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The Uniting of Asia

The Uniting of the Moorish American Community has been a hot topic of late. I have come across of a variety of different Moorish perspective, about how to unite Moors under one Moorish body, or consensus. There have been numerous discussions about how different Moorish factions are ready to work with one another, to build a more unified Moorish community. I ask “How can you unify the Moorish community, when there are so many different and distorted teachings that the Prophet Noble Drew Ali did not teach, being implemented by these so-called providers of the truth.

 Let us take a look at the Christian community. There are approximately 300 branches of Christian denominations, theologies, and comparative religions. There are considerable disagreements about which groups can be properly called Christians. These disagreements rise primarily from doctrinal differences between the groups. Another way of looking at this is there is no unity among the Christians because of doctrinal differences, beliefs, and teachings between each faction and this is just plain and simple FACT. Think on this, Even though there are 300 branches of Christianity, if they are so independent, why are they still paying tribute to their foundation which is in Rome?

 The Prophet left us with The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, for the teaching and instructing of All Moorish Americans, etc. This is THE UNITING OF ASIA. Until we all follow the teachings and the path that Prophet Drew Ali left in stone for us to follow, there can be no uniting of the Moorish community, or Asia. Question needs answering, How can the Moorish Science Temple of America be under one body of politics or political government?

 We of this portion of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Grand Body of 1928 are formulating the Moorish consensus that was created by the Founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, that all temples be under one Moorish consensus.  The scattered ideas, philosophies, and opinions instituted by foreign ideas, which has been incorporated by other foreign governments, are legal but not legal and lawful according to the usage of religious corporate law. The sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nation of North America have to learn to love instead of hate.


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2 thoughts on “The Uniting of Asia

  1. Would your uniting of the moors include the Moorish Orthodox Church of America?

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