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There could be no truer statement than a picture being worth more than, not only a thousand, but rather a hundred thousand words. And the more I study and comprehend the more I realize that our Prophet, Drew Ali, had a divinely inspired and vividly clear picture in his mind about how to restore a broken and down trodden Asiatic people who were stripped of everything (history, nationality, morals, creed, culture etc.) that once gave a person’s life in the Moorishly fertile land turned barren for the future generations who were sentenced to endure a perpetual death and mental incarceration in the wilderness of North America.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of mainstream literature on Moorish history and I have to honestly admit that if I didn’t have a Prophet, and a National Grand Body/Government that holds stead fast to fulfilling the original intent of our Prophet’s divine plan of the age, I would probably by-pass OUR MOORISH LEGACY AND HISTORY for something oddly “Afro-centric”. Thus, it is truly a glorious day in America to be a Moorish American Moslem. In fact, before I found Drew Ali, the American born Prophet, I was utterly and completely dead!!! Metaphorically speaking, a living dead person is not just void of TRUE Self-knowledge, but they are just not aware of it because they are so intoxicated and indoctrinated with someone else’s naught or falsehood masquerading as the truth. Thus, I consider myself to be thrice blessed to have been struck in the heart by the thunderbolt of key 46 (What did Jesus say that would make you free? The Answer: TRUTH!!!).

In the dominion of the Moorish Science Temple of America (MST of A), as established by our prophet, TRUTH in its own right reigns supreme along with the other four supreme principles of love, peace, freedom, and justice. If we examine its position among the other four principles that our prophet placed in a particular order, the principle of truth is positioned, or named, just after the principle of love, which leads me to exercise my five that you can’t have truth, if you don’t have love. Who is going to be truthful with you when they secretly, or even openly, hate and despise you, and plot or plan to destroy you?

Because we understand that the prophet’s conditional love for us was genuine, we have willingly embraced the truth he brought, typically, when others merely “think it is [just] a joke, [or even a hoax], and unreal”. During a recent Holy Service demonstration, I expressed how diabolically strategic the ruling families of Europe were when they allied themselves to destroy our ancient forefathers and mothers and erase from our (the offspring’s) mind all memory of our forefathers and mothers dynamic past. Without THE DIVINE INTERVENTION OF OUR FATHER GOD ALLAH we would surely be eternally clueless, lost, and entangled in this North American web of confusion and deception. So let us never forget that it was through Allah’s divine love, grace, and intervention that we were, and still are, blessed with a Holy Prophet, Drew Ali, raised by Allah from amongst us, in this era of time, to teach us how to uplift and save ourselves, by exposing us to a liberating brand of literature and higher level spiritual concepts and precepts, and a Moorish psychology which would literally have the power to transform, reshape, and re-shift our spiritual and historical world-view paradigm, while re-tuning and re-aligning our thought patterns or frequencies and actions to a higher vibration or tone.

Because of our Prophet, we can thoroughly appreciate the limited but bold attempt of some conventional Asiatic, and even European scholars, to admit and set the record straight that it was OUR forefathers and mothers who were here in the Americas, long before the so-called Indians, and definitely before there were any Europeans to speak of. To know that our Prophet revealed this truth to our people in the early 1900’s, long before any contemporary scholar, is a very humble yet proud and honored feeling. Our prophet even took this degree of learning a little higher by revealing to us that North, Central, and South America was actually and factually an extension of West Africa. As one European scholar, who had his book published in 1992 wrote, it only took him a couple of hours of reading at the Toronto Black Peoples’ Library to sufficiently discover “what has been known for at least twenty years…that the West Africans brought a proto-Egyptian civilization south of the Sahara 5,000 years ago [to the Americas]…and it has been recorded that the emperors of Mali sent expeditions out into the Atlantic [long] before the European Age of Discovery…” (Book: DAWN VOYAGE–The Black African Discovery Of America – Author: Michael Bradley)

This concept is not foreign to the Moors of the Moorish Science Temple of America, nor the pseudo-moors who have confiscated and pimped the Prophet’s teachings for selfish material gain and egotistical fame. We also know in most instances what Asiatic and European scholars are calling West African is none other then medieval Moorish culture. Long before these modern scholars, our Prophet identified that these “…Asiatic nations and countries in North, South, and Central America; the Moorish Americans and Mexicans in North America, Brazilians, Argentinians, and Chileans in South America, Columbian, Nicaraguans, and the natives of San Salvador in Central America, etc”, were all once upon a time practicing Moslems of the pure faith of Islamism. This is also admitted by Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) in his journals. Good old Chris knew our ancestors were over here on the other side of the Atlantic living large, which is why he petitioned King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to support his efforts to exploit the wealth and the people of melanated hue on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

This truth, brought to us by our prophet, is indeed stranger and deeper than all the fiction marketed by the European. The more you discover, the more your spirit unfolds, and your faith increases. You move beyond the realm of being a mere talker and into the realm of being a true walker in the way of your blood and birthrights. For this knowledge, wisdom, and understanding I am truly thankful and grateful to the Omnipotent Allah, and give Him all the praise and thanks, I give holy and divine Moorish honors to our beloved Prophet, to the forerunner (Marcus Mosiah Garvey), and to all the protectors of this movement, to my beloved National Leadership and my Moorish American Moslem family. We still have so much more to discover, learn, and uncover as we develop into the healed nation envisioned by our Prophet.
Peace and love . Sis N.El


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