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No Moorish Defense

WINCHESTER- A city man convicted on drug distribution charges in July has asked for a new trial.He says he received bad legal advice from a website before the first proceeding. Because of that advice, 24-year-old Damien Wilson said, he rejected all of the court’s offers to appoint an attorney for him.He said throughout his July 26 trial in Winchester Circuit Court that he was descended from Moors and that a 200-year-old treaty with Morocco gives him immunity from U.S. law.

 Before the trial, Judge John E. Wetsel Jr. urged Wilson – who was born in Texas – to obtain an attorney and told him that the treaty had nothing to do with his case.

“Put that in all caps – NOT RELEVANT,” Wetsel said during the trial. “Moor, Martian, Moroccan, to the Commonwealth of Virginia it makes no difference. If you commit a crime here, you can be prosecuted.”  A Circuit Court jury took just 20 minutes of deliberation to find Wilson guilty of several drug and gun charges and recommend a sentence of 11 years in prison. His bond was revoked and he was sent to jail to wait for his final sentencing hearing.

 Now, Wilson has reversed his stance, hired an attorney, and filed a motion asking for a new trial. The motion, filed by Wilson’s attorney Chong C. Park of Leesburg, states that his client was victimized by the website of “The Aboriginal Law Firm,” which offers legal advice through videos and live chats for a fee.

“The Aboriginal Law Firm, or any of its members, are not attorneys licensed to practice in any jurisdiction” states Park’s motion.  The motion states that Wilson trusted the advice of the website because it is closely associated with the Moorish Science Temple of America, a religious organization of which he is a member.

“Mr. Wilson unfortunately took every bit of the Aboriginal Law Firm’s advice, including the advice to disregard any other potential viable defenses and assert the meritless jurisdictional defense based on the Morocco Treaty of 1787,” wrote Park.  Wilson’s involvement with the court system began Nov. 17, when was arrested at his home on Honeysuckle Lane.Acting on information from an informant, investigators searched his home and found a suitcase containing eight pounds of marijuana in large plastic bags and a 9mm pistol hidden in a boot.

 According to city police Detective R.L. Bower, Wilson said after his arrest that he had been selling 10 pounds of marijuana a week for more than a year, buying it wholesale for about $1,000 per pound. Though his motion states that Wilson joined the Moorish Science Temple before his arrest, city Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Derek Aston said that at preliminary hearings Wilson did not mention the Moorish Science Temple or challenge the court’s jurisdiction.

 But after being indicted by a city grand jury in February, Wilson came to court with his new defense strategy and demanded to be called by a new name – Hakeem Mustofa El Bey.

At his trial, Wilson not only said the court had no jurisdiction over him, he objected every time Wetsel used the name “Damien Wilson” instead of Hakeem Mustofa El Bey.  Wilson even said he would fine Wetsel for trademark infringement, until the judge threatened to have him put in a holding cell for contempt of court. Wilson’s latest filings make no mention of objections to his name.

 During the trial, he refused to respond to questions concerning his alleged drug-dealing, citing the Fifth Amendment guarantee against self-incrimination each time he was asked.  In the motion for a new trial, Park agrees that Wetsel made “no error” when he rejected Wilson’s arguments about jurisdiction, and calls his client’s decisions “foolish.”

 However, Park argues that Wilson was unduly influenced by “the combination of religion, sense of nationalism that is taught by the Moorish Temple, and the illegal legal counsel he received from the Aboriginal Law Firm.”

The motion is scheduled to be argued Tuesday, which was originally scheduled as the date of Wilson’s sentencing. He is being held in the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center without bond.


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7 thoughts on “No Moorish Defense

  1. Ronald Chambers on said:

    This is what hurts the Temple when you have those lower-self Moors who want to do what they know is not right, and then run to the Moorish Science Temple for SANCTURY.

    • I feel you but in this case he did not do anything wrong, Cannabis has been apart of our culture for thousands of years. If anything the only thing he did wrong was not study and know how to defend himself.

      • Christopher Backe on said:

        Well, murder has been a part of our culture for thousands of years as well. Is it ok to murder someone without consequences? How about rape? Making explosive devices? Refusing to pay taxes?

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  3. He doesn’t law that is the problem, the treaty is only part of his defense. He needs to know the United States Constitution the supreme law of the land mainly Article VI Clause II. and the Rights of Indigenous People he can use several articles out of there to his defense. By hiring a Lawyer he put his self under the Jurisdiction of the State. A Natural Being cannot be represented by a member of the BAR. Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time you just have to know how to challenge it. Objecting to a name does not mean that it is not you, by objecting you just acknowledged that is a Appellation that you answer too. Just remain silent and don’t answer to that name and when you do speak, state for the record who you are. The only time you need to object to the name is when they state your Appellation and say AKA that name. Other then that just ignore them because they are not speaking to you. That boy needs to study more.

    • Christopher Backe on said:

      Based on what you typed, I think you need to study more. Have you been in a criminal court and attempted the defenses you have suggested? I can guarantee that you have not, as any judge would have fined you for contempt. Take a very good look at this case . There are in fact judges out there who will take the time to rip apart any mumbo-jumbo jargon you may spew forth. I have seen the jurisdiction argument made several times and it has never worked. First and foremost, the people for some odd reason always fail to file the correct paperwork. Why? Because they’re stupid. In their opinion, if they file the proper forms, they are allegedly “contracting” with the Government. Therefore, they will file some made up form of their own, the court will NOT recognize it and the matter will not be addressed. It’s an old tactic that has yet to work.

  4. Curtis paulk on said:

    As a traveling man I’ve found this very initeful you truth is a strong force but feelings are too.

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