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Sisters,Mothers,Daughters Or Others

Islam to My Sisters of Faith!

We sisters come from various backgrounds. However, we have a common beginning. We were created women. When we were created, there were laws instituted by our creator to govern our lives. Some of us were fortunate enough to have had mothers to teach us as many of the laws that govern women as they knew, remembered, or had been taught themselves. All of us grew up to take on the physical attributes of womanhood, but not all of us were taught the laws of our nature. The Prophet came to redeem fallen humanity, which is symbolized by woman.

While our brothers think in black and white, it is we who manifest the sweet perfumes and odors, the true sensations, and the all of love made manifest. While our brothers are content with peanut butter on a slice of bread and a jar to drink from, a sister places the sandwich on a plate, lays a napkin beside it, and puts the drink in a glass. We sisters bring color to the world.

Let us talk about sex for a moment. Now let us use good Moorish sense. The law of probability says that the more sex partners that you’re with, the more at risk you are to contract a sexually transmitted disease or end up pregnant. Good Moorish sense says in 2008 that you need to protect yourself during times of promiscuous sex. HOWEVER, the best and oldest protection is abstinence. Otherwise, this is the bastardization of the human seed and a violation of the Sacred Temple. Sex just for pleasure outside of marriage ties one into the body of carnal desires, which only goes to glorify the lowerself.

Give ear dear sister to the whispering of consciousness. Teach our young maidens that virgin is not a bad word, as the European psychology would have you to believe. The harlot is tempted to excess in the delights and rushes to destruction. The highest virtue is chastity. A virgin is a blessing and a woman to be revered. The woman who respects her body is aware of the divine law, that her body is a Sacred Temple. It has been blessed by the Creator to be the entrance to the Cradle of Civilization.

 Woman is the mother, the vessel of life. There are many ways for a man to die but only one way for him to be born and that is through the womb of a woman. A mother is man’s highest ideal in human life next to Allah. She is virtuous and creates harmony in her home. Her virtue is a blessing to her husband. His seed is planted in fertile soil and will bring forth an offspring that is as perfect as the mother. She maintains harmony in her home, because to do other than this is to cause discord and allow the seed of evil to dwell within her home. She is at harmony with her creator, mankind, and the rest of creation. Hear now dear sisters, there are mothers and there are others. Which one would you knowingly be?

 Respectfully submitted,

Gov.Imani Amina El
Temple #19, Baltimore, Maryland


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