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Me No Need No Stinky Car Tags! Me Moorish Indigenous! Ask My Leader!

“Just a regular tag can range from $76 to $106 for just your normal, State of Tennessee tag,” Bierbrodt said.

Then, there are plates like the ones on Joreal DeVante’s SUV. DeVante says he’s with the “Moorish American National Government” and he doesn’t need Tennessee tags because he’s a diplomat.

“We are Moorish-Americans, the original aboriginal people here on this continent before you Europeans arrived,” DeVante said.

DeVante says he’s not a United States citizen, even though he lives in government housing. He claims what’s attached to his vehicle isn’t a “license plate” or a “motor vehicle.”

“That’s not a tag, that’s a conveyer’s information card attached to my conveyance. And if you read that book, I have no more conversation. If you read this, you’ll learn the law,” DeVante said.

The On Your Side Investigators read the book. It states that if a car “is not registered, it’s not ‘motor vehicle’, and there are no motor vehicle statutes to break.”

The rest of the book is filled with “Common Law” arguments that seem to be copied and pasted from various Internet sites. We caught up with DeVante a second time to ask if he’d give us a better understanding of his book.

He wasn’t very cooperative, so we took the book to Judge Joe Brown.

“Have you ever heard about anything like that?” On Your Side Investigator Keli Rabon asked Judge Brown.

“No such garbage,” Judge Brown said.

Judge Brown says the book is filled with age-old arguments that don’t fly. “See this is hard-headedness. Like, ‘I don’t want any taxes; I don’t acknowledge income taxes being legal.’ Well that’s tough. So what? You’re in part of this nation and it’s, it mandates certain things whether you like it or not,” Judge Brown said.

When we showed him DeVante’s car tag, Judge Brown said it’s not legal.

“It’s just like if you got a car, took the tags off and decided to put a poster on it. What difference does it make?” Judge Brown said.

From the bench, Brown says he’s seen people just like this, and it always ends up one way.

“I locked up a lot of people that did the same thing,” Judge Brown said.

DeVante isn’t the only one doing this. Other people claiming to be Moorish-Americans have filed similar tags and paperwork.

“Please contact Honorable Noble Elihu Pleasant-Bey at the Moorish American National Government headquarters in Virginia, and he’ll answer all of your questions,” DeVante said, holding up an ID card.

We called Pleasant-Bey to hear his side of the story.

“I know quite a few Moorish-Americans in the Memphis area. That’s not one of them though. I’ve heard some things about DeVante, the name DeVante. But I don’t know him personally, no,” Pleasant-Bey said.

We also contacted the Moorish Science Temple of America, an Islamic organization that’s nearly 100 years old.

It says it’s never heard of DeVante, and his tactics hurt the image of Moorish-Americans across the country.

“There are a lot of bootleg groups out there. We call them bootleggers because what they have done is they’ve gone to the temple, got a nationality card, run out and adopted a eurocentric idea or conception, such as sovereignty, driving without a license, not paying taxes,” Chief Minister Ra Saadi El said.

Saadi El says anyone who follows DeVante or his book may be surprised when the law is not on their side.

“It’s fictitious. If you look at their stuff, they have 50,000 different entitlements of law, this quote, that quote, but not the law itself,” Saadi El said.

Steve Bierbrodt says the law is simple: Tennessee drivers have to have a Tennessee tag.
“It’s taking revenue away from the State of Tennessee. It is illegal, because they’ve got a vehicle that’s not registered with the state. It’s untraceable basically,” Bierbrodt said.

But because DeVante doesn’t believe in any of this, odds are, he’ll be driving his “conveyance” anywhere he wants.

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19 thoughts on “Me No Need No Stinky Car Tags! Me Moorish Indigenous! Ask My Leader!

  1. Shemhotep Nuri El on said:

    Islam Chief Minister Ra Saadi El. I’ve warned many of the bootleggers, whom I’ve called, “Pseudo-Moors”, lead the innocent and desperate down a dark and confused path, only to abandon them when they’ve been incarcerated and/or apprehended by the Law.
    Please continue putting for these ‘Truths’ and I will continue pointing the innocent in right direction… The M.S.T.A for truth, all right and exact. “Peace & Love” – Shemhotep Nuri El (New York)

  2. Ronald Chambers on said:

    It’s so much confusion and inconsistency in the Moorish movement. I don’t know what to believe. Does that organization have any validity at all?

    • Islam Bro. Ronald,

      There is No Confusion within The Moorish Science Temple of America; as Allah and his Prophet Ali is not the authors of such folly of those who are Outside of This Divine Movement. Anytime you see confusion you see the Lie…Peace

  3. I am a moor also and I am somewhat confused concerning our right to travel in north america. Is judge Brown saying the Constitution that gives a right to drive is not valid, if so where is this info. I dont mind paying taxes but who gives the Euro the right to take our land and my Brothers set back like slaves. I am aware that the Moorish Sience Temple purpose is the uplifting of falling humanity, but what good does it do to add EL or BEY to your name except in knowing who you are which constantly remind you that you are being abused. That put us in the same boat as the so called Negro. Peace Moors

  4. Islam, first of all no one can serve two different master one Christian and the other Islamic, and thus one must make up their mind, and as the Holy Prophet Ali made this simply all you have to do is go by our Divine Constitution and By-Laws secondly all you have to do then is re-read your Moorish Literature whereas the Holy Prophet declared on page 5 within the frame work of { His } Warning to the Nation, and His Announcement of his Authority and power he clearly declared that we all should be law abiding citizen
    The very first step in knowing is getting to know exactly what the Holy Prophet Ali originally brought and taught and not some foreign conception and concerns which literally mean us no good. This land was taken way before either of us were born, this is why the Holy Prophet Ali received the Mandate for the land governing this land in our (Real Moorish Americans) regards. Etc
    Now as to your final concern we say this , go back and learn what the Holy Prophet Ali originally said and actually did; go back and learn what he meant when he spoke about “His Prophecies” as they must come true and when each one come true then you know what you should be doing and when and where. Who are you leaning from about these well known things and if you are not knowing about the teachings as being taught by someone who is qualified to teach then the fault lay not with other but those whom you have entrusted your life too…Peace, Love and Praises Allah. Fell free to contact us anytime better yet come and visit us our Temples. (888) 361-2499

    • K.F. Bey on said:

      Islam Moors,
      For many years there has been great confusion as to what The Prophet Nobile Drew Ali established for the Moors here in North Amexem/Northwest Africa/North America/’The North Gate’.
      In order to begin to understand the National side of this movement and why nationally is so vital and important. You must have a strong foundation of world history and how the politics of the world were established and how they function. That’s why the Prophet emphasized STUDY, STUDY STUDY! And he was not just talking about the Moorish literature.
      In the Prophets Divine Warning he stated;
      “The citizens of all free national governments according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national name. Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables, and are subject to all inferior names and abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitution laws of a free national government and cling to the names and principles that delude to slavery”.
      Remember Moors,
      The National Constitution the Prophet is talking about is, The Constitution for the United States of America North Continent (Republic). Witch our forefather’s setup and is the supreme law of the land.
      So the brother driving without a driver’s license or tags is not a violation of law. Where in the supreme law of the land does it states you must have a driver’s license of register your property?
      Remember, we are taking law, not statues, codes, ardencies etc.
      Article 6, the Constitution:
      “The judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary not-withstanding”.
      The Prophet said ”Enforce the constitution”.
      Get a strong history foundation and you will have a better understanding.

      • Islam!

        Please!!! Show HOW! our Forefathers set up the laws for the European and then they stripped us where is this in History?! According to Prophet Drew Ali the USA was set up by the European. Please tell us you are not holding up some foolish story about how Moorish went to lunch and when they came back the European took over the Government.

      • I think these sleepy-headed moors think that when the prophet mentions the constitution that he was talking about the divine constitution and the de facto state constitution of their state. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!! The state authorities are just as dumb, deaf and blind too or covering up their little hidden agenda. All the dark skinned judges such as Joe Brown ain’t nothin but a sell out to the Europeans anyway, you damn traitor.

  5. Morel Bey on said:

    My automobile is not registered but my vin number shows the state of Texas. How can I register my Vin/Car to a Moorish Temple?

  6. Sir Preatto on said:

    How do we become involved in the movement? We are in New Orleans, are there any temples down here?

    • Islam & Greetings

      We welcome you to visit our website at

      We do not have a Temple in your area however we made way where anyone can join regardless of area; this is explained in full detail on our website. You are also welcome to call with any questions you may have using our toll free number (888)361-2499.

      Peace & Love

  7. The prophet said come link yourself with the family of nations, not the corporate state. Where is the family of nations? With a free constitutional government recocognized through U.N. Headquarters. Each state has their own constitution that is beside the original one written by our founding liberals who said that no money shall be used except gold and silver. Why are we using paper? The constitution says no state shall tax a citizen. Why are we being taxed? All this bull crap being implemented on this site by so-called moors who think they know only proves what noble Drew Ali said about how the moors will bring his temples down. The prophet said 50 years later you won’t know what I’ve brought you. I’ve been to temples that act just like they’re in church, none are talking about sovereignty vs. privileges, they’re reading the Koran and singing songs not instructing the people on how to use their nationality. I wouldn’t doubt that 85% of the temples in America operating off non profit incorporated codes are being rocked to sleep by masons who are trying to keep the moors sleep, just like they do in Christianity. The prophet said only few will be saved and he can count on his fingers and have fingers left over who will be saved! This don’t mean majority of the temples it means a few temples and there are few temples teaching what the prophet instructed. I hear too much backbiting and ridicule going on about the moors exercising their rights, maybe it’s because you’re so dumb deaf and blind to see what the prophet brought or you’re so evil and wicked that you lie about these moors teaching the truth to keep only your regime going you selfish bastards!

  8. Also let me add that the prophet said if you want to buy a wife go to the European in city hall and apply for a marriage license. He said all moors should have their marriage done through a moorish leader (grand sheik) not through slaveholders. If everything involves licenses in order to establish your life in a corporate state, then there is a reason why the prophet said don’t involve your affairs with that system. This means keep your life private. The only reason they issue license is so they can control you, peep in on your life, and collect unlawful currency from you. They child protective services wants to kidnap your children, dmv and parking authority wants to steal your traveling devices, and the state wants to be nosy about how much money you’re making or who your husband and wife are. Freaking trying to play GOD you sick devils!

  9. Islam,

    This is what the de facto government might as well pledge: “I pledge of allegiance to the GOLD FRINGED FLAG of The United States without America. And to the democratic, for which it slivers(snakes) One nation, under SATAN, invisible, with slavery and injustice for ALL!

  10. Agents who love the illusion of wealth and not true freedom. Cowards who are afraid to stand so they subjugate our people. how are they lifting up fallen humanity? On the contrary, they join hands with dishonorable Europeans and place their feet on our necks. Not realizing in the other hand of the dishonorable European is a dagger waiting to stab them when it the time comes. no one respects a traitor remember that. ALLAH is my protector by night and by day though. I shall not be moved.

    • Amjad Amir Dayyan Bey El on said:

      The BMV and DMV is for stateless people like Jugde JOE BROWN who is a Black, African American Negropean Colored fool. He does not know that the Devil has fooled the most Elite. The Oath breaker JOE BROWN is treasonous, as far as the so called Moorish Americans Minister SAADI EL, he is an agent of the European Colonial Inquisitionists and Prophet Noble Drew Ali would not approve his message. Prophet Noble Drew Ali told us to be active in uplifting fallen humanity and bring us back into the Constitutional fold of government which our people are not, currently as BLACKS COLORED AFRICAN AMERICAN and NEGROS. The Supreme Law of the land States in case law, which sets presidents for all similar cases in the land. In Kent vs Dulles 357 US 116,125: The right to park or Travel is part of the Liberty of which the Natural Person, cannot be deprived without”due process of law” under the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Thompson vs Smith 154 SE 579: The right of a citizen to Travel upon the public highways and to transport one’s property thereon, either by carriage or automobile, is NOT a mere privilege, which a CITY may PROHIBIT or PERMIT at will, but a COMMON RIGHT, which he /she has under the Right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and the people like JOE BROWN and SAADI EL have chosen to ignore the law


  11. Byron Wilson Bey on said:

    Be careful Moors some of your own will attempt o lead you back into slavery.

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