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The Steps & Degrees of Wisdom

The Steps & Degrees of Wisdom

Chp 39 Wisdom vs 19  Repine not at thy want of knowledge; it must perish within the grave. Be honest here, thou shalt be wise hereafter

  • seeing things clearly; seeing things as they are
  • acting in prudent and effective ways
  • acting with the well-being of the whole in mind
  • deeply understanding the human situation
  • knowing when to act and when not to act
  • being able to handle whatever arises with peace of mind and an effective, compassionate, holistic response
  • being able to anticipate potential problems and avoid them

A reality-seeking attitude

Wisdom, maturity, and happiness seem to go hand in hand with figuring out how life and the world work — with discovering the nature of the rules, laws, and programming that dictate what will happen under what conditions. Wise people know that the more deeply and accurately they come to understand key processes within and without, the better able they are to live their personal lives in harmony with what is happening moment-to-moment. Wise people want to find out. Wise people are reality seekers.

Wise people live their daily lives in accord with wise perspectives and wise values. As a result, their actions make the world around them a better place. They help others to grow. They live compassionately. They resolve conflicts and in other ways maximize harmony and general well-being. If their own growth in wisdom is carried to the point where identification with Being takes place, they stop differentiating between themselves, the universe, and what needs to be done. At that point they see themselves and the rest of humanity as Being itself — evolving, and living progressively higher values.

 In the un-foldment of the multitude of lesson we must tarry and learn upon this plane, we spend far too much time wanting after the knowledge of the perfumes, odors, and the true sensation of love clothed in flesh. The chasing after that which is carnal, from its first manifestation, knowledge can be faulty as being deemed inaccurate. Knowledge is learned, for in the learning it self can be flawed based on inaccurate information. Wisdom it self takes action a timed employment of life events that one has experienced in seeing the steps and degrees of its un-foldment, it’s in that method of “been there done that”. Knowledge is based on ones knowing of some information, as ex. A man reads all about the method of driving, rules of the road, and to go even further; he reads about the basic application of vehicular maintenance. Now his knowledge is no more then the information he attained within the books he read. As no point can be shown if the information to which he read is indeed accurate. Truth can only be employed be the actual experiences of the information. Once in the mode of doing you are now engaging the knowledge in which was gained by the information you read. Just as a medical intern fresh out of med-school is now taking the information that was learned as in being knowledgeable by putting it to work as on a patient.  The wisdom in this case will only come after much time has passed, some lives saved, some lives lost, but by only the reoccurring of these accounts can wisdom be gained as knowing what to do and what not to do based on the many times it was done wrong and the few times it was done right. 

“The wise continueth to live from his first period; the fool is always beginning.”
Holy Koran of The MSTA                

 Information (the collected facts and data about a specific subject)

Knowledge (general awareness or possession of information, facts, ideas, truths, or principles)

Experience (active involvement in an activity or exposure to events or people over a period of time that leads to an increase in knowledge or skill)

Wisdom (the ability to make sensible decisions and judgments based on truthful knowledge and experience as in showing how its done)    

Your Experience cannot go beyond your Knowledge….Words; Acts & Deeds to a Moslem is Belief, Faith and Fruition.

May Allah Be Pleased with Your Good!  



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