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The Prophet Didn’t Bring That!

The Prophet  Didn’t Bring That!

 To offend this statement has been made without the offering of proof. We have seen Brothers and Sisters within other MSTA Grand Bodies and some who are not even in a Temple make declarative and affirmative statements as in saying what our Prophet did not teach. Now ask them what did the Prophet teach you can hear a ant sneeze, as they search within the shadow water of their empty minds and pull up pebbles as in trying to fool the unknowing in believing they are pearls. This has been a true detriment to the entire MSTA movement, as too many have either followed or taught on myths, conjectures and down right lies, for they have been seen as the mighty great ones within their misguided groups because they will not let go of the lie that they have been carry around for so long. It has become like a body part to them, if you tell them what they know is false teaching and pull out boat loads of actual proof, they would look at you as if you told them; they would have to cut off both their feet and hands.

 Simply they have become parents to aught, they birthed it from the base of Truth, feed it self-indulgence, sheltered it in vanity and clothed it in corrupted pride and now the lowerself has become fully manifested. They held up so many lies for so long it has grown strong and now able to hold them up; this is what is being seen through out our Prophets Ali movement.

 We have seen the likes of Moorish Brothers and Sisters in other Grand Bodies who have been in the Temples for over 20+ years and to this date can not honestly explain to you their religion of Islam, the Life, Works and Teaching of Prophet Drew Ali or even knowing the Prophets rules and regulation of the MSTA/MDNM. What is interesting is seeing someone who has been a member of the MSTA for all of 60 seconds now they contribute themselves as great profound historians, scholars and teachers of all that our beloved Prophet has given to the world, crazy yes but true. To be told you have to start from scratch but first empty your cup is quite hard for some as they have too much to give up, for they spend countless of years, weeks, days, hours on studying everything under the sun, moon and star that has nothing to do with what our beloved Prophet taught on.

However, if they were to hear from someone who has the knowledge, wisdom and undisputed truth (documentations) they still will turn away. (see. Holy Quran of Mecca  Sura 10 vs 36-43). If a man in whose heart is hypocrisy and a deep-seated resistance to faith goes hear some great spiritual teacher, he will receive no benefit, because he is not sincerely seeking the truth. He is like a blind or a deaf man, or an imbecile. Where the will to be guided is absent, the guidance will be absent also.( Foot note to sura 10 vs 40-42.). This statement is so true and is evident to date, ill regardless to someone who has been taught by those who were taught directly by the Prophet, received the holy breath transmission along with verified original documents is not enough to turn many from the false teachings as they never really had the intentions to follower the Truth from start.

It is seated within a just Moslem to make speedy reparation when he knows that he is at fault. Only this can be achieved if one knows how to be a just Moslem, as many are not even clear as to what is a Moslem according to our Prophets Ali teaching. They will simply attached a Al Islamic point of view not understanding that our Prophet Drew Ali removed the Arabianized and cultural trapping from our religion and left us a pure form of Islam. To many time we have seen Barata Arabo reincarnated into Brothers and Sisters as they hold only to what they have been told and not able to show in giving any proof of that idea, Jesus said in verse 13 of the Holy Koran of The MSTA Chapter 11 “Man may believe what others say, but thus he never knows. If Man would know, he must, himself be what he knows.” It would be if you went to a doctor to receive treatment for a life threading condition, and you find out that the doctor received his knowledge from not by going to Medical school and learning from those qualified teachers who themselves have a verified trace of those who taught them.

With also a testament to his knowledge will be further by applied applications of theory, but the doctor that is treating you is someone that received his information by reading from several medical books. Without having proper guidance, being told by someone who is simply guessing who themselves have no accreditation has being anything but kings of their own non-existing world. Now that you have been treated by a quack and your condition has worsened, you now blame them instead yourself, as you should have done proper research before you trusted someone with caring for your life. Should this be seen in a higher sense when it comes to our Spiritual well-being, why do we so quickly entrust folks to guide us righteously with out doing the necessary background checks on them. It can only be two reasons:

  1.) The person is not honestly seeking salvation but a quick fix to a carnal problem i.e. not paying taxes, wiping out credit debt without paying anyone, right to road travel, not paying child support, simply getting something for nothing. This is a trade off from being a Man to simply being a punk   2.)They are living a dirty life and what to justify it by continuing  their dirt. In either case, it is your way you want and your way you will have as your way will lead to death and destruction.

Tips on Knowing your part of a rightous MSTA Temple or under the guidance of a boundified Teacher.  

  1. Compare their works with others who claim to know the true teachings of Prophet Drew Ali. While using the works of the Prophet as a gage to make comparison.
  2.    Look at the works and overall membership of the Temple not so much the numbers but the quality of character that the overall members possess.
  3.     Do you see a strong since of Family within the Temple i.e Husbands, Wives and Children as regular faithful members.
  4.    The members live as Moslems and not just say their Moslems. It is a strong emphasizes of the teaching of Islam and  living Islamically Correct.
  5.    See if they have verities of programs that encourage the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali as well as community living.
  6.  They a have a structure format in teaching you about Allah, Islam and Prophet Drew Ali.
  7.    Are there many books, publication, and media to attribute to the teachings of Allah, Islam and Prophet Drew Ali?

8.    The leadership is structure under the strict doctrine of Prophet Drew Ali.

9.    You can see a constant growth and development within the whole of that Grand Body.

10. Your are moved by the spirit of truth when they speak about Allah, Islam and Prophet Drew Ali.

Lastly as this statement was made by our Prophet Drew Ali as it is used as a bases within The Moorish Science Temple of America 1928 portion, “Take the spirit of Man and compare it to what you know to be Divine, and adjust yourself to what you know to be Divine.”…Prophet Drew Ali   


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