see and sometimes hear; and if what is seen being demonstrated from what is being taught….then I can only say you found yourself at a very good starting point…. it can only succeed from the right formula —– Belief – Begin – Become.



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