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“The Modern Day Egyptian Or Khemetic Hype”

I, Sheik Jahrul Islam El, am appointed Cadi of Study Group #7 in Tallahassee, Florida of the 1928 Portion Of The MSTA. The reason that I chose to write on the subject of “The Modern Day Egyptian Or Khemetic Hype” is because of recognizing there are still a lot of misconceptions, misunderstandings, miseducation and misguidance in regards to the True Egyptian, Khemetic Nile Valley Mystery System and History. This is due to the fact that most of the so-called Egyptian Mysteries that the general population is getting or are aware of, they got it through translations and revisions done by European Masons. And, because the European translations and revisions are done under their limited, uncultured, foreign viewpoint or psychological bias, their revisions are limited to sooth their nature and earthly endeavors or needs. Now 360 degrees Full Circle Of Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of Spiritual Knowledge was desecrated and degraded to their earthly salvation or earthly benefit with their 32 to 33 1/3 degrees Of So-Called Egyptian Knowledge.

Can’t you see how small of a sum 32 to 33 1/3 degrees is from 360 degrees? They are practically missing nearly 330 degrees, 330 parts of a whole circle, body, or unit. And I repeat, the 32 to 33 1/3 degrees they claim is limited within itself, because it was revised by their European fore-fathers to sooth their limited earthly viewpoint, psychology, interest, needs, and salvation. Thus it is limited and unconducive for the Asiatic or so-called Black People’s Divine and Earthly salvation. Also, the European mostly acquired the Knowledge they got from the Nile Valley through invasions, wars, plundering, murdering, robbing, and grave robbing, so they were not trained into the higher understanding with the mysteries. And those who were actually taught by the Ancient Egyptians, like the Ptolemy’s (Early Greeks) etc., were only taught the basic mathematics, science and arts etc and not the Higher Adept Degrees of Knowledge. They got little understanding from their plundering and grave robbing of the Egyptian Mystery System. It was the Moors in the Middle Ages between 710-1610 who were the ones responsible for educating the European with basic knowledge Of The Nile Valley Mystery System.

 Now it was the Moors of North West Africa etc. who are the true custodians, keepers, and preservers of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery System. Read pg. 39-40 in the Book, The Stolen Legacy, By Dr. George G.M. James, and you will get insight on these facts about the Moors. Now this brings me to some of the misconceptions, misunderstanding, and miseducation about who is or what qualifies a person as belonging to the Egyptian or Khemetic Nile Valley Mystery System? What qualifies a person as a student Adept or Master Mind of the Egyptian Mystery System? When we refer to the fact that the Moors are the True Protectors, Custodians, Keepers and Preservers of the Egyptian Mystery System, this is not to say that no other nation of people are a part and partial, or ever received knowledge from the Egyptians. We know that people from Tibet, India and the Far East traveled across the burning sands to sit at the feet of the Great Hierophants in Egypt. Also we know that the “Tibetan Book Of The Dead” was said to have come from Egypt over 10,000 years ago, by a Tibetan Monk. When we mention pg.39-40 in The Stolen Legacy it states that the Moors are the Chief Protectors, Custodians, Keepers, Preservers, and Propagators of the True Egyptian Mystery System.

      Now let us speak on the misconceptions and misunderstandings. Some think that in order to be a neophyte or student of the Nile Valley Mystery System, you have to learn to read Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbols, and make obligations to a pantium of deities. Some think you need to do Ancient Egyptian or Khemetic rituals and ceremonies, and take on names like Ausar, Aset, Heru, Tehuti, Amen Ra, Imhotep, etc. I’m not saying that something is wrong with us wearing these names, but are we living up to the attributes of these Great Names, or are we even aware or concerned about the psychology connected to names and culture? My concern is not more so about the names, but men who carry them with no qualification or merit. My real concern is people who are quick and easily influenced into making offerings, obligations, ritual, or ceremony to some form of deity or many because it is so-called Egyptian or Khemetic. The True Ancient Egyptian Nile Valley Mystery System Is One Of Monotheism or the One God Allah, in whatever name He was known (Thoth). Men because of their misconception and misunderstanding, tend to fragment and divide into many what is essentially one.

      Now, Jesus and John were both students and Masters of The Egyptian Nile Valley Mystery System, but you never hear that they were Egyptians nor did they confer their teaching in the Egyptian Coptic or earlier language. Nor do you read or hear that the languages they spoke or wrote were written in hieroglyphic Script or Symbols. This doesn’t mean that they were not familiar with hieroglyphics or Coptic, but that was not their native language or the script and language that they would attempt to speak or write to Hebrews. Is there any textual proof that Jesus and John were both students, then Masters of the Egyptian Nile Valley Mystery System? Yes, there are a few, but we will begin with Our Holy And Divine Script And Canon, The Holy Koran Of The Moorish Science Temple Of America Circle 7 Chapter 12:1,9,14,15.

vs:1 Jesus with Elihu and Salome in Egypt. Tells the stories of His journeys.

Vs:9 And Jesus stayed in Zoan many days; and then went forth into the city of the sun, that men called Heliopolis, and sought admission to the Temple of the Sacred brotherhood.

Vs:14 “I pray you brothers, let me go into your dismal crypts; and I would pass the hardest of your tests.”

Vs:15 The master said: “Take then the vow of sacred brotherhood.” And Jesus took the vow of sacred brotherhood.

Vs:16 Again, the Master spoke, he said: “The highest heights are gained by those who reach the greatest depths; and you shall reach the greatest depths (Master, Hierophant).” Jesus not only unfolded from a student neophyte the “Christ” title in Egypt, and about John The Baptist history as a student and Master In The Egyptian Nile Valley Mystery System. Again, in The Canon of The MSTA, The Holy Koran Of The M.S.T.A. Circle 7 4:27-31; it reads:

Vs:29 Now in Engedi’s hills Matheno’s work was done and he and John went down to Egypt. They rested until they reached the Temple of Sakara in the Valley of the Nile.

Vs:30 For many years, Matheno was a master in this temple of the Brotherhood, and when he told about the life of John and of his mission to the sons of men, the hierophant with joy received the harbinger and he was called the Brother Nazarite.

Vs:31 For eighteen years John lived and wrought within these temple gates; and here he conquered self, became a master mind and learned the duties of the harbinger.

Matheno, John the Baptist teacher, also was a Hebrew by nationality like John, but he also was a Master in the Sacred Brotherhood in the Temple Of Sakara in the Egyptian Nile Valley. Again, we say this to emphasize that Hebrews, Moors and Even Indians etc; people of national descent other than Egyptian or Khemetic studied in Egypt and became Masters of the Nile Valley Mystery System. Yet, these people kept within the frame of their own language, culture, ceremonies, symbols, religion and national identity. This is why the Hierophant referred to as the Brother Nazarite, for that “Rite” of a Nazarite is Hebrew not Egyptian. For instance, just because you studied in Egypt doesn’t mean that you went around wearing Ankh’s (Egyptian Cross) or Scarab Beetle pendants or earrings etc. The Moors of West Africa etc. are Moslems and flew the Crescent And Star Of Islam, yet because they are the true custodians, keepers, and preservers of the Egyptian Mystery System, they were able to translate the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, philosophy, mathematics, sciences, etc. into Arabic, Latin, Spanish and other European Dialects.

      Now it is a great privilege and honor to be able to know and speak about a True American born Moorish Islamic Egyptian Master Mind And Sage; whom Our Father God Allah Raised-Up, Anointed and Appointed in the person of His Prophet and sent Him to redeem his people here in the West. He was sent to redeem all Asiatics in America etc. and fallen- humanity, but He was sent specifically to redeem the Asiatics of Moorish Descent whom he was born and raised up from amongst. His name is the Holy Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali, and He was born in North Carolina, January 8, 1886. He was born Timothy Drew. In His early life, His first introduction to Islam and The Egyptian Mysteries was in the Masonic Lodge known as “The Prince Hall African Lodge.” Here he rose quickly through the ranks and became a 32 Degree Master Mason. This is when He was introduced to Islam and the Secrets of the life of Prophet Mohammed and the Prophets of Allah, for He became a Shriner in “The Egyptian Arabic Order Of The Noble Mystic Sons Of The Shrine”, but as He was unfolding in knowledge and wisdom and understanding of Himself and Allah etc, he began to realize that the knowledge/ information that He was receiving in the lodge had helped Him in some degrees, but still he found out it was limited and not designed or suited for our total redemption and salvation as a nation of people. These lessons and information in the Lodge was acquired from the European Masons. And though they stole the knowledge or information from the Ancient Egyptians and Moors, they had translated and revised it to sooth their own psychology, nature, and carnal earthly agenda and pursuits. Thus they took something that was based upon a spiritual and earthly salvation and reduced it to only carnal earthly benefit or salvation.

      The Prophet, then Timothy Drew, realized this limitation and corruption. So He cut cords and all ties to The Shriner’s Lodge, and moved on seeking higher things, spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of Self and Allah. He held on to Islam, for he knew that it had real redemptive power if it was taught properly and correctly to our people as their religion. So he traveled to the East, to India, Iraq, Palestine, Morocco, and Egypt where he met with different “Masters and Teachers Of Schools Of Thought,” who taught him many things, for at the time they were more adept in the knowledge and history of Islam. His last stop was in Egypt, where He studied with an Egyptian Master, who still wore the “Double Crown” of Upper/Lower Egypt in the Brotherhood. Once in Egypt, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, mastered himself, and return to America a fully awakened Moorish Islamic Egyptian Master Mind And Sage. And all this happened in the early 1900’s and unfolded publicly in 1913. In 1913 he established the first Temple Of Islam in America for our people and also visited Washington D.C. sat with then President Woodrow Wilson and his Council, and reclaimed Our Moorish Flag. He raised and flew for the first time again here in America, the Red Crescent And Star Of Islam And The Flag Of The Moorish Empire on the then “Old Canaanite Temple.” So are we not to recognize and follow this True Modern Day American Born Moorish Egyptian Sage And Prophet because he brought and held up the symbol of Islam (Crescent And Star) instead of the so-called Hebrew 6 Pointed Star Of David, The Ankh (Egyptian Cross), or the Christian Cross?

      Remember earlier we mentioned that Hebrews like Jesus and John the Baptist were masters of the Egyptian Mysteries, though they are not Egyptian or Khemetic by nationality or culture. Here in the west in modern times amongst us, is an Egyptian Master Sage And Prophet because he is Moorish and Islamic. In the Quran Surah 10:47, states: vs:47- And every nation had an apostle; so when their apostle came; the matter was decided between them with justice. vs:49– Say, I do not control for myself any harm, or any benefit except what Allah pleases; every nation has a term; when their term comes, they shall not then remain behind for an hour, nor can they go before their time. Surah 14:4 in the Quran states: And we did not send any apostle but with the language of his people, so that he can explain to them clearly. We used these two Surat’s in the Quran to give insight into Prophet hood. Prophets are raised up from the people they come to save, speaking their same language so that they understand Him clearly.

      Prophet Noble Drew Ali is a “Modern Day Egyptian Master Mind And Sage,” but he came of Moorish Nationality And the Islamic creed. He being a Moorish American Moslem brought the Egyptian Nile Valley Mystery System with a Moorish American flavor or viewpoint. Who is best fitted to teach us and confer to us today genuine Moorish Egyptian Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding today? Listen to his teachings, become a Moorish American Moslem in the Moorish Science Temple Of America in this True Moorish Nile Valley Brotherhood. I now conclude by referencing textual proof from a 1912-1913 New Ark, New Jersey newspaper, which reads Professor Drew, The Egyptian Adept.

Peace and Love,

Sheik Jahrul Islam El
Cadi, Study Group #7
Tallahassee, FL


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One thought on ““The Modern Day Egyptian Or Khemetic Hype”

  1. Larry Siyfa'Allah Smiley-El on said:

    Islam, Moor. I get your point. I think it should be pointed out also that the Moors who ruled Spain in the above cite came from a long line of Moors. It should always be clearly stated that they were not “Islamasized” like many historians try to paint them. The Khamatic people were indeed Moors and the so-called Ancient Egyptian Mysteries is in fact Islam. There’s this notion that Islam is a new religion in the overall scheme of things. In one sense it is a new “religion” in that it was new to the western man, and new to the red Arabs. Religion is, according to the word itself, a system that re ties or reconnects one to a community. The red Arabs were in the very worse condition on the planet and so they were given the saving power of Islam. They have in turn lied to the world about so much concerning this subject that now when you say “Muslim” a picture automatically pops into people’s minds of a red person with flowing robes and a turban riding a magic carpet. Al Islam (not a reference to the Sunni Muslims) is a complete way of life, the system of living that gave to the world civilization, and it was this that attempted to retie them back to the overall community. It was a system that required the leaders of communities to go to the ancient temples and be initiated, passed and raised, and then-only then-were they eligible to receive the mysteries. However, with the Moors (also known as the original Sufi Muslims or Islamic Mystics), that system is our Birthright. When we reached puberty we entered the moon (approx. 30-day) Rites of Passage camp to take us from childhood to adulthood, and then we were initiated, passed and raised. The higher Mysteries came later on in the life cycle for most. And that being the case, it begs the question as to at what point did the Qur’an get replaced by the Bible in the lower Mysteries. My point is Islam did not become a part of the lives of the Moors at some date in our history. It has always been a part of our life from the day Allah created the Khalifah in the Earth. And that Khalifah was in fact a Moor. A Khamitian. These are the people who established Morocco after leaving Egypt because the Greeks had come in and changed the name and national language of that great country. They did not do this barbarously as is usual of their nature. The Temple walls tell us that clearly. It was then that it began its immediate fall from grace. We inhabited the place called Morocco but we also inhabited Mauritania, from where the English Moor (from Maur + Tania or land, place of habitation…) came from. This was not unlike the previous land we inhabited called Khamit… Land of Black God. Egypt… Land of Black God.

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