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Reading is Fundamental Understanding is Not

The Chief Minister Shayhk Ra Saadi El taught a lesson one day and said “Reading is Fundamental Understanding Is Not.” Here in the 1928 Portion of the MSTA we know that just because you read about a subject doesn’t make you an expert in that field. Along with reading you must also study and be taught by those who possess the knowledge, understanding, but most of all the wisdom to guide you and teach you in that particular field.

Moors in other portions put titles on us like arrogant, because we don’t go along with their dumbness. We are called things like Temple Moors, too religious, too strict, too Islamic, and too law abiding. That’s okay because if these names are the result of imitating our Holy Prophet Drew Ali then we say, “Bring it on.”

We have three examples of reading without understanding, because if we did other Moors would have a deeper understanding of what the Great God Allah has sent to the Asiatics of North America by our Prophet Drew Ali.

 1)     Key 17- What is our religion? Islamism
Moors we have a religion. Why are we not practicing the Faith of our Forefathers or do we not understand what this means? The Holy Prophet said in chapter 48:7 “…therefore we are returning the Church and Christianity back to the European Nations, as it was prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation.” The Prophet stated this clearly don’t you get it? We do.

2) On page 3 of our Koran Circle Seven it reads, “Know thyself and thy Father God Allah.” In the teaching of the Holy Prophet we are taught about the Oneness of Allah; the more we learn about ourselves the more we learn about our Father. Don’t you strive to know Allah and what your relationship with him is? We do.

3)  The Moorish American Opening Prayer.
In our opening prayer we are told who Allah is to us, what blessing we may receive from Him, and how we fall under His protection by Night and by Day. All of the things talked about in the Moorish Opening Prayer can be received one way through our/His Holy Prophet Drew Ali.

Moor’s you have read these three Truths over and over, but do we have a clear understanding of their importance in our growth and development with our Holy Prophet, our Religion, and with our Father God Allah? I’m not going in depth with these three items. I’m just giving a brief demonstration. Moor’s if we don’t understand these three Truths we must go to our leadership and teachers and ask them for help in explaining them to us. The MSTA is the educational branch of MDNM. We came here to learn the lessons of the Holy Prophet and to perfect our religion. The Holy Prophet said to represent him intelligently; we do. Our teachers and leaders don’t mind answering or explaining anything about Moorish Science to its members in this 1928 Portion.

People say many things about us, but they never say we don’t know what we’re talking about. When we became Moors this became a way of life for us not a social club.

Moors we have to take Allah, Islam, and our Holy Prophet seriously. This is not a joke. We have to know that Allah loves us enough that he sent his Holy Prophet too save us, and we can’t take His love and mercy as something to play with. Moors we need Allah in our lives; how else can we ever expect anything to change if we don’t work at doing the right thing. We’re not trying to preach but to demonstrate in a way that everyone can understand.  We have to put something in to get something out. That’s Islam for those who understand what we’re saying.

In closing we need to understand that Allah is God, Noble Drew Ali is His Holy Prophet, and Islam is our Religion. Now that we have it, we are not giving it back.  Peace.


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